Nintendo TVii Gets New Update, Here’s The Details

Nintendo has announced that it’s updated its Nintendo TVii application on the Wii U. One of the biggest new features that has been implemented by Nintendo is a dynamic home screen that allows you to easily go to a specific show by using the Wii U GamePad. Here’s the rest of the details that you need to know.

  • Quicker load times across the service
  • Easier access to your favorite sporting events, now including baseball. Now you can start predicting plays & climbing the leaderboard even faster
  • Enhanced search functionality for all your favorite channels, shows, movies and sports to find out what’s on
  • Increased TV Tag coverage to all shows on the top 70 channels

Thanks, Anthony A


  1. Any chance of a Europe release ever?

    Or at least just remove the Tvii button from the UI.

    Removing the button and cancelling the service in the EU is better than just having a button on the UI that doesn’t work.

    1. The support if from ero tv, Nintendo can add support when ever ero tv decides to allow it to….so your barking up the wrong tree

    2. It’s the same here in Australia, it’s not really Nintendo’s fault, it’s just that our tv network services are not as good as Japan and the US and can not support it. The network needs to be upgraded before we can use this service.

  2. Sweet, now if it could be used on just the gamepad with out the system being on, and they brought it to the 3DS.
    Oh and DVR support

  3. Nintendo how long has tvii been out for in America and Japan. You guys promise to do something about it for Europe and still nothing. Thank god UK ban the silly advert lying to people faces as if you ever intended to give us tvii in the uk.

      1. He couldn’t keep his absence even for a week…

      2. And probably never will or else our female comrades will utterly destroy him again…

        There is still no real troll successor yet…

      3. PC Master Race seems to be gunning for that position, though.

      4. We’ll see…

        Anyway, thanks to us, Nintendo is my Blood, Stranga, HollowGrapeJ, Admiral Glados and a few more, this site is once again overpowered by our people…

      5. As it should be since this IS supposed to be a Nintendo site.

      6. Those people you listed are the biggest losers on the whole damn website you know, well the last 2 aren’t that bad. i don’t notice them.

        Anybody who is down right obsessed with users or people on the internet or get straight out mad imo and dedicate so much of their time on them have absolutely no life and are probably some of the biggest losers you can find in the real world.

        I have been on this site since the beginning and let me tell you, those people are straight out losers and the website was better before they came and made this whole place rabid for no reason. Oh and by the way you guys didn’t defeat no trolls, they all just left. Sassori is the only one because he is just dumb and got annoyed.

        This is coming from a huge nintendo fan but honestly they make us look bad. Well have fun with your shitty website, while everybody else goes to their jobs, hanging out with there friends, living life? While you loser fanboys hang out on a small website and get mad over users on the internet.

      7. I don’t really know how they see things but to me it’s all just entertainment…

        And there are different point of views to what “having a life” is…

        Personally I have a life which I’m happy with…

      8. I do not see sasori as a troll, he is just a wannabe. it was so funny that after all of his comments saying that “nintendrones” need a life, he gets burned when he discovers that most of the cool people here have a life with boy/girl friend plus job and then he makes a video complaining about that. who’s the social reject now?, worshippin’ the xbox did not make him better.
        back to the topic, i never use the TVII app :-/

      9. And sasori made it worse for himself by insulting the women that come to this site with his sexist comments. Big mistake as lamatsucubo brought a couple of her friends here to help her with the #bansasori thing. I couldn’t help but laugh throughout the entire comment section.

      10. Indeed…

        Don’t ever mess with our female comrades…

  4. You’re really not missing nothing folks in UK. I have forgotten all about it ans I’m not wasting gig space to download something I know I will never use.

  5. Actually I do enjoy using it every now and then, and it keeps my facebook/Twitter accounts updated whenever I’m watching a sport/movie/show/event on my TV and comment on the TVii. Not bad, but it could be better. Sometimes it lags worst than Super Smash Bros Brawl……

  6. I have never used this app . Honestly for the people that don’t have it yet you’ll probly forget about it after the first trial anyway

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  8. EU, SA, AUS should get something free to replace Nintendo TVii…


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