Here’s A Closer Look At Those PDP GameCube Controllers For Smash Bros

Leading third-party manufacturer for video game accessories PDP has given Super Smash Bros players a better look at its new wired fight pad. The Nintendo-licensed GameCube controllers were shown on the E3 show floor yesterday and will come with a choice of three different character motifs – Yoshi, Mario and Peach.

According to PDP, the wired fight pad will retail for $24.99 and is available for a limited time at GameStop. Differing from a classic GameCube controller, the pad has two matching thumbsticks, two shoulder buttons and a home menu button, similar to the Wii Classic Controller Pro. But if you’d rather play Smash Bros with the classic GameCube controller than the slick PDP pads, a special adapter, which will allow you to hook up your GameCube controller to the Wii U, is also available. Take a look at the gallery below for a better view on PDP’s controller.

*Please note the character Wii remotes featured in the images are merely for show.


      1. Wth are you talking about? I used the c-Stick on smash for countless hours a day and never had any problems

      2. you but others didn’t like the C stick like myself. worst stick ever.

      3. You and others like you are retarded. It hurt your hand? I’m guessing you’ve never done anything physical before.

      4. says the fat guy. don’t know why you’re so offended since it wasn’t even a good controller. and this option is great you can play that lousy controller and obvious people felt the same since this controller was support by many nintendo fans. go fck yourself.

      5. wtf I’m not even fat and the gamecube controller is considered by many to be the best controller ever made. Go do some fucken yardwork to toughen up your silky hands.

      6. lol go troll somewhere else. you’re fail here and in real life. and if it’s the best controller then why was this made? retard.

      7. Nobody cares that this was made. People will buy the real gamecube controller because it’s better. You’re obviously a troll so go troll somewhere else xbov fanboy

      8. wtf? yet i own every Nintendo console never even touch a xbone console. you have problems man. People might buy the original controller but others like myself will but this one. dumb troll.

      9. i wouldn’t be surprise if you’re actually a xbox fanboy. you freaking troll.

  1. Just a shame that they need to be plugged into a Wii remote. Why not make them compatible with the new adapter?!?

    1. If you want to have one for the adapter, just use a traditional Gamecube controller. This is good for people who’d like a similar controller but don’t want to buy the adapter.

      1. I agree, but why couldn’t they just make it wireless on its own…

      2. That would make it more expensive and allot of people seem to buy this just for smash so they don’t have to spend allot of money on extra controllers.

        If they are really 25 you can get 2 for the price of one pro controller. And be fair, is it really such a big issue?

    2. Because then they would have to use a gamecube male plug, with maybe a different design. Also, this means they can be used efficiently without the adapter. Nintendo may have even told them that the company was designing an adapter, so PDP chose this design that way they could reach the market of families who never owned a gamecube and would just keep their wii remote.

      Also, that 2nd thumbstick probably operates just like the C-stick. The question is, how does it feel compared to the original C-stick? I’d love to get a pro Smasher’s opinion on it at some point in the future. :)

    3. You have confused me on several levels.
      Most Wii U owners already have Wii Remotes, so wouldn’t they have to pay more for the adapter?

  2. I’m purchasing at least 2 of those , red and maybe the pink .. I can’t wait to play ssb

  3. Why didn’t they just make these as Pro controllers? Then they’d be wireless and probably a lot more comfortable to hold than the original Pro ones. Nonetheless I need to get ahold of the Peach one and get the matching Wii remote!

      1. They just came out with a Luigi version of this controller. Luigi forever! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These should have a USB connection instead of plugging in the wiimote. It would be wired & keep costs down.

  5. Cool, but I’d rather go adapter and use “real” Gamecube controllers.

    Though, I might buy one just because it looks really cool. I won’t actually use it though.

  6. Why is it made of shiny plastic? That’s the worst thing you could do with something designed to be handled a lot.

  7. these look great i need to try them out to see if its actually good.
    my complain from the original GC controllers was c stick, to small and pain to use when long hours of gameplay.

  8. Thank goodness they’re not $40.00 like the overpriced Wii remotes. I just might get one (or more than one) of these. Even though the Pro Controller is just fine for me.

    1. This would be awesome. A hold legend of zelda themed one for those of us who got the skyward sword wiimote bundle. Please!?

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