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Nintendo Believes Third Party Developers Will Come Back To The Wii U If Sales Increase

Nintendo of America Senior Director of Communication Charlie Scibett is confident that third-party developers will return to the Wii U if console sales eventually rise. Scibett says the developers want the same thing as Nintendo, and that’s to see the install base grow.

“We want the same thing that the third parties want, which is to grow the installed base. We’re confident that if we can do that by driving the installed base through first-party software, like Mario Kart 8, like Super Smash Bros., then the third-party developers will follow because then they’ll see there’s a large enough installed base that it’s worth their investment to bring their games to our platform. So it’s our job to grow that installed base to make it more attractive for them to come to our platform.”

“Scibetta wouldn’t be tied down to a prediction for how many more sales the Wii U needed before it was a more attractive platform for third-party publishers, saying that “each publisher might give you a different answer on that.” Sure enough, the publishers willing to talk on the record gave noncommittal but hopeful answers on the subject of future Wii U support.”

“We think that by releasing good games from fan favorite brands, like Mario Kart, Nintendo is taking steps to increase the Wii U’s adoption,” an Ubisoft spokesperson told Ars. “We have games coming out for the Wii U this year, including Just Dance 2015 and Watch Dogs. For any other games we announced at E3, it’s too soon to say.”


114 thoughts on “Nintendo Believes Third Party Developers Will Come Back To The Wii U If Sales Increase”

      1. Sony first party titles are no more for vita and few for ps4.

        Their focus is 3rd party exclusives… which is less money out of their pocket but in the long run damaging sonys brand. If the 3rd party does publish with sony I hope they didnt sell their sould.

        At least Nintendos hardware is synonymous with its software .. this is fsith in the consumer on nintendos part to deliever unique fun gameplay.
        Nintendo rarely dissapoints
        This commitment to its fist party franchises old and new show the consumer the best gaming expereience possible.

        Dont game alone. Do it with a friend at ur side. Its way more inportant to have actual local multi player interactions than online. That s amazing foresight by nintendo. Just up the maturity level abit .

        I sm so amazed that nobody thinks amiibo is going to sell systems. OH MY FUCKING GOD is it going to sell systems and make nintendo billions. U dont even know. AMIIBO is going is going to be awesome. Yeah wii can use the figurrs in many games but what of the exclusive game where the figures havr to be represenitivr.m Nintendos Infinity or Skylanders type game. Its going to take sll the info ut character learns in other games and use it as a skill set in ur copy or version of Nintendoverse. Itd going to introducr new franchided snd game marketing.
        NINTENDO will win this gen.

        1. You went from smart and making sense to retard in one post…

          And I don’t think Amiibo is going to sell allot of consoles. Making money hell yeah but selling a noticeable amount of consoles? No!

          And if Nintendo is smart they ride the hype of infinity and skylanders by adding Nintendo related stuff to those games that are exclusive to Nintendo platforms and only get unlocked by using the Amiibo figure. I’m convinced that would send Amiibo sales sky high. And they should let other developers also use them on the Nintendo platforms. That way Indy developers can make use of NFC because I don’t think allot of them have the money to come with those and it would really give the consumer more than they prayed for.

    1. They have to find a way to get more consumers into buying the Wii U. I think the Wii U should get treated equally in terms of third party (getting games the same time as other platforms, DLC, etc) and they should get more third party exclusives. And maybe fixing up things for the console like universal account system, party chat, achievements and other stuff. I don’t know if Nintendo can pull in hardcore gamers seeing as they might stick with Sony or Microsoft, but getting the casual gamers back on board could be good too.

  1. I think Nintendo should definitely consider adding some sort of trophy/achievement support to the Wii U. Not really a deal-breaker or anything, but gamers love them. It would also help enrich Miiverse which is already awesome.

    1. i would love to have that feature on wii u but these drones will be like ” media gimmick, its just an imaginary pat on the back” or “make you own acchievement lazy fake gamer ohh ohh real gamers dont need achievements, i beat mario seven times and i still enjoyed it without achievements” “achievements are a cancer to gaming” ohhohh ” lame cheap side mission” dont even bother it pointless because its looks like its never going to happen.

        1. Essentially the miiverese stamps act as a sign of accomplishment. Look at 3D World or MK8. The stamps signify your accomplishment. You can’t deny it and say that is isn’t legit.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Because it has nothing to contribute than give you a trophy that you can barely do anything with. There’s no point in having a system to make you feel less butthurt about your talentless ass, sasori. Now please, smack yourself with a TF2 wrench for obvious reasons.

        1. Um, trophies make you spend more time with a game than you usually would. They add to the fun you can have with a game. And the more time I can invest in a game, the worthier it is of my money.
          Anyone who says trophies are pointless is just butthurt about Nintendo not having them but refuses to admit it, tbh. Trophies literally are an extra to games, it’s not like you have to get them all in order to to be able to fully enjoy a game. If you’re not interested in earning them, good for you, don’t pay any attention to them. But they are a nice extra for ambitious people and people who want to make their games a little more worthwhile. And there are enough people who feel that way.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Either way, they are still not important entirely except for those that people call “achievement whores”. But very good point.

          2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            You know what else can make you have more time with the game: a game with gameplay that makes you come back to it later. I don’t need achievements if the gameplay is spectacular & always fun to play.

            1. True, true. But what if that game with great gameplay also had challenging achievements that’ll make you spend even more time with the game than you would anyway? Would make it even better, in my opinion. Maybe that’s just me, though.

              1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                I’m a completionist so I despise achievements like those. I’ll be cool with achievements, though, if it’s like Uplay where the achievements are in an app that unlocks bonuses that I can’t get in the actual game. But if it’s anything else, I’ll pass.

                1. You’re a completionist? Lol I can only imagine what kind of pain and suffering you must’ve went through on Champions Road from 3D World. I’m not a completionist, but I just went and got to World Crown just to see what it was like. If someone says Nintendo games are easy, take them straight to that level and if they can’t beat it, then their opinion is invalid for the rest of their entire lives. XD

                  1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                    I was so close after a 20th or 30th try. I was at the last area & just had to get the stuff needed to unlock the final freaking star, using two characters for 3 extra leaves for the Tanooki suit. Then I died. I got so pissed & I uhm… Let’s just say I need a new Super Mario 3D World game. *sweat* lol But yeah. I’d like to see them say Mario games are easy after taking a run at that last level.

          3. Waste your life with the game*

            He’s right, Trophies are for dorito munching, coke drinking, mountian dew huffing mouth breaths who can’t tell when they are done with a game or not… I’m STILL play MK8 even after launch and that has zero achievements..

        1. Guys, just let him state his opinion. There really is no need to whip him about everything he says. Just my thoughts. Let Sickr ban him or something.

        2. but hey if u like them try them out, though not every game needs theme, so developers don’t even really care for them

      2. Achievements and ranks are one big reason why there is so much cheaters in online games. In modern games it takes too much time to earn all things without cheating or paying real money to level up faster. Example BF4, Forza 5 etc.

        I actually hope Splatoon doesn’t have any kind of ranking or achievement system so people can play it to just have fun.

            1. ok, you’re right anonymous, sometimes it’s difficult to forget what he said but i’ll try…for now…

          1. “nonsense” lol this idiot think we forget about his comments about girls

      3. it they add that “feature”, it will be welcome.
        oh wait, you are the idiot that worships gta and then talks shit of that game when talking about watch dogs!!!

      4. Knew it would only take you a few days to come back.

        Chris Chan Jr everyone, he says he’ll never return and then he returns a few days later XD

        Wow, are you really that butthurt. Time to give you a hard time again just to get you off this site again.

    2. Yep. A lot of people will buy multiplat games on PS, Xbox, or PC even if they own a Wii U just because of Achievements/Trophies, especially since the GamePad functionality has rarely ever been so beneficial to the experience that you had to buy the Wii U version. It’s not that big of a deal but if someone told you that the game was identical on two platforms you own but one version would add points to a virtual score you’ve been building for years and the other wouldn’t you might as well buy the first. And Miiverse stamps are nice for what they are but not quite the same thing…

      1. Imo, Miiverse+stamps are better. You can actually show people your achievements that way. But, looking at the MK8 and 3D World communities, I think people kind of overuse it a bit…

    3. They sort of do this with first party games using stamps. Now if they did it to where all of your stamps from all of your games went straight to a catalog on your miiverse account so you wouldn’t have to start that game to use one, that would be cool (and an achievement system that isn’t completely useless). Also when I played BM Arkham Origins, certain “accomplishments” were sent straight to Miiverse. So there’s two possible systems right there.

    1. +1
      Unfortunately, it takes time to develop. So even if they get 3rs party faith back, we won’t see games for several years, probably the end of WiiU’s life.

      It’s all 1st party, Indies VC and a port here and there folks!

  2. Funny, the huge installed user base did nothing for the Wii’s third party support. Maybe they’re just lazy jackasses who can’t be bothered to do anything original with your innovative controllers and gameplay idioms.

  3. Sasori has exposed Nintendo for its willingness to provide it’s dedicated fans with a true achivement system. Nintendo has continued to rape the wallets and credibility of its ” glorified casuals”. Now all is left is the reminiscing of early nighties could-of-beens and the missteps that forced the sonyian empire that is contining to dominate that ass just as Sosori is donating all of the posers here. I’m looking at your quadraxis…

      1. Valve: Just ignore his comments. He set up his own virtual church that doesn’t do anything. It’s pointless trying to fight back, this is the internet.

          1. Not as irrelevant as your opinion about Sasori.
            Bronies are the last thing this website needs, keeping all the other kinds of freaks that already can be found around here in mind.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Irrelevant subject. Nor do you provide any proof that my opinion about Sasori is irrelevant. Last thing we need on here are people who complain about irrelevant subjects.

              1. Yea, because complaining about someone complaining is so much more meaningful.
                Besides, why would I need proof to show that your opinion about Sasori is irrelevant? You don’t provide any proof as to why your opinion about them is oh-so-relevant either, so what exactly is your point?

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  What exactly is your point in bring up an irrelevant subject?
                  Also claim my opinion is irrelevant when it is completely true showing you haven’t been here long enough to know he’s a complete idiot. You also directly comment to me just to call out a brony, meaning that you only came here to antagonize me. Therefore, nothing you say relevant anymore besides the irrelevant fact that you hate ponies. So good for you.
                  Now comeback when you have something relevant to talk about.

                  1. I’m literally commenting as anonymous, so you can not have the slightest idea of how long I’ve been on here or if I’ve made any other comments. I’d suggest you to stop making assumptions, because you might turn out to make yourself look like an idiot. Which you did, just now. I’d be willing to bet that I’ve been on this website longer than you, considering the fact that I’ve been visiting it on a regular basis since prior the original 3DS release.
                    Also, you are criticizing me for commenting only to call you out as a brony and antagonize you (which, again, you can not know since I’m commenting as anonymous and I might have made countless comments on this article alone) when the comment I originally replied to was you solely talking down Sasori, who (probably) wasn’t even the one who wrote the comment you replied to. Hypocrisy at it’s best.
                    And also, you say I have nothing relevant to say other than the irrelevant fact that I hate ponies… Well, that’s a double negative right there, so, make up your mind, is it irrelevant or not? Lmao. Ignoring the fact that I’ve never said I hate ponies though. Ponies are wonderful animals, I’m not sure what makes you think I’d hate such adorable creatures.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Well maybe this entire fiasco of irrelevance wouldn’t have started with your irrelevant comment. So I don’t know why your still on this subject other than wanting to prove me wrong but sadly you can leave it alone. So I’m just going to bid you farewell and leave behind this irrelevant subject you brought up and have the flies feed on the dead corpse while you still curse at me for making more sense and exposing your flip-flopping complex.

                    2. You do realize it was yourself who brought up all the talk about irrelevance, right? Lol.
                      And is “exposed” your favourite word or why do you feel the need to use it so often, even if it makes absolutely no sense pretty much every single time? The only one who might be considered “exposed” is yourself, yet you fail to even realize that. How unfortunate.
                      But anyway, I won’t take your comment as farewell only, but mostly as a sign of absolute defeat on your side, because it’s rather obvious that you have not a single argument to counter any of the things I’ve said during the conversation. So your claim of making more sense than me is rather questionable, as the comments you and I have exchanged above more than clearly show.
                      Thanks for the lovely conversation, have a nice day.

                2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  I’m sorry what was that? I can’t hear you over the buzz of flies over the dead corpse of an irrelevant conversation that you can’t leave behind due to your need for attention.

                  1. Yet you keep replying yourself. (:
                    And I’m not sure what you’re talking about, we’re in the comments section of a news article, you’re not supposed to hear anything but read. So saying you can’t hear me makes absolutely no sense, it just makes you look really silly. Amyway, I will do you a favor and stop replying to you at this point, to prevent you from embarassing yourself any further. Again, thanks for the lovely conversation. Have a wonderful day.

                    1. Dude, just stop, your just making yourself look stupid. It’s a tactic that she plays “act stupid so your opponent looks stupider” and it’s working. Just stop.

                    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Sorry, I still can’t hear you over the buzzing of flies of the dead corpse of an irrelevant subject you still seem to be butthurt about. I think you should get a megaphone so I can hear you. ;D

                    3. It’s cute you’re assuming I’m a dude. But to come back to the actual point of your comment, well, as I’ve explained to the person below, I really couldn’t care less about what strangers on a news website think of me, so you’re absolutely free to think of me as stupid. I don’t quite agree with you though, because I still think she is the only one putting herself in an inconvenient position. I’m having my fun and she keeps coming back for more, so there’s nothing to worry about for me.
                      Thanks for your concern though. (:

                3. What is your point for bring up an irrelevant subject in the first place? Just shut up idiot.
                  Also if you truly were here for a long time, you would’ve already gave her your irrelevant comment a long time ago, therefore proving you have not been here for long and you being anon means jack shit, because being anon gives us the choice to believe you are a bullshit liar, or a truthful angel, but really all you shown was that your a bullshit liar, so yes she did expose you, you didn’t, end of story, now sit your ass down and gtfo before you make yourself look stupid again.

                  1. I have noticed her avatar only today. Actually, I believe she changed it only today. I might be wrong though, as I said, I’ve noticed it just today.
                    And maybe you should try thinking of an own name instead of using someone else’s, Aeolus has left this website a while ago. Or at least, he hasn’t been commenting for quite a while now.
                    Also, I really couldn’t care less about if random people on a news website believe me or not, especially if it’s someone like you who prefers to poorly impersonate another person. Is your own personality not interesting enough or why would you choose to come here under someone else’s name?
                    Oh, and I don’t really think I made myself look stupid. But I do believe someone else just did. (:
                    Anyway, thanks for your input, it was very insightful.

            1. sure, she worships a pig known as sasorry who thinks girls are gold diggers and are the root of all evil. yes that idiot who gets burned everyday

            2. any proof?, your church is just a pose. your church is condemned to burn in the flames of your own hypocrisy, led by the fake god, the king of HIPPOcrites: sASSoRRY

  4. So I’ve just recently started playing Mario kart 8. First off, my background: I’m an expert player, well rounded off in competition play, a little anger here and there, but nothing makes blood boil like luck based games going in opponents favors. I’ll explain, I don’t suck, I’ve claimed the top two spots several times, but then you do have those runs where if you didn’t make it out of the first clash(first set of boxes) you’re done(90% of the time) I’ve fallen victim, I’ve also fallen victim to the spiny shell or red shell costing you first place two or three seconds before the finish line(5th place end result) I’m not as bothered by that as I am the unbalanceness of the games racing positioning. If you play MK8 you’ll know, each race ALWAYS devides into 3 crowds, the firs crowd: consists of players in the positions 1-3 and more times than not 4, the second: 4-9 and then you have your final three racers. This goes on for every map, every turn, something needs to be done. Skill factors in greatly, but luck, at least from my experience with the game plays a larger role. Now, this is not my first MK, BUT, it is my first time playing online, but like I mentioned, I’m good, not perfect, but I can and do win top placement slots. Anyway, to close off, as much as it hurts me to say it, and again, I’ve been gaming for 20 years(took some years off) I’ve gotten 100 percent on a slew of games (Yoshi’s island, psychonauts, Maximo, plus more) I’m no rookie. But as I was saying, it hurts me to say this, but MarioKart 8 and Call of Duty share way too many similarities, and I’m an advocate of any trashing of the CoD series, I despise it. Battlefield I top the charts, well, used to, I don’t play anymore. Sorry I let you guys down, but MK8 is just too luck based, if I’d give the splits, it’ll go like this, 25% skill, 10% map maneuverability, and 65% luck.

    What’s your guys’ take?

    1. I would say the items are more luck based than anything else. I’ve gotten the coin item five times in a row in first place. I’d be lucky to get a banana at the very least.

    2. MK8 is super incredibly luck based vs. CPU’s but there’s a bit if a pattern to beating them. Online can be kind of cheap especially if you know how items work in relation to positions in Mario Kart but since it’s other humans you can always just out drive them on the stretches where there arent item boxes and try for a lead so big they can’t catch up.

      All that said how is it like CoD? I haven’t played a good CoD in a while but I was/am pretty good at it and even though the series got weak I haven’t seen similarities between it and MK8.

      1. In terms of luck to skill ratio. I played MW3, and World at war, in that order online. Really that’s how I was comparing them, you need more luck to win than actual skill. I never EVER once got top spots in any round when I played those Cods(gave up on it after that fact) no matter what style I played, I couldn’t win.

        I’m not really one for mindless fun, to put it clearly, you know, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I just believe skill should be triumphant over luck anytime.
        I used to play both Left4Dead installments also, and I would be taking names as both infected and survivor, that game was hardly reliant on luck. I guess I’m just disappointed in the fact that MK8 online isn’t the experience I envisioned, it’s fun when you win(obvious) but its not much fun when by the first round you know you must settle for 6th or later, lucky if you get top three, I’ve done it, but like that other dude wrote, the item placement determines that. Getting coins in 4th-6th place needs to be patched. Hopefully Smash Bros is a lot different, I mean, it should be.

        1. I think online and Splitscreen modes in Mario Kart are not made to be competive and serious like multiplayer in BF4 but it’s made to be fun to play and is automatically handicapped between all players with different skills so everyone can play it.

          I have problems with my modem so i couldn’t play MK8’s online mode but does it have any kind of ranking system or Win/Lose ratio like competive online games have?

          What i feel about Mario Kart 8 is pretty much same as i feel about Mario Party. Winning in both games needs same amount of luck and skill.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              You fat dumbass. >.< You been comparing Mario Kart 8 to every single game you think is better. You're double standard ass isn't fulling anyone, kid.

    3. There is a level of skill, just look at time trials. I’ve never really have hard time, I would say 8 needs better item pop ups, the coin item is the worst in the game I actually wanted it patched out. U can’t wain many races with out drifting and drafting. My friends kept getting 11th or 12th because they didn’t understand the benefits of them items like bill, nor the star could hellp them. There will always be a since of luck in game franchise because the items are luck base there is no changing that, but hey if you don’t like it ,enjoy other games.

    4. Wouldn’t luck actually makes the game more fun. Think about it. You always need to be alert and ready at all times. You can’t have your guard down at any moment during the game or it will cause you.

  5. Unfortunately I believe the Wii was mainly a trending console. A lot of people had one and people were so intrigued by the console that they buy one. Its unfortunate you see a lot of Wii’s that just sit there collecting dust. But that is still not most of the people who bought them. I loved my Wii and also my Wii U. I think the lack of a better name and third party support is really hurting them but also its not as trendy as the Wii was. It seemed as people only got a Wii because it was “different.” Its also very unfortunate that Ubisoft betrayed Nintendo as they did. People wont buy consoles if there are not as many games on the system. Many of my friends including myself thought ZombiU was great, but just because it didn’t sell as many as AC or Rayman, it gets cancelled. I really hope and can see the Wii U succeeding towards the end of 2014 and most of 2015 with all the games coming. They did win E3 this year after all.

    1. I agree to a certain degree. yes the extra 50M was people intrigued by the console but also was the reason wii had some many causal games.

      The problem of the wii U are multiples, but I also believe the solution are simple and Nintendo should not count on big 3rd Party studio. Nintendo will be alright this year. I thing 2015 will be interesting. I noticed at that time (2012-2013) that Nintendo was working very hard with small 3rd party studios and indie devlopper.

      The results of their work with indie devs can be seen on the eshop as for small studio not yet but I have a gut feeling the result of their work with small studios will materialise in 2015-2016.

      If you look at 3rd arty studio there are not a lot to generate a real competition. I think Nintendo ‘s game (pardon the pun) is to help growing small studios (again personally opinion). If you can get 20 small studio who will become as big as EA and Ubisoft (if they decided to be independent) then it will become interesting for Nintendo in the short term and long term.

  6. This will bite 3RD party in the ass later. No wonder Nintendo gamers only like Nintendo games. Duh. PC Master Race + Nintendo will survive the 3RD party wars.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Seriously. They can stay gone if it’s just going to continue to be gimped ports. I’ll just get a PS4 for any 3rd party multiplat games I want.

  7. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Of course they will. Money is money, after all. Only a company run by a complete moron that’s immature will refuse to make games for the console when they can sell at least 2-3 million games as long as they don’t release 8+ million copies to the console & still make some money off the Wii U.

  8. The reason why Nintendo hasn’t gotten any third party games because nobody buys them I remember in 2013 there was a bunch of third party games but not many people bought them people complaining about not getting third party games than we get and them and they don’t buy them lol

    1. 2013 was a crap year. First party and third party. Wii U’s launch was better. If I had the money back then, I’d have gotten Zombi U, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge, Assassin’s Creed 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Darksiders 2, and Batman Arkham City Armored Edition. I don’t know how or why those games didn’t sell, but I’m disappointed. I guess I can say I’m partly to blame since I didn’t purchase the games, but I would’ve if it meant preventing the Wii U from becoming what it is now. I usually only buy Nintendo games and a few third party here and there for Wii U, but it’s time to start changing. First party isn’t going anywhere. I’m gonna support the third party if it means more games for the Wii U.

  9. Nintendo Commanders Assistant

    Why would people buy cheap 60 dollar ports that have been released like 2 years ago

  10. HAHAHA What a joke, 3rd party developers won’t come back to the Baby U. Even if the Baby U had a huge bump in sales in the months to come, by the time 3rd party developers would notice and would decide to develop something for it the Baby U would have more than 2 years since it launched, then it would take them another 2 years to develop a good game (games these days take even longer than that to develop). By then the Baby U would have over 4 years since it launched and it would be even more old gen than what it already is now lolololol. For 3rd parties to support the Baby U this support would have had to happen 2 years ago lolololol.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      We all know you don’t engage in the comments in here because I utterly destroyed you after a few days on this site months ago…

      And your first comment ever here was to bash me, go home baby…

    2. Really now, must explain why Namco are bring back games to the platform and many other companies like Atlus are coming back to Nintendo. The damage control is strong within this one.

  11. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Let High Command implement the achievement system to please the cattle and lesser beings…

    Obviously they need cheap things like that to play games…

  12. achievement is an open door to DLC abuse and it means nothing. When I look at the achievement on playstation some of them are just sh*t. 1 achievement for 10 heat shot…. yet great another is to beat a certain challenge with a certain character who is only available on a DLC, DLC you have to pay 19,00$. One achievement is to pass the training before an online game but the issue here is to buy the online capability to do it therefore achievement impossible to do unless you pay. I love nintendo for not introducing achievement system.

      1. I think I overprice the DLC but pretty much sure it’s around $10 the rest is real. How come you can have an achievement if some are DLCs and it seems planned from the start. So no no to achievement.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Definitely. An in-game achievement that needs DLC to beat it would seem very fishy to me.

  13. Yes when there’s enough install base Ubi will give us a stupid party game.

    EA will come too and bring year old ports and claim the Wii U is still weak.

    If these third parties really want to see their games sell well on the Wii U, give us the full game other consoles get. Equal opportunity for all gamers. They can go eShop only to save precious cash on packaging and logistics.

    Rayman Legends proved install base doesn’t equal sale, with the Wii U selling more units than other versions.

    In the end even if Nintendo gets enough install base, some third parties will still claim it’s not enough. But other third parties know well enough to stay put, and not aggravate the fanbase.

  14. Two words: Achievement System
    This will increase third party support. And even 3DS sells well, PSVita still attracts lots of third party developers and publishers (even indies) than 3DS because it lacks achievement system that PSVita has.

    And in my opinion, not even 3DS have Borderlands 2, Minecraft, Rayman Legends, games from Milestone (MotoGP, WRC, etc.), Dynasty Warriors 8, etc.

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