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Shigeru Miyamoto Gives Fans An Early Look At His New Projects (Video)

Producer and game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has given us a very small sneak peek at his upcoming projects in this new Play Nintendo video. Addressing fans, Miyamoto explains he’s working on new games like Project Guard and Project Giant Robot that emphasise the GamePad’s unique capabilities.

Project Guard places players in a prison control room where defeating the enemy relies heavily on looking at a total of 12 different security cameras, whereas Project Giant Robot will have players using the gyro sensors on the Wii U’s GamePad to move the robot to fight other enemy robots. Miyamoto also mentions Star Fox for Wii U fleetingly, but don’t expect any gameplay just yet.

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40 thoughts on “Shigeru Miyamoto Gives Fans An Early Look At His New Projects (Video)”

      1. Thank you guys for your hard work! Can’t imagine the hours you all are pulling. The reason I had a lack of sleep was homework and staying up all night playing Smash Bros.

  1. Sadly, these games have mini-game status – that’s not comparable to AAA projects like Zelda or Star Fox. Still hoping that they got something else in their back hands…

    1. Yeah, these feel like $15 downloadable games, or even fun minigames. He’s still calling them “projects” so maybe the final product will be completely different.

  2. I was honestly expecting something… Bigger? I don’t know, something that could be the next TLoZ or Mario. Had my hopes too high I guess.

  3. Project guard is interesting but they look like Nintendo land mini games. Definitely not anything to really get excited about

  4. You guys have to remember these are all early builds and no where near complete games. Plus you guys also know that anything with Giant Robots fighting in a city will sell like crazy in Japan.

  5. Yeah, probably. I wonder if there’s more to come, since there was a schedule with unannounced Nintendo titles. Nintendoland-Minigames is the perfect description, haha!

  6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I doubt I’ll ever like Giant Robot…

    But Project Guard seems fun…

    It’s highly unlikely that these are the “new IP” his Lordship has been working on…

    But if it is…

    Oh well…

    1. I’m truly worried these are the IPs he’s been talking about for the last 2 years. The camera game looks like it would be fun for a bit, and good for drunk parties here and there maybe, the robot game looks way to stiff though. They are early designs like people are saying, but honestly if the final product of giant robot looks like that and is slow like that, I’ll just buy rock-em sock-em robots off ebay and have more fun. I love Miyamoto but these games are not going to make people want a gamepad. “Oh wow I can move incredibly slow and have a stiff fight with another robot!” Yea that’s gonna sell the gamepad lol. They BETTER not screw up star fox. If you can’t come up with AWESOME controls, just leave out the gamepad. Do NOT bring back Star Fox after all these years and make it trash that causes the game to not sell and the series to go back to hiding. Miyamoto has made great games and the reason I play games since his were my first, so I don’t mind if he is “out of touch” with gamers of today, I still love him and he’ll get the pass every from me since he gave me so many years of greatness. And honestly I was wanting to punch a hole in a wall when I saw project giant but I that didn’t stop me from having fun watching Shigsy being his fun playful self. Only he can make crap look fun lol. Did you get your Wii U yet by the way lol?

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Aslong as Starfox is like Starfox 64 on drugs and steroids thenI’ll be satisfied…

        But yes, I really hope that Robot game is not like that in the end…

        Yes I bought one yesterday…

        NNID: N-Commander


  7. Wasn’t that Splatoons? It’s a new IP, but Miyamoto didn’t seem to be involved in this. Kind of a disappointment was that these ,,small” games like Mario Maker, Splatoons and Captain Toad don’t even get a release in 2014… This is a bit weak, sadly.

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  9. Well the guy is pretty damn old and in charge of watching over crap tons games. So the projects so far being a little smaller then what we are used to are ok…but star fox for 6 years

  10. I think these games are still early in development so we should just be patient. Miyamoto has never made bad IP before and won’t start now. I have no doubt that they will be great games.

  11. Well, I guess there are small eShop titles, they look small and very simple, and even boring, why not something bigger and more full game like? I guess that’s Star Fox but still too much time spent in game that have no depth.

  12. Man, I was expecting something amazing like Pikmin was. These games didn’t look very Miyamoto-ish.

  13. He covered up Starfox again -_- I know he loves to egg his fans on but I just want to see a little peek.

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  15. I felt bad for Shigsy and the crew during Project Giant Robot. You could tell nobody there cared, and they even asked the crowd to cheer for support. That’s painful when you have to beg for applause.

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