Wii U Virtual Console Gets Its First Nintendo DS Game In Japan

The Wii U Virtual Console has received its first Nintendo DS title in Japan. Brain Age is now available in the region as a free download through the service. Originally released in 2006, the brain-training game presents quick mental activities that were designed to help players flex their mental muscles. It was inspired by the research of Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, a prominent Japanese neuroscientist. Nintendo has yet to release DS games on Wii U outside Japan.


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  1. Free? Hope that’s the case here too. I love Brain Training, though I don’t wish to purchase it again. Any gameplay up yet?

  2. OMG!!! Nintendo just keeps on bringing good news hopefully we’ll get that game for free too!

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  3. wouldn’t it not be a Virtual Console? … DS runs natively on 3DS hardware … nothing needs to be Virtual … right? … i know it’s available on the eShop but so are 3DS games and they’re not considered VC.

    1. It’s on the fucking Wii U. The Wii U doesn’t natively run DS games. There is no way to play DS or 3DS games on it. Therefore, they added DS games on the Wii U eshop, because why the hell not.

      1. There’s still no guarantee that they’ll put the actual good games on there though. Just look at Wii U’s mess of a VC. It’s basically restarting from the Wii. And you wait a week or so for a game you most likely don’t even care about. No need to get to get excited because DS’s VC will most likely be the same way. :/

    2. Virtual Console isn’t really the clearest name. Its a library of games from previous consoles. DS and its games are from the past now. Obviously DS games aren’t going to be on 3DS virtual console, but Wii U does not play DS games so it would have to be played from the machine itself via “Virtual Console”.

        1. Did you seriously equate a free video game that actually has educational value to rape? That’s wrong on so many levels.

    1. You know theres a thing called cultrial differences. What might not ne hot here in the states may be big in other locations. Tingle is hated in the west but loved so much in japan he has his own spinoff games there

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  5. Nintendo… You’ve just announced Gamecube controllers adapters for the Wii U. Why not have DS games for 3DS and Gamecube games for Wii U?


    1. They well most likely announce game cube games coming at E3. The trick is that they well no longer run them in SD, but rather HD. When they do that their is a lot of work to do to make them look good. DS games can play the same on Wii U as the original DS, so it makes more sense to bring them to sell people on the idea of the gamepad. BUT GC games well most likely be coming, the GC controller option is a good sign (remember that the GC controller had analog triggers, and the pro controller dues not.) because of the controller differences some games would need to be changed. GC controllers would allow that to happen. Also they are remaking a new GC controller, it well most likely replace the pro controller, also it would be weird to make such effort for just smash brothers

    2. If you want DS games on your 3DS, I recommend just inserting them in the game slot…

      DS virtual console on 3DS really would waste everyone’s time!

  6. I don’t care for Brain Age. Even if it’s free. Good for those who do though.

  7. It was huge back in the day! Remember showing it to my parents and relatives one summer. Everyone went bananas on the brain training, wouldn’t stop playing it, while no one would give a shit about Mario Kart or New Super Mario Bros.

  8. I don’t care for the Brain Age series but least this is a nice sign that DS virtual console games are still coming to the Wii U. I can’t wait to have Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, & Golden Sun: Dark Dawn side by side on my Wii U’s menu.

  9. Ok, now that is awesome. Brain Age is actually a good game to put on there as a starter – makes good use of the touch screen and the bigger second screen might help the handwriting recognition. Might be quite hard to look between the screens during play though.

    There are all kinds of DS games they could bring to Wii U. Hopefully they can bring ones where the action is on the top screen, so that the action goes on your big screen TV, but there’s not so many games on it like that.

  10. Sorry don’t know how to embed a viewable video on this site. All I can do is post a clickable link at the moment.

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