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Final Fantasy Explorers Coming To Nintendo 3DS


The latest edition of Japanese publication Jump has revealed that Final Fantasy Explorers will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The game is a brand new multiplayer action RPG which sees you battle ferocious monsters to gain crystals. It’s only confirmed for Japan at the moment and it supports four players.


      1. I cleaned it up, originally it was “more black kids than at Madonnas house” I am righteous that way

  1. Definitely would take more Final Fantasy on 3DS besides the Theatrythm games. I hope this comes to the West. Looks like classic Final Fantasy gameplay too!

  2. Online action-RPG… The exact things I don’t want from a Final Fantasy. I just want a classic one again.

    Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light?? Where did you get that? At one point after Bravely came out I kept looking everywhere for art of that game and I could find, like, nothing…:l

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