Nintendo Says Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Is ‘Right On Schedule’

Developer Hitoshi Yamagami has told fans that Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem development is going really well. Yamagami says that Code Name: STEAM hasn’t impacted development of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and the game is right on schedule.

“We’re right on schedule, but if I answer in any more detail I will lose my job, so please have mercy on me,”

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    1. This x9000. I love the 3ds but for a good while it was the only Nintendo system receiving new games…

  1. Batman Arkharm Knight not coming to Wii U, because the batmobile alone takes up all of Wii U’s ram to be rendered lol

    Nintendo fanboys love playing on weak underpowered hardware, reason it’s caLledrod Wii Underpowered. Hahaha

    S.E.X. signing out

    1. Consoletards, consoletards everywhere. Real gamers play PC at 120 FPS. Funny that the latest gen of consoles is already outdated. Mario, Zelda, Killzone, Thief, all sadly 30 fps on consoles. Weak hardware coupled with weak games make consoles trash. All those butthurt console fanboys using GTA V as a comeback all failed. We get to play the DEFINITIVE version of GTA V on PC, with the best framerate and draw distances. Suck it, losers

      1. Mario runs at 60 fps…. so yeah and you’re the only PC “Master Race” that doesn’t care for the Wii U. Use real PC gamers respect Nintendo because they have the best exclusives we can’t get anywhere else.

        Stop making us look bad PC noob ;

      2. Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Smash Brothers 4, New Super Mario Brothers and so on.

        Damage controlling PC Undertoad much?

      3. He is nothing but a pathetic worm of the Divine Creation.

      4. Sorry kid real gamers dont care about what other gamers play they just care about gaming fanboys on the other hand need to defend something as if something is wrong with the system they play, what are u hiding hmm =.=

      5. Stop embarrassing the entire PC gamer, you pathetic PC gamer. Your “budget” PC aren’t on par with my ultimate rig so stop classfying yourself as PC gamer.

      6. Comment from a real PC gamer: Who the fuck cares?

        Retard(You): Powerz and graphix, preferences don’t exist, which is why I’m a complete stupid ass and a wannabe PC gamer.

      7. Real gamers play games on any machine and enjoy all sorts of games. Fanboys, such as yourself PC Master Race, aren’t real gamers. If you deny yourself the option to play a game you can’t get on PC then you’re not a real gamer, just a PC gamer.

      1. Guess what… they actually used that as a lie to not develop on the Wii U because the next batman game…is running on the Unreal Engine 3… the same one the Wii U can run.

    2. Yet it’s been announced the final version of Battlefield Hardline can only run in 900p at 30 fps… and that game isn’t as demanding as BF4… U were saying? ;)

    3. Irs nor actually underpowered it supports a different engine therefor games must br designed around it drom ground up. Arkam knight would be more beautiful ifbuilt from ground up for wii us architecture. ..

    4. Just like the original PlayStation & the PS2 had “weak” hardware? I can’t believe the install-base was so high. The N64 was twice as powerful as the original PlayStation; both Xbox & GameCube had superior power over the PS2, yet the oucome was different. Ah, the PS2 had a secret weapon: it could play DVDs! Oh wait, it did eventually offer a plethora of games & genres, but w/ out needing hardcore audiovisuals.

      Since when do Sony fans clamor for the hardcore work of devs instead of the hardcore gameplay designed for gamers? Why spend up to $60 on audiovisuals when CGI movies are less than half that? Hel, YouTube is free. I mean, no reason to play w/ a controller when graphics & cut-scenes make up the majority of a product. But it’s easier for devs to focus on the audiovisuals than to create & hone quality gameplay. Seems like 3rd parties have put gameplay on the low-priority list. But hey, “gamers” go gaga for shiny things. “Easy gameplay & trophies will reel ’em in. Oh, you’re free to leave but…you’ll lose your “free” “games”, & people will no longer get to see how many times you jumped. Don’t you wanna be cool? All your friends are in our system. You don’t want to abandon them, do you? How will they know to like you if you don’t stay w/ us?”

      & since Sony’s philosophy has shifted in the 7th gen toward Microsoft’s philosophy, & the PS3 & PS4 offer much of the same that the 360 & One do, what does it mean to be a fan of Sony in its current form? Sure, there are differences, but they’re still twins. I certainly miss the 6th gen Sony, & never cared for Microsoft’s console & multi-media boxes.

      But hey, what can you do if you never knew what Sony was like before the 7th. They certainly lost me in their metamorphosis

  2. Eh, that’s up to Atlus to be honest, and we all know how Atlus are.
    They make amazing stuff but FUCK….do they take a long time showing it off…just like the lack of Persona 5 at E3 too.

    1. It’s also Intelligent Systems doing as well. They have be working on S.T.E.A.M. and had very little care to FE ever since Marth’s DS remakes.

      Also IS, PLEASE JUST MAKE A NEW FIRE EMBLEM GAME FFS! I don’t care for this cowboy vs aliens shit and I’ve been bored of Awakening since May of last year.

      1. Yet you PC Master Race twats keep using Minecraft as a reason why we are “Superior” to the console gamers…. You are nothing more than a PC Undertoad

      2. Then that must mean you must give 100 fucks per second because you seem to care for the console gamers if you took the time to come to this website and comment, how thoughtful :)

      3. So?
        Still HD, you can play a game in 720p with a shit ton of Ultra features and it will still end up looking good.

      4. Pathetic mortal, a true gamer would support all platforms, no matter what. Go back to your dwellings foolish mortal.

        For us Divine Hybrid Master Race are coming through.

    1. How is your company doing, I heard they are still losing money and they are still trying to find someone to buy their shitty PCs, TVs, Tablets and Smartphones ;)

  3. The thing that annoy me the most about this is that This game could be canceled or ready to be release in 2020 and still be on schedule, because they never gave the game a “schedule” to begin with.

    1. That’s why we have something called “Nintendo Directs” incase people forgot all baout them after E3…

  4. We knew about this for days now. Saying the game is ‘right on schedule’ is not a good excuse. If I don’t see any new this year about this, I’m losing all hope for this. Expect this game to be in some serious development hell.

    1. Great games dont make themselves overnight. Good ones take years. 4 years at the the most past 6 then were in trouble.

    1. Sadly you show no evidence of an existence of a console war besides the one in your brain, therefore, there is no console war.

    2. & all they had to do was ape Microsoft. Even in the 7th gen, once Sony ditched all that made the PS2 what it was, PS3s started selling better. Sure, there was a price drop, but there’s a reson why they’re called Twins. & I certainly see a clear difference between 6th gen Sony & 7th-8th gen Sony. (Hint: less FPSes & more variety & Japanese sensibilities).

      1. Oh, & how could I forget? Sony also had way more exclusives before the 7th gen. But now? Meh. I guess power is the only thing that differentiates Sony’s platform from Microsoft’s. Oh the x86 architecture, born in 1978. Well, its current 64 bit form since 2003.

        Meanwhile, PowerPC was born w/ 32 & 64 bit in 1992. That’s 14 yrs. new.

  5. I own a decent rigged gaming pc and a Wii U console. I play most next gen games on pc because its better there but I purchased the Wii U to play console games that are never coming to pc mostly Nintendo games. Don’t really care that much with PS4 even if I’m a fan of Sony as I have most of their products, since most of their games are available on PC which is better or just ported games from PS3 which I own too.

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