Nintendo Wins Court Case Against Patent Troll Involving Wii Console

Nintendo has claimed another court case victory against patent infringement relating to Nintendo’s last-generation home system, Nintendo Wii. The company issued the following press release today:

A federal appeals court on June 13 confirmed that a patent asserted against Nintendo by Triton Tech of Texas, LLC is invalid. In a lawsuit filed in 2010, Triton alleged that Nintendo’s Wii Remote controller infringed one of Triton’s patents: U.S. Patent No. 5,181,181. Judge Richard A. Jones of the Seattle district court previously dismissed the lawsuit after finding that the patent did not adequately describe a complete invention, and was therefore invalid. The June 13 federal appeals court ruling upheld that previous dismissal. Nintendo of America’s deputy general counsel Richard Medway said the following:

“We are very pleased with this result. Nintendo has a long tradition of developing unique and innovative products, while respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Nintendo continues to aggressively defend itself against patent trolls. After many years of litigation, the decision today reflects an appropriate resolution of this case.”


    1. should be called NPE … or non-practising entity … basically, someone who invents something on paper but never actually goes out to invent anything … instead, they just sue anyone who doesn’t pay them very high royalties.

      the patents are usually very general in nature, in order to capture as many people infringing as possible.

      they usually register in texas so they can hold a court case there where statistically jury-cases involve a population who’s sympathetic towards people who they feel are bullied by “big business”.

        1. Is that why PC had it’s rear end destroyed by the likes of the NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube?

          Face it you pathetic scum of the Divine Gaming World, you PC “Master Race” plebs are nothing more than our Jesters because you make yourselves look like such follows.

            1. Yes, even though Portal, Mass Effect and Baldur’s Gate were on consoles as well… My goodness your “Damage controlling” is funny to us Divine Gods of gaming. Please, continue Jester.

                1. Not really my dear Jester, Mass Effect, Portal and Baldur’s Gate played just as well.

                  So my dear Jester, PC isn’t always superior.

                    1. PC only has multi-platforming games. Ooh!! So special! Oh, sorry. It looks prettier. My bad. I surrender.

                2. Only after 100 patches within a year completely fixes the shitstorm it came out of on day one. PC ports usually requires more patches than 100 cases of 50 bandages.

            2. All those games (except for Baldur’s Gate, I’ve never heard of that before) are on consoles.

            3. Portal is on consoles, Mass Effect is on consoles, mainly 90 percent of PC ports are also on console AND they work better on consoles.

              Care to try again?

              1. Again, PC DEFINITIVE VERSION. Keyboard mouse controls are better than your weak ass controller

          1. I find it HILARIOUS how the “pc master race” name was born of from a joke……….BWHAHA.

        2. I’m a big PC gamer and your a tool. A true gamer doesn’t care about all the different systems. We just want great games. Every PC gamer should have a Nintendo system for the games you’ll never see on the other consoles and PC. Either that or you just can’t afford the other systems and are just a blind fanboy who thinks the greatest system and games are the one he’s playin. Either way your obnoxious and don’t represent other PC gamers. You speak for yourself.

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            2. Speaking of viruses, how is your PC holding with its constant anti-virus check up every day? Or how about Vista being poorly programmed as a virus itself? Or Windows 8 mimicking Xbox and made it look like crap that the Blue Screen of Death in disguise pushed out? Even Apple products are far more advanced and protected without direct anti-virus protection installed. XD

              How you like them Apples bitch? lol

                1. oh look I have something to say to you PC Gamer
                  A. don’t be a troll and say “PC’s awesome Wii U got no games” etc. on a website all about Nintendo
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        3. Thanks to Nintendo saving the gaming industry that gave PC a second chance in life and you’re welcome asshole. ^_^

        4. Would just like to say I’m a PC gamer, and that if there is any console affiliated company beating or on par with PC gaming on the market, it’s definately Nintendo. Why may you ask?

          The amount of exclusives purely Nintendo restricted.

          Nintendo can never lose a fight they have never been in, because they are on their own teir. They dont operate in the same form as PC/PS3/XBOX with all the multiplatform games. Most Nintendo games strive to remain exclusive. And lets face it, unless you are a pirate and emulate (Which right now isnt available for the current gen) you won’t get their games anywhere else.

          PC/PS3/XBOX all aim to have good 3rd party support right now. Nintendo have always been about the exclusives selling the hardest. Nintendo’s motto should be “Why compete when we already have plenty of support from our followers”

                    1. I don’t care about those either, specially Knack…

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                  1. Go back to playing goat simulator and papers please in 4k and 1080 fps, since it’s the only exclusive games this generation brought to you :D

                    1. And have fun with Kinect Sports and Playstation Move.

                      Comeback fails

                    2. dude we are Nintendo Gamers, NINTENDO Gamers, not XBots or Sony Drones

              1. But there is also a thing called Platforms, some people actually like a different platform did you know, you probably don’t seeing how you dwell on the internet searching for your pathetic friends who gather together to fest on disgusting junk foods while us the Divine Hybrid Masters eat find meals and play on multiple platforms.

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                    1. Annoy? More like make our race laugh at how sad your console graphics are

            1. Face it, Consoles can never measure up to the power of the PC and the wider range of games you can play on the PC platform, there’s no way.

              1. And you can stick with your 4K gaming for your 90% games which are all indie 8-bit side scrollers or platformers.

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                  1. Sounds to me like the Jester is, how you say, “getting butthurt” because it seems like my godly appearance on this sight has made him weak

                    1. With the right set up, PC gaming is just superior, it just is, accept it, you’ll sleep better. But a game is a game and I’m sure we’ll all have fun no matter what you play it on. PS4 and Xbox users who don’t have PC’s are going to try and say it’s just as good on PS4/Xbone because in their minds, they like to think they are getting the best looking version and will just brush it off with a little self assurance like, “It’s just as good as the PC”, you guys are as delusional as Wii U owners who think the Wii U is truly next gen or on par with the PS4/Xbone. PC will look the best, even if the textures are the same you will be offered higher resolutions, I play at 1800p for example. and higher frame rates. Past 100Fps in many instances. And before you guys start saying, frame rates and restitution don’t mean shit, well according to you console gamers and all these arguments between frame rates and 1080p, it looks like it sure does to you.

              3. Allright we already faced that now face this PC gamers never get to play games about FUN unless they emulate Nintendo games

              4. We have faced it, and we don’t Give a shit about graphics
                Meanwhile you can face that Nintendo actually have games about fun and have them consistently unlike PC Gamers

          1. Frankly I don’t care how many p’s or FPS’s any console has, if it plays games and has good games that’s all that matters

            But you keep on trolling buddy we’ll just destroy you like we did sasori

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              2. Destiny just sent you a text…. he isn’t coming to your pc party. He doesn’t want to conform like Grand Shit Auto 5.

              3. Power doesn’t always = fun. I would have a FAR better time on Melee that Forza or whatever it’s called. Yeah, you made your point. PC is powerful. Really powerful. WHO CARES!? And for a last resort to keep your “legacy” alive, a Nintendo News site. Bravo.

          2. I can tell you that the hamster that runs on the wheel in your head is dead.

        1. The Xbot replacement has possibly arrived with this CPU warrior…


            PC gamer: Mega Man games are good, but the graphics haven’t changed since 1980’s. Meh

            1. Nintendo gamers: A Game straight out of the box to play…

              PC gamers : You must update, patch and register everything before you can play…

              1. Console games also need a patch sometimes but you are correct, us real PC gamers struggle with DRM, Codes and what not have you.

                I respect you console gamers for having a better experience.

                1. Agreed but we would all not exist in our current form without your race…

                1. Yet, the console gamers can leave their Wii U off and it will still install and update their console without them having to turn it on. Oh my dear Jester, you are back on form.

                  More of this humorous display

                    1. By the time it takes for you to boot Windows XP (which I know you have) is about the same time Wii U already boots any game in its intro screen and thanks to Wii U’s Quick Start update, it’s more than fast enough to outpace your Windows 8 RT tablet to boot its shitty Xbox dashboard start menu crap.

                    2. Windows XP? Yea sure. I have Windows 8, and hardware more powerful than a PS4

            2. PC Gamers would be more excited for a new Megaman game, only you PC Underrace wouldn’t care for it because you’re not Divine enough to enjoy it.

                1. Why do all of you continue with this? I play console and PC and both are awesome and has his ups and his downs.
                  To taste the colors, there isn’t need to start a fight over something because that stupid thing.

                  (sorry if I said something wrong, I’m not a English-native speaker)

            3. Who the FUCK cares how a game looks?! Since a game looks “good” doesn’t mean it’s a piece of shit!

        2. Since when did PC ever won a gaming generation? XD It was usually Atari before Nintendo. Then gen 3-4 belonged to Nintendo, gen 5-6 Sony and gen 7 to Nintendo again. I didn’t see any PC race in sight. XD

                1. For the first time in months we have a lot of Nintendo fans on this site thanks to our skills in war…

                  And with your help the Valve Republic can feel proud to have you as their warrior…

                  1. Well I have the destroyed Xbot to thank for giving me a reason to respond to the calling of arms.

            1. I see…

              Mario Kart 8 and ZombiU to start with…

              Pikmin 3 coming soon…

              1. No, but I’m thrilled that your race are the slaves of gaming with DRM garbage and Microtransactions everywhere…

                1. Are you kidding me? Console is the DRM. There are DRM free games on PC and it’s not troublesome. It’s like tapping an app on your mobile phone and it launched by itself.

                  1. While forcing you most times to register your game to Steam, Origin and whatever other crap there is out there…

                    Keep believing in your fairytales…

                  2. Funny, I remember I was able to take a disc to my fellow Hybrid Master’s house and play it on his console with zero problems.

                    As these console gamers are saying, you are “Damage controlling” which I feel suits you fully.

                  3. You just confess PC has some DRM as well while saying only consoles have them.

                    See how stupid you sound?

                  4. You made no sense.
                    So you are saying “PC has no DRM but has a little bit of it, but only consoles have DRM.”
                    That is a complete lie and a real PC gamer would never say that. Check yourself before you shrek yourself.

          1. How about buggy Battlefield 4 and Watchdogs jackass? :3

            At least most Nintendo games work while your PC ports are as optimized as Window Vista; both are shit byproducts of looks but no function.

            Care to try to dance this little dance again?

            1. Watch Dogs on PC is only buggy on certain types, mine run perfectly. And who the hell cares about BF4 anymore?

      1. And using such arguments against me means nothing because I don’t care about resolution or framerate garbage…

        Aslong as it has 30fps at a solid rate I’m all good…

            1. Genitalia Dysfunction. That’s its problem. Because of that, he can’t masturbate to hentai anymore so he pisses all over anything that gets the good stuff.

      2. 30FPS? You must one dumb fucktard of a failed troll.

        It runs at a constant 60FPS without hiccups, something that your precious Xbox One fails at in every game.

  1. That should give them a 15-minute break before the next opportunistic douchebag comes around with the next court case.

  2. Obviously they won. Also fuck PC fanboys, they have no fucking idea what makes a game good. They jizz all over as long as they can play their shitty FPS and troll little kids online. “Luk at dem grafix lol peeshe master race!” More like loser in mom’s basement. =P

    1. And why do people even say “Peeshe”?…

      It’s “Peesee”…

      1. I was trying to be “funny” I guess. That’s the way to say it in Japan. To make it sound more silly.

  3. Omg you guys this is stupid banter!

    PC games are great for graphics and have good titles, however unfortunately it’s a dying breed. Counsels are catching up to CPUs for cheaper prices of a built computer. Out of spite and some misplaced hate you feel a need to go on a nintendo news site and claim PC wins??? Makes no sense…

    You might as well throw in phones wins because billions of dollars are spent on mear dumb games with no 60fps or 1260p. Why? Because people don’t care about graphics. They want fun gameplay and replay ability. Sorry guys it’s a cruel world, PC population for gaming is decreasing as others catch up to it

    1. Dying breed? PC games are more profitable than consoles, what’re you talking about?

      1. Give us one “cheap” powerful PC or laptop that isnt more expensive than Wii U…

        Come on. We’re waiting PC master fandork

  4. holy shit that pc master race is retarded. or autist. graphics is one of the lines where games develop. others are for example gameplay, replayability, userfriendliness, mechanics, strorylines, characteristic, uniqueness timelessness and fun factor. graphics is the only line which is restricted on the current time. like, 20 years old games has not so good graphics as newer ones. in my opinion, most of nintendo games wins almost any other game on every other regard. call me fanboy, but remember, that fanboys wouldn’t exist without good games.

    1. Once a troll is defeated, another one always arrives to replace it…

      There is never a long peace on MNN…


            1. Of course, she is one tough Admiral…

              Stranga aswell if he wants to…

                1. Yes…

                  Me and Nintendo is my Blood are looking for the best Anti Trolls…

                  You are one of them…

          1. I would nominate Nintedward, N-Dub Nation, and myself of course

            And icy for the lulz…

            1. Those 2 are gone and were already in the so called “Three Nintendrone Emperors” army (myself included)…

              But you are welcome of course…


              I don’t think that would fit really…

                1. Silly you…

                  We want to create an Anti Troll League, not a Troll League…


                    1. That eludes me, but he is nigh a threat there, his antics wouldst be punished swiftly

                    2. NOO! He’s gone at youtube? I loved his comments. Now the gaming community will be dull.

    2. Console games on average are thrash compared to PC games. Controls, graphics, online capabilities etc.

      1. Ok. You win. Just go. Glados is quite fun To quote. Listen, Pc is amazing. That doesnt change the fact most pc games come out to consoles, or that no everyone likes valves, which i do. Alot of people like other franchises tho. Simple as that. I honesty dont inderstand why your trolling on a nintendo website when you have a gaming pc. Have you really no life that you actually ran out of pc games to play?

          1. I actually like nintendo games. You on the other hand dont. If this were valves news, id understand why. But its not. Alot of the steam comunit . Actually likes nintendo, hell gabe newells favorite game is mario 64. Its understandable now that your trolling. I like pc and nintendo but all consoles are in this race as well, so you cant exactly discount xbone and ps4. Hell your company is making the steam box console. Nice.

            1. The Steam box will be a cool little gadget for a few months, then it’s gonna bomb and get ignored for the rest of its production life

      2. WTF plays a FPS with a keyboard and shit? Thank god there’s an Xbox controller that works with PC.

        And thank god for Nintendo breeding many competitions over the years. PC gaming is slowly dying wither you agree or not.

        1. PC gaming isn’t dying. It use to be, now its growing, but when I want some Nintendo, I want some Nintendo, which is why I got a Wii U. Heck my most favorite game ever isn’t even a multi-plat or PC exclusive, its a Nintendo game.

  5. I like the title… he he he

    Now I hope Philips trolls crash and just continue making lighting equipment, I want a cheaper LED bulb!

  6. Aaaaand another patent troll bites the sore loser cock. XD Go Nintendo.

    Phillips, get in line. You’re next. B3

  7. my day one wii u update took 15 mins, and i had shitty internet connection. btw i like the quick start, i can quickly play mario kart 8 with 1 click of the home button and one click of the game and it only takes like 5 seconds, if you don’t count what you wanna play before you decide once you are at the quick start menu that is. these patent trolls should just give up while they are ahead, they assume that nintendo is a weak company but the fact is that they are more powerful than sony and microsoft combined, they just appear weak, like little mac. never mess with nintendo because they win 99% of the time, yes they lost once but that was because the judge did not know what she/he was doing or hates nintendo or both. there should also be a law that protects nintendo from copyright and patent infringement.

    1. Wow that was a shit load of nonsense to read. Not only from the jester but from everyone. I have high end PC’s for gaming and I also have every console and handheld (north american and Japanese versions) from pong all the way through to ps4 and let me tell you I’ve had fun and still do aging all types of games from every genre. They are all good and all have their own little points of greatness. I love them all and can’t wait to see what new future systems I’ll get to add to my collection. bashing everyone cause of which systems the like or not is pointless. Just have fun with the games!!

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