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Pachter Believes Nintendo May Announce $50 Wii U Price Cut At E3, Will Be A Subdued Event

Famed Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter has sent out his monthly note and E3 preview to a select few. In the notes Pachter comments on what he expects from Nintendo at this year’s E3 event. Pachter says that he believes Nintendo will have a more subdued E3 than Microsoft and Sony with a lack of compelling third-party content for its systems. Interestingly he thinks that Nintendo may introduce a $50 price cut for the Wii U in an effort to boost sales of the console.

“We expect Nintendo to have a more subdued E3 than its peers.
We expect a number of high-profile game announcements for the Wii U, which continues to struggle despite a September 2013 price cut. We believe Super Smash Bros. will be the most high-profile Wii U release on display, with a broadcasted invitational tournament on Tuesday. We do not expect a lot of compelling third-party content for Nintendo hardware. In addition to games, Nintendo may also announce a Wii U hardware price cut of up to $50 to further jumpstart sales, with a Wii hardware price cut to $99 a possibility as well.”

Thanks, Pablo

137 thoughts on “Pachter Believes Nintendo May Announce $50 Wii U Price Cut At E3, Will Be A Subdued Event”

    1. 1.) if it’s a price cut, it’s a gamepad-less wiiu … so, no price cut
      2.) they will not mention wii at all … come on
      3.) they will introduce QOL … which i think is code-word for tying in social media, gaming involvement and gaming hardware.

      he guesses and so do i … except, i’m right more of the time.

      1. The console is bundled with a game and has no subscription fees. The only reason for a price cut would be to remove the free game.

      2. Nintendo is not going to make a gamepad-less version, that is absurd. I also don’t think they can afford to cut the price of the Wii U any further at the moment.

        I guess it is possible if Mario Kart 8 did not move as many Wii U’s as they had hoped, other than that I don’t see it happening.

        1. They aren’t liars like Microsoft, they aren’t going to tell you the system can’t work without it and then later remove it.

          1. Microsoft is a great example.

            it’s bad – developers were told to expect this device when making games … oh great, now there’s system segmentation … some games don’t work now.

            it’s great – cheaper … also, you can buy it separately to get more functionality.

            Nintendo? … how can they upset the 3rd party developers at this point? … they’re gone.

      3. If they sold Gamepad-less Wii Us where would the niche be? No figurine? No off TV mode. No easy access to operate the OS or Netflix etc. Plus how are you going to play All 3D World tittles or play Lego City and Raymond Legends? How are you going to find the ghost ship on Wind Waker or play Nintendoland? How will you go on Miiverse or Eshop? Plus if Ubisoft is right for the delay of Watch Dogs how would you play Wii U’s version?

          1. It doesn’t solve the problem of wanting to play Lego City or Nintendo Land though. Plus you pay more buying the GamePad and Wii U separately because double taxes.

            1. if people did the math, in-app purchases wouldn’t be successful

              Don’t worry about Lego City or Nintendoland … a gamepad-less WiiU wouldn’t have a Disc Drive … you’d have to purchase all games on eShop … eShop wouldn’t offer you games which require the gamepad unless you’re using a gamepad … problem solved!

              also, those games could easily … EASILY … be patched … they weren’t developed to use a gamepad … the gamepad was tacked-on late in development.

              also, no Disc Drive? … this will be a very cheap WiiU … stay tuned for e3 … WiiU Lite will be awesome

              1. Wii u lite? That’s stupid. Why not just give it more gigs? That’s what people want. You already have lite on the GamePad. Don’t tell me dumbtendo are going to be putting money in places people are not asking for again.

              2. I think people make the mistake of assuming the Gamepad is just a pro controller with a second screen. Remove the gamepad would not only remove the screen but touch controls, accelerometer/gyroscope controls, the mic, the second sensor bar, the camera, and the IR blaster. Things like TVii, and quick start would be completely unusable.

                I agree that they could release a Wii U without the disc drive as that alone could drive down the price since they redesign the PCB to be less long. They can’t remove the gamepad though.

                Nintendo Land couldn’t EASILY be patched. That statement alone tells me you aren’t familiar with how hard it is to program a game or program in general. Nintendo Land uses nearly every input method I mentioned before.

                Pikmin uses touch controls.
                Donkey Kong uses the mic, touch, gyroscope & accelerometer, and the second screen.
                F-zero uses the gyroscope & accelerometer, camera and the second screen.
                Metroid uses the gyroscope & accelerometer,and the second screen.
                Zelda uses the gyroscope & accelerometer and the second screen.
                Takamaru’s Ninja Castle uses the touch controls.
                Balloon Flight uses touch controls.

                Patching Nintendo Land would be like replacing the game as a whole.

                So, I’m gonna ask you to do something. Instead of just saying Nintendo Land could be patched to use just pro controller, tell me HOW you would do it.

                1. No offense … but i am a computer programmer. i’ve been full-time employeed for over 10 years in the telecom industry … C, SQL, .NET, Cobol among other things are very common to me.

                  I agree with you that they use a lot of APIs tied to the input of the gamepad … but none of them are required.

                  make a note that all 2 player nintendoland games rely on the 2nd player to be completely void of all functionalists you previously mentioned … all.

                  I used to wonder how Super Mario 64 could be moved to the DS without the analog controller’s sensitivity … you could walk or run, depending on how much you pushed the stick … then i realized that simply holding a button could toggle the function well enough … gee … just like Super Mario Bros. … i was pretty silly assuming Super Mario 64 truly needed the analog … it didn’t.

                  listen, Rayman legends was ported to a system that doesn’t have the gamepad. Ubisoft said ZombiU could be ported also … which shouldn’t surprise you. If you want to stick with 1 game … the very game which displays the functionality of the gamepad? … seriously that 1 game? … that 1 game that didn’t even have internet functionality? … forget it … i’m talking about every other game … i’m talking about nintendo’s successful future … lets not get stuck on mistakes now.

                  1. you are a fool. Lol- well you are a programmer- but you doesn`t seem to ever have played those games what you are talking about. How do you patch something like “Ballon Flight”? I tell you- you cannot. Otherwise its a much worser game. Without the touchscreen you would have to control the game with the pro-controller. But thats bullshit, man! The game is around your hand-thing, not about your “bro-shooter-Controller” and your trigger-finger. You clearly have no opinion what you are talking about. You are the fool of the industry, that is all i can tell. Ballon Flight is about moving your hand is good as possible above a touchscreen. Its the best Mini-game i ever played. And i even managed to break the game. I got so many points there- why? Cause i have really good hands. Ballon Flight is not about using a 1990s controller and pressing buttons, idiot!

                    And Again: Rayman Legends on PS3/PS4/Xbox 360 and Xbox One are MISSING CONTENT which WiiU-Version has. WiiU-Version is the best as it was the Lead-Platform! It has the most buyers (why do you think that is?) it has the best notes- it is the best game. It has online-Multiplayer also- which PS3/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox 360 lacks i think- or if they have it you only can play it with those crappy 1990s-controllers. Lol. Thats not what Rayman Legends is about. Rayman Legends is a much better game than Rayman ORIGINS was. Why do you think that is? I can tell you! Its cause of the touch-screen. That is a really cool feature. You can mess about your reacion-time on a touchscreen, there are so many things you can do on WiiU-Version which you CANNOT DO on the other consoles-Versions!

                2. A disc-less WiiU would also make no sense! As eshop-games cost even more than Disc-games! E.g. for Donkey Donk Disc i payed 38,70 Euro on Amazon. But in eshop it would have cost me 49,99 Euro. And no- Nintendo will not lower the price. It is already cheap. Nintendo does not have 100.000 servers like Sony/MS do have.

              3. Man, you are so wrong- you don`t know – no man could be more wrong. Are you a sonyfan? You cannot patch Rayman Legends. WiiU ist the Ultimate Editon. You know why? Cause Rayman Legeds is OF COURSE designed for the touch-screen, idiot! You only have a crappy port with lots of less content on PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One! Only PS Vita has a touchscreen-version, which is the second-best Version. You cannot even play multiplayer-battle without touchscreen!

                Also – Lego City- you cannot patch it. This game is also designed around the gamepad and its special functions. Mario 3D World also- you cannot play the ratsels in 3D World without the gamepad! Do you really think Nintendo will patch the game so that it has 10 levels less? Hahahaha! Keep dreaming, boy! Get grown-up!

                Next One- ZombiU- it isn`t the same game without the gamepad. Why? Cause only the gamepad-Version is the real game-experience. If you play it on a simple pro-controller- well- man then you are missing the whole action! Its just a simple Zombi-Game like others then. Without gamepad you cannot use your rucksack like in real-world you would do- its just another game, a much worser game! And Man?

                These aren`n all games. Pikmin 3 now has full touchscreen-Support too! How are you supposed to patch that? That is not going to happen. Get it in your head, sonyfanboy! Even Mario Kart 8 without Gamepad would be- ugh- well not the same- there will be no patch. Nintendo is going what you are wishing for. I hope you will get that in your dick-head.

          2. Selling the GamePad seperately is stupid. Who besides fanboys will buy two GamrPads when the hardware will only work with one? After all the Fanboys buy another Gamrpad who else will buy one just to sit on your coffee table?

            1. the hardware works with 2 gamepads … the SDK explicitly allows for this feature.

              listen, there’s opinions … and then there’s facts … don’t dispute facts … the WiiU works with 2 gamepads at 30 FPS for supported games … there’s just no supported games … there probably won’t be any supported games unless there’s incentive.

              if they make the WiiU dirt cheap … incentive would sky-rocket with great games … the problem is that WiiU is expensive enough to make people think twice … they need to make it an impulse buy-item.

              1. Yeah will it would need an update for the console to work with 2 GamePads at 30FPS. That would help sells because it’s something new but what about earning a profit? Trust me if Wii U kept games flowing and future tittles worked with 2 Gamepads no need of a price cut.

                1. it’s my prediction … WiiU with no Disc Drive and no Gamepad at e3

                  i’m either right or wrong … there’s good argument to support it either way.

                  small thinkers will say more games will fix the sales … i don’t even know what games are available on PS4 … but, if you told me the PS4 was $200, i’d probably buy it and then find out afterwards.

                  Nintendo needs to inject a lot of WiiUs into the market … regardless of how you feel … regardless of anything … profit is everything … how can they sell more and make a profit? … cheap WiiU

                  1. Next problem of WiiU without gamepad would be- well its just another simple console than. No Special functions. And no- there wouldn`t be any more games with gamepad-functions as developers wouldN`make any more gamepad-related games. Thats fact! You can see that with Circle Pad Pro on 3DS ;) Thats the proof that you are a liar. Optional elements will allways fail- see? Playstation Move failed as nearly no one bought that shit- and now Move is gone. Sony doesn`t even support it any more. And what about Xbox 360 Kinect? Gone too. Failed too. Only Success was Wiimote on Wii. So you fail again. And now they took the technology of the Wiimote (Gyrosensor, Motionsensor, Rumble and Speaker) and packed it into the gamepad. All functions of Wiimote are there! And- there is a touchscreen too. That is awesome. Only haters don`t get that in their dick-head.

                    I would immediately sell my wiiU and would never ever buy nintendo-products again if they would tell me on e3 that there will be a gamepad-less version. And no- you fail again. No developers would support the gamepad any more- or like you say- Nintendo wouldn`t sell a gamepad-related game on eshop to users without gamepad. Makes absolutely no sense at all.

              2. Now if Nintendo were to sell GamePads but redesigned them that would be epic. Like a bigger screen so I can play Lego City without a TV and Nintendo Land sweet.

                1. image-quality would sink. The wireless of WiiUs Gamepad (which is special as it is desigend for no lags! Ideal for 60 frames racing-games like coming Fast Racing Neo)- is not designed for much more resolution. And here is the problem- what you happen if you blow-up the screen? The image-quality would sink drastically.

                  So – nope- will not happen. Thats not Nintendos way of redesigning. And no- there is no way to change the resolution to say HD or make the screen bigger without loss of image-quality.

          3. Funny lol- To access Miiverse, use your Gamepad as a TV-Remote, use chatting, use the best console-internetbrowser- or even go to eshop- you just purchase a 100-Dollar Gamepad? You know that there are no gamepads available. That is cause no game does support two gamepads till today. There are games to come, but what you say makes absolutely no sense at all. You clearly haven`t had any gamepad-games for WiiU today.

            PS: You cannot patch Miiverse. Without a Touchscreen you cannot even draw which was the point in creating Miiverse, idiot! So Miiverse would have to close, as not everyone can use it. But it was designed that everyon can use it.

        1. Well said. It’s impossible to remove the game pad. It would male more sense to remove the disc drive. ( I don’t use mine.) Without the game pad, you’re cutting your already small library on in half.

          1. the Virtual Boy had a small library too … unfortunately, the hardware couldn’t be improved and couldn’t be made cheaper … nobody wanted it … it was a problem they couldn’t fix.

            they can fix the WiiU … you don’t use your Disc Drive? … i’ll be honest … i don’t use my Gamepad.

            people didn’t use 3D with their 3DS … so then game the 2DS.

            i don’t think most people use the gamepad … i have a 55 inch TV … i’m not looking at my lap.

            1. I use my GamePad. But it is not the best controller for Mario Kart 8. Not steering anyway. But I use it for other games. I need the gamepad for W101 other wise it is not the same feel. Off TV mode on W101 sucks which is why I consider it a non off TV mode game.

            2. I do use 3D on my 3DS. Hell- i hope they are making 4DS with 3D too!- There are games that makes no sense without 3D (e.g. RE Revelations, Kirby Triple Deluxe which is new- or even the coming IronFall or the old Mario 3D Land (was the name says). All those 3D-games are cool- they are shit if you allways turn off 3D.

          2. No disk drive? But how would that work?? If I remember correctly, isn’t the disc drive drive the slot that loads physical copies of games? All Wii U games would have to be digital and there are already some Wii U games that are retail only. That would really screw over physical only buyers and also Wii U would need a huge hard drive (which it doesn’t) so that’s probably not gonna happen. I know I’d sure be angry if Nintendo went all digital. Even though I have a 2TB hard drive, it’s still nice to have the option to put in discs. :p

            1. the point is … it can work and it would be a smarter business decision.

              releasing more games to eshop is purely a business decision … technically, they have the back-end now to support this.

              you prefer physical copies? … me too … that’s all i have … i hate all-digital … but, if i were running things at Nintendo, i’d have to provide the option to someone who (surprise) doesn’t have a WiiU and will never get a WiiU right now.

              a WiiU Lite isn’t for you … it’s for everyone who will never buy a WiiU … it’s not to take anything away from you, it’s to give something to someone who has nothing already.

              look at how many sales of Mario Kart there are … wow … are you telling me almost 25% of WiiU owners have purchased Mario Kart already? … you know what that means right? … Nintendo has only sold a WiiU to gamers only … they need to open up to other markets.

              Step 1.) release a broken, stripped down dirt cheap WiiU
              Step 2.) push netflix, QOL services, digital downloads, subscriptions to that device and up-sell the gamepad

              fixed! … nintendo would be no. 1

      4. WiiU 2.0 with expanded memory that is digital download friendly. $50 cheaper due to reduced costs in manufacturing.

        ……And they will announce a SEGA merger, Capcom and Square Enix purchase, and buying old Rare IP’s. Banjo Threeie release in August 2014.
        Hey I can dream cant I?

      5. you cannot make the WiiU without gamepad…idiot! You cannot use Miiverse without gamepad, Internetbrowser without gamepad – or hell even the eshop is designed around the gamepad. Theres no way to patch it. So keep dreaming!

        1. aren’t you the guy who thought Miiverse was a dating website?

          you’re too obsessed with ‘touch’ … save it for your mom.

  1. People still listen to his fuck talk? Only bullshit comes out of his mouth. When was he EVER right? Give me ONE time. Even one.

      1. Ignoring he predicted that Xbox One would surpass Wii U in sales before June. And ignoring that he assumed Wii U couldn’t outsell PS4 even in Japan. But don’t bring that up.

        1. pink0crystal0midbus

          ^Exactly so when Pachter aid the Wii U would be a “failure” he really meant it would be as bad or even worse than the Vita. His prediction was wrong. The Wii U is holding it’s own now.

        2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the WiiU started outselling the PS4 in Japan only 2 weeks ago, the PS4 had been outselling it on a weekly basis before that. So he wasn’t all too wrong about that.

          1. You have to compare weekly sales at launch Vs. weekly sales at launch. The PS4 is not selling well comparably. You could skew it not being the holiday season, but Japan doesn’t celebrate Christmas and Japan’s big selling week came out a month after the PS4 was launched.

            The Wii U sells fine for Japan compared to other consoles and never has done really bad in that region.

        1. Giving up Wii U is selling the console Gamepadless. That would just tell me they fucked up like Microsoft did with the Kinect.

          1. Yeah, but I think the game pad is more useful than Kinect. If they would FINALLY use it correctly it’d be neat.

          2. Gamepad is a relevant controller which has its uses and advantages unlike Kinect that was originally forced to mimic Wii’s popular motion control hype same with PSMove but Sony at least knows what is a failure and discontinue. Microsoft has a bunch of half retarded PRs polishing turds and serve it to the fans knowing they’re not gonna eat it except the morons.

      2. And its not dead now nor there are signs of it so stop imagining shit just because you can’t play their games on your PS4 due to your degraded mentality.

    1. Yeah- and that is sorry- but it is- crap. Let me tell you why Wii Mini is shit:

      – No Internet battles/Connections. No Wii/24-7
      – no SD-Card Slot
      – Only Singleplayer-Games
      – no Gamecube-Support
      – no Shop-releases, no Demos, hell even no VC-Titles as those only get released digital!

      – So yeah- like a really Cheap N64 only with better graphics- no BC. A shit-console. You are missing a lot of great internet-games. But yeah- not that Wii-online-support ended- you can strike the multiplayer-games. But that was not Nintendos mistake. The system was too old. It was bought by someone which nintendo couldn`t hinder.

    1. Agreed, at least something that is well known and liked. Hell I’m set with games already. That’s before Mk8 came out.

  2. Wii price is already 99$. with network services cancelled and original wii discontinued, there’s only wii mini available.

  3. Why would you buy a Wii mini when you can buy the Wii U with current games and play Wii games? That’s just stupid.

          1. Ignoring Wii mini and Wii is the same damn hardware. After all find me how many people bought Wii minis and compare that to Wii sales. You can’t find it.

            1. Wrong. With Wii-Mini you get following disadvantages:

              – No Internet battles/Connections. No Wii/24-7
              – no SD-Card Slot
              – Only Singleplayer-Games
              – no Gamecube-Support
              – no Shop-releases, no Demos, hell even no VC-Titles as those only get released digital!

              Well- now multiplayer-support for Wii-games ended, you can strike the point with multiplayer. But the rest- e.g. Gamecube-Support (BC), or the missing SD-Card Slot or the Demos or cool Shop-games- yes that are all big disadvantages.

              Today i would only buy a Wii Mini if it would cost 40 dollars. But man- i have a WiiU! That has all wat Wii had- and much more! So why do i want to buy a Wii MIni?

  4. He’s worried because the Wii U is doing better now thanks the Mario Kart 8 and he’s been proven wrong so many times ;)

      1. PSP> DS, he’s wrong. Wii losing steam, he’s wrong. Vita> 3DS, wrong again.

        Juat like him, you like giving BJs to Microsoftdicks too.

  5. And that’s why I’m waiting to get a wii U, because I know nintendo will cut the price by another $50 after e3

    1. Yeah, but the thing is, if there is a price cut there is a chance Nintendo will give previous wii u owners free games. The 3ds received a price cut, an all the owners that bought a 3ds before th cut got like 10 great gameboy advance games. So I am definitely hoping for that.
      And also, it you buy Mario Kart 8 in the next few months you get a free game, which is a pretty good deal.

  6. Yeah, most of this stuff is obvious to anyone who’s been paying the minimum amount of attention to gaming news, but by all means pay Pachter to make predictions…
    Can we cut your salary instead of blindly insisting that Nintendo cuts the Wii U’s price?

  7. Meh, should it get another price cut? I just think it needs to sell more games and if it gets third party support they should make it the full expeirence so Wii U owners won’t miss out on DLC, so should it get a price cut?:/

    1. I don’t think it is about its price either. As you said, it is about getting more high quality games and at least securing big hitters from third parties.

      If they want to talk about reducing price I would vote for cheaper digital versions.. that would mean something for the future.

      Anyway we all know Patcher is useless…

  8. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I see the Xbots released their dog again…

    And someone hasn’t seen the Mario Kart 8 success…

  9. pink0crystal0midbus

    I watched his latest “Nintendo E3 Assumptions” video and I couldn’t believe how obnoxiously rude he was. He clearly is not a fan of Nintendo in any way shape or form. He downplayed Mario Kart 8’s recent achievements, he downplayed the Legend of Zelda franchise like it is just some rehash batch of games and he still has no high hopes for Nintendo at all.

    It was unbelieveable to see EVEN Pachter saying things so awful… Needless to say, he is going to be the one surprised by Nintendo at E3 this year. They are (hopefully) going to blow his socks off.< Whether he admits this or not will be interesting to see. I will drive down to his face, knock on his door and laugh in his face if he is anything less than impressed with Nintendo at E3 this year.

    Nintendo is going to have the best E3 ever in a couple of days.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        IKR! I’m super stoked! I KNOW they have many games to show us that have yet to be shown and probably even more gameplay footage of games yet released. Miyamoto’s new IP?

        I’m itching to see more X and I want to know what SMT x FE will look like! :D

        Oh and a Bayonetta 2 release date… we need that.

    1. MK8 few on me. I just had to adjust. Maybe in the future MK8’s battle mode can get DLC for rehashed battle arena stages so I can really enjoy it and so Pachter will be right. Funny his MK8 is criticized for rehashes but ignoring EA’s racing games. So when is EA going to do a anti gravity mode? Oh wait they can’t because its based on real life.

    2. Nintendo teased a great E3 this year, they said they are showing NEW AND UNREVEALED games, we have the tree house also AND the smash tournament which has me very excited, i cant wait to see the game in action. The new zelda, the new ip, the new NEW :D my body has never been so ready. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. I have the feeling that this year’s big announcements will come from Nintendo and Microsoft. They both need to prove what their systems are capable of and already started changes and announcements even prior the show.

    I don’t know what to think about Sony, don’t know what to expect when most of their big games have a 2015 (or later) release date.

    We’ll see…

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Although the Xbots are our enemies, I think you’re right…

      They will even have a special event that nobody has ever done in the history of any E3…

      Let’s see what their secret weapon will be…

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      It’ll be just from Nintendo. Microsoft might have one or two cool things to show, but Nintendo is going to blow the house down with their show. They just have too much to reveal, show off and elaborate on and it is all extremely exciting.

      Not even just brand new games either. Game Cube on Virtual Console? Majora’s Mask remake? NFC figurines revealed? New Wii U updates? Any special third party collaborations we don’t now about (but we know they exist, because Nintendo’s told us they do)?

      Nintendo has soooo much potential energy, it’s literally insane. Just push the ball a little further over the edge and it’ll explode excitement everywhere! The hype train is coming and it’s first stop is E3 6/10/14 at 9 a.m. PT.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Wellllll….. I think he is accurate when he says, and he says this a lot, that Nintendo fans need to vote with their wallet. There are so many Wii U “fans” out there, but so little of them have actually bought the console.

      You technically shouldn’t get a say, unless you own the Wii U. It’s hypocritical.

  11. He would have gotten something right if Xbox One outsold Wii U before June. And if Wii U couldn’t outsell PS4.

      1. No he said Xbox One would surpass Wii u sales before June. You can’t go back in time and start over and see if that will happen “yet.”

        1. Pachter fails again. But hey…Pachter failed so many time. Why does any one care about him? Just don`t listen those industry-related idiots!

  12. All they have to do is release Bayonetta 2 1.5 months after MK8, Yarn Yoshi 1.5 months after that, Sonic Boom 1.5 months after that, Smash Bros by Winter and Zelda U 3 months after that and Wii U wouldn’t need a price cut until the end of 2015. Release X somewhere between Yarn Yoshi and Smash and other tittles I didn’t forget. Then what would Pachter say?

  13. We all know WiiU needs more 3rd Party games, but we’ve heard the same excuse from the 3rds before “there is not enough consoles installed for us to sell a good amount of games”

    Then you have 3DS wich THE BEST SELLING CONSOLE OF THIS GENERATION, but lacks 3rd Party support too!

    So what is going on here? Do 3rds just hate Nintendo? Do 3rds have sold themselves to the other 2 companies? Are they just lazy?

    1. “Then you have 3DS wich THE BEST SELLING CONSOLE OF THIS GENERATION, but lacks 3rd Party support too!”

      The 3DS does enjoy healthy third-party support both from western and Japanese developers (Capcom, Level 5, Square Enix, Atlus, etc.)

      1. Nope, Canaan!

        Nintendo DS had THREE Call of Dutys in its lifetime! There are NO Call of Dutys at all on 3DS ;)

        There are no pure shooters at all on 3DS- if you exclude special ones like Kid Icarus (which is from N itself and its a railshooter not a third/first), Moon Chronicles (which is a little Eshop-Remake of Moon from DS of 2009) or the coming IronFall or Cult County. There is no Metroid on 3DS, no shooters- no Battlefield, no Assassins Creed- so little Thirdparty-Western-Support. The only Shooter-like games on 3DS are Resident Evil parts. Well, DS had that too. So what?

        Most Games on 3DS come directly from Nintendo itself. E.g. in the last months the games of 3DS was Mario Party Island Tour, Kirby Triple Deluxe or Mario Golf- hell- those games all come from Nintendo! There was not even a single good Third-party Title. Except Batman 2,5D-games. Of 30 Retail-games if have for 3DS, 25 are of Nintendo itself. That says all or doesn`t it? The biggest west-party title i have for 3DS is – you guess is? Yes, Rayman from Ubisoft, a racing-title and roller coaster tycoon 3D (and it isn`t good) from Koch Media games.

        Thats it. 3DS has so little Third-party-Support from western developers. They only have most Thirdparty-Support from Capcom or Level 5.

    2. Its all vendetta on Nintendo from 3rd parties for years but we hardly care anyway because Nintendo always proves their worth and creativity while 3rd parties rely on greed, graphic/specs gimmick and shortcuts to survive.

  14. if Nintendo stick to they release schedule there is not need to give a price cut. The hardware saw an improvement due to Mario Kart 8 which I received (10 min ago!!!!). From May to August it does not make sense to have a price cut. If a price cut should happen, it will happen at the end of October, beginning of November. Also xbox one sold less then Nintendo. MS sent 5M unit to reseller up to date, it does not means they sell 5M units worldwide. MS needs price cut to even fight equal with Nintendo. The fans already bought the hardware and even the fan of the xbox360 are not ready to buy the xbox 1 as it is the case with the Wii and Wii U. I have to say PS4 is a paradox for me,the PS4 is not compatible with the PS3. It seems that have less game and less exclusivity than any other console (hence why watch dogs sold that much) but outsell both Nintendo and MS. Which kind of prove that you don’t need a lot of games to sell a console.

  15. I wonder what are the true Xbox One sells. So Microsoft is covering up their sells numbers with their shipment numbers. Interesting.

  16. Patcher is 100 percent correct the Wii U is a steaming pile of dung!!!
    NOTHING will ever save the Wii U as it is simply to late.
    Nintendo waited 14 months before they actually did any decent marketing or a price drop!!
    MK8 has not saved the Wii U, it ONLY manged to shift an extra 200k units worldwide from the week before.
    Even with MK8 released Wii U total sales are 2 Million behind the PS4.
    Mario failed,MK has also failed and so will Smash.
    The Gamepad was the most pathetic lame idea in gaming!!
    Sony and Microsoft have kept the same controller for 4 generations with minor tweaks and have done fine.
    Yeah we know that Nintendo is all about innovation but this generation they have failed big time!!
    Their E3 just like last year will be rubbish and will focus on their time on games that everyone already knows about with ZERO surprises!!
    Wii U needs to be ditched and Nintendo need to stick to handhelds!

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahajahahahaj hahahahahahahahajajajajajajajajaj jahahdjdhfhfjdjdjdjeieir fufufifhdhdhshshs sbwhb u dhdhwhwhehsb. Dhshehdhshdb

    2. how you going to assume it didn’t sale if MK8 pushed over a million units with no info on how hardware sales did? No link? I want to see hardware sales globally before I determine if it failed or not.

    1. He is 100 percent about the Wii U!!He bragged 20 months ago that Nintendo just do not get it with the Wii U and that it will be a huge failure and be trounced by the PS4!!!

  17. I don’t care about official Cuts and Stuff. It’s still always non-binding what Nintendo announces regarding recommended Retail Prices and you can get the WiiU already for a fair Price.

  18. Let’s face it Pachter will never give the Wii U a thumbs up even if the console is out of the red having managed to break even. Every Wii U sold now is pure profit, so why would Nintendo drop prices when they are on a roll with Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. in December?

    He’s an analyst, he works for people who have stocks on the competition. The more people believing him, the richer he becomes. Ignore him and he will spew out nonsense to make you listen to him.

    Please, next time just ignore any post about him.

  19. So, not only is Pachter an idiot (par for the course), he’s also incorrect. Why is no one talking about the fact that the Wii U is outselling the PS4 in Japan, or the Xbox One entirely? Did he conveniently forget that when mentioning the “struggles”?

    Just… ugh. Please, stop picking a single analyst out of thousands to get a post on this website. Especially when that single analyst doesn’t even do his work correctly anymore.

  20. “We, we, we”
    So this fucking pussy is so aware of his constant mistakes that he feels the need to sugarcoat a prediction by saying “We” instead of “I”?
    I’m guessing he thinks that way he’ll have less blame when he’s ultimately proven wrong.

    1. Except everyone already knows what a damn dumb fool he is and no sugarcoating or excuses is gonna save his ass from being debunked within minutes of his retarded and hateful bias talk.

  21. I wish that Nintendo drop the price from 299.99 to 199.99 in a form of $100. Woo! Wii U looked fun. The video games is about fun, right?!

    1. Are you people seriously this poor or finanically reckless and stupid to waste money on other expensive products just to find yourselves bored with it quick.

  22. This guys wrong like 90% of the time. You would think he would stop predicting Stuff by now. He’s really annoying.

    1. 99.9 percent. Fixed it. Oh and the other 00.1 percent is him making “guesses” that are pathetically obvious like Xbox One dropping Kinect and decrease price which even I saw it coming before 2014 new years eve.

  23. as usual these nintenchimps get mad at patcher lol. he already predicted microsoft would have a kinectless bundle and it actually happened. patcher is way more smarter and predictable than you drones. i smell a trashy e3 2013.

    1. Since I time travel, I have an actual excuse to get the dates mixed up. But you, my friend, should know better. 2014 is one year more than 2013.

    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Funny how he’s only right about Nintendo’s competition but never Nintendo. Quit getting skull fucked, dude. It’s seriously damaging your brain.

      1. He’s never right about shit. Only stating the obvious with competitors he loves kissing ass and giving BJs for but when its Nintendo or other things he blindly hates, not only he makes dumbass guesses out of his busted 8 Ball fortune toy but he’s always talking shit behind his “guesses” to feel right only to be royally debunked seconds later.

    3. No shit that the Kinectless Xbox One was gonna happen anyway due to sales sucking worse than Wii U last year and that everyone except you stupid ass Xbots wasting extra $100 for nothing over the past 8 months.

      Patcher never made any “out of the blue” predictions because this one was obvious.

      STFU about his loose lip, shit wating ass being right because he’s not. PSP kicking DS ass, he was wrong. Wii losing sales steam of its Motion control hype within 1-2 years, he was wrong. Vita destroying 3DS, he was dead wrong too.

      You wouldn’t know intelligence if I beaten your ugly ass to death with it.

  24. The only thing I believe about Patcher is how retarded, biased and incorrect with his stupid halfassed guessing games and loose lips.

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