Refurbished Wii U’s Still Available Through Nintendo For $200 With Nintendo Land

If you don’t already own a Wii U and are considering purchasing one after all the lovely game reveals at E3 this week, then you can still get a refurbished Wii U console direct from Nintendo for $200. The systems are all 32GB Premium consoles and come with a copy of Nintendo Land. It should also be noted that all systems are covered by a one year warranty. You can purchase one directly, right here.


  1. There is very little excuse for not owning a Wii U at this stage. I don’t want to hear it anymore.

  2. You guys should really watch Nintendo Treehouse day 2 @e3. More and more awesome footage of stuff. Can’t wait to play Bayonetta 1!

  3. All I know is I’ve had my Wii U since day 1 and I got to my local Gamestop at 10am sharp this morning to preorder the Super Smash Bros Gamecube bundle before it sells out. Reserved Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 as well.

    Now it’s just a waiting game. These will be the longest months of my life

  4. I picked up one of these for my brother. For $200 it arrives looking brand new. It’s an amazing deal.

  5. Also note, even though it tells you it’s not eligible for Club Nintendo coins, I set mine up with my Nintendo ID and it auto-registered it. It might only work if the previous owner never registered, though.

  6. I also picked one of these up 4 months ago works amazingly well and not a single scratch. I think they may just replace the shells of these as everything is rewrapped.

  7. Great deal if your looking for a wii u. I bought mine when it came out. Haven’t played out much this week because I’m playing battlefield hardline beta and Destiny alpha.

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