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Splatoon Will Have Local 1v1 Multiplayer Mode And Also Single Player, Plus More Details

Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami has confirmed that the Wii U exclusive, which is due in 2015, will feature a local 1v1 multiplayer mode that can be played completely offline. Nogami also says that Splatoon will of course feature a single player mode for those that prefer playing offline. Here’s what Nogami had to say.

“First of all, our plan is to release this as a full retail packaged software in 2015… the first half of 2015. And because we’re releasing this as a full software title, we of course plan to include a single-player mode but then also a one-on-one multiplayer mode that can be played without connecting to the Internet.”

“What we can tell you about the one-on-one, at least, is that one player will be using the GamePad, one player will be using the Pro Controller. And we’re actually thinking of having that one-on-one mode be something kinda completely different from the four-on-four one where it’ll be, you know, kind of a lot more stalking and hiding in the ink. It’ll be much more like a quiet mode in a sense.”

“And, you know, we’ve progressed [in development] at least to that point, but in terms of what we’re going to do with the screens – whether we’re going to have one person on the TV and one person on the GamePad – we’re not sure yet.”

38 thoughts on “Splatoon Will Have Local 1v1 Multiplayer Mode And Also Single Player, Plus More Details”

  1. They NEED to include some 4-player local modes: 4 players coop vs CPU, or a 2v2 mode, or simply a 4v4 mode where you can choose your team and the rest is filled with CPUs. Maybe even a 5-player mode (2v3 or 4v4 with CPUs) would be great too.

    I was not expecting such modes because I thought the limitation was the fact that you need a gamepad to play. But since it is possible to play without a gamepad, then I think not including such modes would be completely stupid from them. That’s my opinion.

    1. And the possibility to join online as 2 players would be great too (or maybe even 4 if they can do it without lags).

    2. Well there’s also issue of system performance. Handling all that ink and all those particles in real time is difficult for any system to accomplish, so splitting it up into four or five displays, while keeping all four screens playable and readable, might be too much for the Wii U to deal with. After all, MK8 only kept 60 FPS when it split the screen in two.
      It’s not a knock at the power of the system as much as it is just an issue for the devs to overcome.

      1. Personally I do not care about those nice fps stories. MK8 is fine even with 4 players. And I would prefer them to propose such modes even if the fps drop. If some people cannot stand this, they just don’t play it.

        Anyway the idea of this game is great. But I am mostly an offline player and I prefer playing with friends around a tv. So if there are only 1 or 2-player modes offline, the interest of this game will be much reduced for me… :(

    3. this!!!

      why Nintendo is not doing this?
      If this games target is “multiplayer” ala MK8, they need to put 4 players locally. with 4 cpu, at least -_-

    4. Since they pulled off local 8-player battles with SSBU, I think they should do the samme with Splatoon, now that we know it’s possible. I also think that any number of players should be allowed in multiplayer battles, even something stupid like 4 v 1.

  2. that very pathetic amount of players, other games go for 12-64 players while this goes for 1-4….. never really cared for this game to begin with it.

    1. Yes because having over 64 Players is amazing and is TOTALLY not frustrating… Dude… you praised Titanfall and yet that only has about 6v6… You are sooo hypocritical it’s so obvious XD

      Chris Chan Jr, could you please leave like you promised and stop having your period

      1. 33:29 lol, that “macho” voice. sasori sounds so pissed and is showing how butthurt he is, lol. thanks to the person that pointed that detail!!
        ps: i do not need 64 players, when i am having fun, it does not matter if i am playing with 2, 3 or 4 players. sasori loves to play with 64 players because he loves to feel the kicks in his ass.

    2. You’re an idiot. Quit comparing EVERY GAME to Battlefield 4. 64 players does not work in every game!!!

    3. Are you crazy? 12 -64 players in a game like Splatoon will make it so unplayable it’s not even funny.

  3. Will probably just download this, if they don’t give me a big reason to own the physical copy. Also, I hope they go with the “one on GamePad, one on TV” thing, it’s the best. Love it in Nano-Assault Neo!

    The game looks really interesting, can’t wait to see more! Betting we get more information closer to Christmas, through a Nintendo Direct!

      1. Dammit, now I don’t know anymore! D: This seems like the perfect game to have installed on the console, so I don’t have to switch disc to play it! I remember really wanting Nintendo Land digitally, mostly because it’s played for a short amount of time, and it’s a multiplayer game..

        I’ll just wait and see!

  4. I would have thought 2v2 before suggesting 1v1… Would have seemed more obvious. Also more than one mode like capture the base or team death match ( obviously you use the ink for capture the base and the ink would be for shooting and for traveling in team death match).

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  7. nintendo makes an online 8 player third person shooter and people cry and bitch that it doesn’t have a fucking 4 player offline mode eat a dick.

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