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Mega Sableye Unveiled For Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

The Pokemon Company has lifted the lid on a new mega evolution for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Revealed at the E3 Nintendo Kids Conference by the company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, Mega Sableye features in an all-new trailer, which you can see above.

The dark and ghost-type Pokemon transforms by concentrating all of its energy into the jewel adorned on its chest, eventually unveiling the detached gem as part of its mega-evolved form. The jewel can then be used as a defensive tool in battle in order to exploit its opponent’s weaknesses. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will launch on November 21 for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.



    1. I’m not very sure about that. He was performing priority moves on the trailer, so take that as you will.
      Anyway, I’m loving the design. Sableye is my favorite mon, and I think they nailed the design of the mega evolution. Can’t wait to train one again.

    2. He needs to keep prankster, since it’s the entire reason why he’s used competitively.

      1. Maybe that wouldn’t be needed with good stats. He looks much more defensive with the gem acting as a shield.

  1. Was disappointed to see “some areas also playable in 3D”. I thought it would’ve been fully 3D unlike X and Y. So is this basically X and Y 2 with different legendaries and mega evos? :|

    1. Why did you think it would be any different from X and Y, they are using the same exact engine. Plus, I don’t think the Pokemon Company wants to make anything else 3D aside from the battles. There is no point, because nothing pops out at you while you walk around, all the action happens in battles so why waste the time and money to implement it throughout the whole game if it’s not worth it?

      1. Remember the part in X and Y in the Pokémon League where you were about to face the Elite 4? When I was about to face Malva. Yes. The part where the AMAZING 3D FIRE BLEW UP IN MY FACE. I was expecting the whole 3rd gen remake to look like that. Well,if I can’t have that, please give me solid framerates with the 3D enabled at the very least. XD

      2. Well fire doesn’t blow up in your face throughout the whole game lol.

        I too hope that the frame rate is solid.

  2. I’m expecting Primal Relicanth, just because it’s such a shitty pokemon and the opportunity is there.

  3. I bet this is just the ruby version of its evo, sapphire version should be with a sapphire shield and eyes instead

  4. This is most likely just to complement Mawile.
    I mean, why have one version exclusive Pokemon with a Mega, and not their counterpart?

      1. I completely agree with you.
        In all honestly, I think Game Freak should focus more on giving the “weaker” Pokemon this treatment.
        Mega Butterfree/Beedrill anyone?

  5. Id go with a Mega Butterfree anytime. Imagine it with big powerful wings, Itd kick ass

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