Double Fine Productions’ Tim Schafer Loves Playing Super Mario 3D World

Tim Schafer, the founder and owner for Double Fine Productions, has expressed his fondness for Super Mario 3D World. In an interview with the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Schafer said he enjoys playing the Wii U-exclusive platformer with his daughter. Schafer is also known as the designer of Psychonauts, Brütal Legend and the recently-released Broken Age. He previously demonstrated his admiration for Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto.

“I love playing Super Mario 3D World co-op on the Wii U with my daughter,” Schafer said. “It’s fun to have games that you can play with different levels of difficulty – like different player skills, because she’s obviously much better than me, so we can play together.”


  1. Woah this breaking news, a person likes to play a video game! Wow I am so shocked, this is big!!lmao “news”.

    1. Its no big news but its good to hear that some professional developers comes out and say they enjoy playing nintendo games with their families, so quit being such a douche.

  2. Nintendo Commander likes to destroy unborn Down syndrome fetuses. You make me sick!!!!

    1. And you like to eat grapes, wear an unfashionable hat, and star in a terrible cartoon on boomerang. Your point is?

  3. This game sucks and will probably be the most overrated game of the whole generation.

    the game is more overrated than titanfall because at least people figured out its not that good, 3d world should be the same.

    Bring a good, real, true 3d mario to wii u and make it not suck like overrated world then we will see.

    1. Did you just insult the original Super Mario World? Them be fighting words, bub.

  4. 3d Mario World on the Wii u is simply a game for people who already own a few Wiimotes get over its a solid title.

  5. lol will other people play watch gogs you drones play your boring mario kart 8 which is terrible.

    1. The game isn’t boring but they took out some shit that should have never been removed and put in shit that should have never been introduced.

      1. Yes. Please elaborate for me, Sonicguy726, and anyone else that wants to know. What stuff should have never been introduced?

      2. Let me answer, since I’ll be fair about it.
        They should never have removed the arenas for battle mode, and they should never have added coins as an item in the boxes.
        Other than that, the game is a diamond-standard experience.

      3. I agree. I don’t use battle mode but they should have left the arenas in for the old school battle mode users. And having coins in the boxes is a waste since the track itself is practically littered with them.

    2. I think your lips are too juicy to speak well on the internet. Try toning down the juices a bit, bro.

    3. he seriesly is the worst reviewer i’ve ever seen, if u believe his ass ur a lost cause of gamer. People like blackbuster and many others exposed this guy long ago. This is a review u can trust

      1. Agreed, projared’s reviews are always honest and just great in general

    4. If you are going to post a video review at least post one from someone who isn’t a complete retard 12 year old who has no understand of how the industry works or how to judge graphical fidelity from aesthetics.

      Actually, maybe you shouldn’t post at all because from what i have seen, your opinion about anything Nintendo is filled with contradictions and unfounded hate. In fact, I am starting to wonder if you are the same kid from the bad review you posted.

      If you are not the same kid, then you have a level of stupid that I couldn’t even put on a chart and maybe you wouldn’t be if your mom would have slapped you in the mouth when you started spewing shit like you do on here every day.

      I guess I blame your mother for your stupidity. She should be ashamed.

      1. Ayup. Not enough spankings from mommy & daddy apparently.

    5. The problem is you’re not reviewing it. You’ve not even played it. And if you have then how can you form a coherent review in a couple of days? You can’t. You’re pathetic. As for it being “the Wii U’s Last Of Us, Killzone” well Killzone is all graphics and no gameplay and Last Of Us is stunning in every aspect besides the gameplay. There is none. So basically you’re wanting Mario Kart 8 to be exactly like you say it is. Moron.

    6. What’s watch gogs? That sounds like shit. I think you meant Watchdogs. Also, how is Mario Kart 8 terrible; because you say so? Oh noes I shouldn’t play Maryo Krat because some kid on the internets sayd its turrible!!

      Grow up.

  6. He express his LOVE of…. for Super Mario 3D World. When you write for a living, don’t change your subjects words, and use a dictionary.

  7. The battle mode was dumb to put race tracks in instead of traditional battle stages. Box stages ruled. Also why on earth am I playing in updated stages nearly 20 years old and not more all new stages? It’s still fun but it could have been better. But hey I only got the game today so it’s too soon. But the battle mode is a fail. I don’t have time to chase people going the same direction on Toad’s Turnpike which is 18 years old now.

  8. Also I don’t like the fact you can only hold one item instead of two. So if I’m battling, I only have one shot to aim at my target to take his balloons on a race track. That was stupid.

  9. I was hoping for some original all new battle stages but instead the same shit with just better graphics.

  10. Also the coin item is rather stupid too. The boomerang is just a waste as well when 90% of the time you’re throweing it three times for nothing.

  11. This is hilarious. Mostly just trolls here because the rest of us are playing MK8. Lol.

    Have fun trolling while we play real video games.

    oh, and Jtz, yeah, I feel ya. Also their use of the game pad is fucking stupid. Call of duty made much better use of the game pad for god’s sake.

    Oh well. At least Nintendo finally put a game online.

    1. All afternoon from after school (Luckily no homework or assignments) I’ve been playing MK8, single player and with my sister. Its just so much fun.

  12. Can you imagine you are on battle mode on a race track your opponent is going the opposite direction. If you miss you got to turn back around and collect a box and chase him wtf? Then you got to look down at the GamePad and see who is going in the same or opposite direction so you can get the opportunity to try again. Sure you have option to add as much time as you like on battle mode but ypu spend more time driving around looking to see what direction your opponents are going than battling. That’s not fun that’s just more work. And the GamePad does not make a great steering wheel.

    1. You do realize no one gives a shit, what you have to say in you’re 50 comments, everyone else on this site is probably playing MK8 right now

      1. Yeah I know you eat anything Nintendo coughs up. Im a fan but I will bring up pros and cons on any game. It’s people like you who accepts anything Nintendo does as part of the reason why Wii U is where it is today.

      2. I don’t accept anything nintendo does, tbh I think the wii u as a concept is awful. Fair enough if you don’t like MK8, there’s plenty of things to dislike about it but you don’t need to post 50 comments about it, You only need to post once

      3. What Sonicguy726 said. Do you REALLY have to spam up the comments with posts that can easily go into just one single post?

    2. No, yeah, I get you. Battle node is a fail unless you have 12 friends playing at the same time. :(

  13. Also the map of the stages viewed on the GamePad should be on the tv. It’s not easy racing to see where you are going then take your eyes to see where everyone is on the GamePad. It’s still a fun game and it has online and it’s free…unlike some games that charge you to pay your internet bill twice.

    1. Yeah. Shadowfly mentioned that as well. It’s a pain. You gotta be a pod racer!! ;)

      Damn, MK8 Is horrible! (I gotta get back to racing. See you all later!)

    1. Hah! That little loser wishes. Well not exactly little. He’s an insult to not just fat people but his own race, too. Sad, really.

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