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Twitch Broke Their Viewership Record With This Year’s E3 Event (Infographic)


Video streaming service Twitch has revealed that they had 5.9 million unique viewers on the first day of E3. Throughout the whole event Twitch had 12 million unique viewers. The site was used to broadcast the E3 press conferences as well as stream live footage from Nintendo’s very own Treehouse. You can see all the stats and figures in the handy infographic posted above.

“By helping our partners get the most value out of their E3 presence with our centralized platform and our partnership with the ESA, the numbers illustrated it was a resounding success,” Twitch vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro said. “As a result, we were able to offer our global community a front row seat to all of the best content from the show.”



      1. Well some people prefer to play games, Stevie. And unless it has commentary on the videos, I don’t care for video game videos, either.


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  2. Congrats for Twitch. I hope Nintendo uses them at next year’s E3, even though I didn’t watch any of the Twitch stuff except for the few articles here that had them attached.


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