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VGS Says Sonic Boom Is The Worst Sonic Game They’ve Ever Played

Online gaming publication VGS tried out Sonic Boom at this year’s E3 event and didn’t entirely come away enamoured. In fact, the writer claims that Sonic Boom is the worse Sonic game that he has ever played and he has played Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog. One of the writers biggest gripes with Sonic Boom is the game’s pacing which he claims is slow. Like, Werehog stages slow. You can read his opinions about the latest Sonic title for Wii U and 3DS, below.

“Let me be clear by saying that I’ve played nearly every single Sonic game. Yes, even the bad ones. As a Sonic fan from the early 90’s it’s hard to pass up any of his games. And even though people claim his 3D adventures sucked I actually enjoyed many of them especially SA, SA2, and Generations. Up until now though it’s been well known that Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog are the worst things to ever happen to the Sonic universe (Spinball for me). Well, after my time spent with the Sonic Boom E3 demo, I walked away frightened and shaken feeling that this could very well be the worst Sonic game made to date.”

“My E3 demo allowed me to explore a few of the game’s different themed levels. There was platforming, running, and a boss battle—each showing the unique aspects of Sonic Boom. The first platforming stage paired me up with Knuckles and it was sort of a brawler type stage. Straight from the get-go I felt something was incredibly off. The timing and precision when attacking enemies felt very clunky and some of my attacks barely registered. This also applied to many of the segments that involved jumping. Then came the lasso. Oh, god. Every time your character needs to pull something they would use this energy lasso, which in concept sounds interesting but ends up feeling dull in practice. It’s basically a web shot mechanic we see in Spiderman games except it’s highly broken and requires a lot of effort to get something simple accomplished. For example, when trying to move the box I had trouble trying to get the lasso to register properly and even when it did it required me to keep pressing down on the A button and move in a certain direction. The one before me (who was playing Sonic Boom at the Nintendo booth) gave up entirely because the lasso didn’t work half the time. I only did it because I wanted to see what was at the end of the demo. Turns out it was a mini-boss which can only be defeated using the lasso by throwing enemies at it. The only problem with was the throwing distance felt off. At times the enemies I threw landed close to where they were supposed to causing more frustration.”

“This leads to my next biggest problem with my Sonic Boom impression, the pacing. This game is slow. Like, Werehog stages slow, maybe even slower considering the lasso takes forever to get something done. I understand that this is an adventure take on the Sonic universe and I honestly don’t mind that at all. But between the long fights, and moving objects around, it just felt kinda boring. There were diversions that broke up the action. For instance I used the Wii U’s gamepad screen to scan the level for items and then dig them out using Knuckles.”

“Sonic Boom needs a lot of work. When I completed my demo I asked one of the reps at BigRedDot if these levels were final and to my horror he acknowledged it with a firm yes. I’m worried what will become of Sonic Boom and if it does turn out to be the next Sonic 06, then that’s a shame because there were some elements I enjoyed. I liked how the characters finally have personality, I enjoyed swapping characters on the fly, and the adventure elements really brought back the Sonic Adventure feel (which is something I haven’t felt in a long time). I want Sonic Boom to succeed but judging by my E3 impressions I fear it will be destined to fail.”

192 thoughts on “VGS Says Sonic Boom Is The Worst Sonic Game They’ve Ever Played”

    1. Told ya so! ^_^ But you idiots never listen to me! Hahaha! I can’t wait for this game to be slammed by critics! Yay let us celebrate!

      1. Oh god i knew it would suck as soon as it was confirmed,i mean,really sega did you want knuckles to look like a caveman and sonic looks like a blue mummy tails looks like a 2 year old and Amy,I have always hated her but if Sega if you give a character a personality,stick with it.Since when was she independent she’s always been a annoying damsel in destress how always have stalked sonic since she was 8 she will never be independent.Just for a reminder Amy Lovers,She is the opposite of Blaze The Cat,Who is independent smart and skilled and NOT annoying!!!!!! One more thing Sega don’t coppy characters who dont show up alot (Marine The Racoon) And turn them into something esle (Sticks The Badger)

        1. Exactly. The trailer they showed just recently made me immediately realize that this game is shit. You know the sonic adventure games were mostly well received. Some people hated them but most thought they were really good games, like an 8 or a 9. I spent hours in the stupid chao garden. Why not just copy that formula again. It works.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            The last good Sonic game I played was SA2 and that still paled compared to the Genesis ones…

            But this, I’d rather buy SLW…

          2. Chao garden is one of the best features ever. I spent more time in that than the actual game. Sega doesn’t listen anymore. They take the “Sonic Adventure 3” papers and shred them up. And then they come up with this BRILLIANT IDEA called Sonic Lost World that nobody asked for. I’m getting sick of it.

  1. yep…. i thought this was going to a sonic changer to a new direction but what the heck. ahh well it was pretty much only this and watch dogs i was getting for wii u but it might just be only watch dogs.

    1. Normally I’d rebut your fanboy rhetoric with a carefully worded, rational argument based on facts. But you just keep spewing the same BS over and over no matter how many times I correct you: GET OUT!

  2. Pedro juan barguil navarro

    well opinions, and always the demo its not final, debbugers and testers will made his work to get done when the game release or at least i hope so

      1. The guy from SCREWATTACK also said its tough, so maybe this guy from VGS just rage quitted the game and decidedly to just called it the worst Sonic game ever. Sad -_-

  3. I stand by that Sonic Unleashed’s day levels were effing amazing. If they make a Sonic game with like 10-15 of those levels, I would be absolutely stoked.

    1. Oh yeah those levels were great! I’d totally be on board if they made a game with levels like that. It’s just that the night levels seemed insanely long, and weren’t entirely fun

    2. Sonic Generations and Colors did that. Which is why Sonic Boom and Lost World frustrate me, SEGA finally found a successful formula and decided to throw it all away. (No pun intended)

  4. So my question is do he think Sonic and the secret rings was a decent game? Because he did not mention it at all and I consider that the worse sonic game of all time next to that typing program and sonic labyrinth

    1. i actually enjoyed sonic and the secret rings. i liked the concept but missions were boring and trash expect for the speed and racing missions. the worst mission was to avoid getting any rings…. wtf

  5. I’m surprised Sega just doesn’t give up. It seems like no matter what they do, Sonic will never succeed.

    1. No, sonic HAS been succeeding, else, sega would be broke. Each game has some degree of charm, even shadow the hedgehog’s badass imagery, but there’s always that one jerk at Sega who thinks its a good idea to have a game character who’s focused on speed slow down and focus on combat.

  6. Didn’t he ask if the level was complete, the LEVEL. the problems he mentioned were to do with the gameplay not the level design

  7. Yeah like this is a fucking surprise…. sonic sucks mastercheifs non existent hairy balls. Fucking failwata lmao, i swear the man is so dumb like, he might as well be a microsoft terrorist. “take down the competition iwata” iwata- “YES bill!” “what will be your catch phrase iwata and how will you not manage to get fired?” iwata- Say please understand every 5 seconds and use my puppy eyes brainwashing, feel bad for me powers so i don’t get fired”….. “iwata we trained you hard i think you can pull this off” *iwata kills the person talking to him* iwata talking in a demonic voice- so the movement has begun! *spins head around full 360*

    Seriously THIS is the shit that midget bastard funded, THIS is the shit iwata gave you guys, THIS is the shit that he thinks will sell systems and most importantly this is what you guys except? You know what he should have funded? 3 exclusive tales games, THAT would have been a system seller to ALL of the loyal tales fanbase. They will buy systems just for tales games, not to forget the games would not be shit. NOBODY besides weird ass socially awkward people for the most part like sonic now days.
    Yeah and just watch nintendo blow it not buying capcom even if THAT is their saving grace with wii u. You want no game droughts? You want iconic franchises and bigger franchises that could sell systems on nintendo that could help sell wii u’s when NOTHING WILL?
    Seriously i hope that bastard iwata gets fired so bad because he will just scratch is ass and keep failing the brand as well as fucking his kinect (because he secretly works at microsoft and is gay with marcus phoenix from queers of war)

    Wii u could be a success where it counts (not sales) but i don’t think we can get their if iwata stays, it wouldn’t hurt to let more upper management go as well.

      1. Iwata is in charge, he makes the decisions. He chose to fund these games. If not who else at nintendo makes these decisions?

        Anyway if nintendo buys capcom (they can do it, and it would benefit them like no tomorrow. It’s time to use some of that money.) The two are destined. Capcom wouldn’t for one make all these trashy decisions under nintendo that made them the company everybody hates today. Capcom would benefit nintendo even more. This is the best for both companies. Seriously this would make nintendo a must have system again. I can’t even put it in words it’s like they get a free pass if they buy them or something. Iwata will hopefully just be gone by then. Yes they might of had a pretty good e3 and a pretty impressive one for the most part, but that won’t last. It just is some good news, there is a ton of game droughts still.

        The n64 wouldn’t have done NEARLY as well without rare it would have been a dead system, even if nintendo made some of the most incredible games on the system, it would have been dead. This would be that all over again if they just bought capcom. I don’t care what anybody says nintendo is the best fit to buy capcom. For both companies sake. If they cry they can always just buy the damn nintendo system. There will be more of a reason to buy nintendo with them anyway. lmao i don’t think microsft can buy capcom do to some law but i know they would buy them in an instant to have there systems sell in japan. All they have to do is buy capcom…….. but i don’t see it, hopefully nintendo does.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          No, he didn’t fund it, SEGA is funding it, Iwata approved it, Iwata loses nothing if this game bombs, SEGA does

              1. To be fair, they’ve done that with Hyrule Warriors and Tecmo / Bayonetta 2 and Platinum Games. It’s common practice.

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  Only reason they did that is that Hyrule Warriors is part of Zelda and Platnium games is second party to Nintendo

              2. Well it doesn’t make sense why all of a sudden sega would just throw all of these sonic games on a struggling/ hardly any units sold hardware compared to the 80 million last gen consoles? It would hurt sales and everybody was pissed who didn’t own wii u. Making it seem weird if they just decided to throw the games on Wii u unless if there was money involved?

                I’m pretty sure there was money involved and that’s what everybody has been saying from the get go? Like seriously man, NO 3rd party is supporting wii u (especially exclusive 3rd party games) unless the games NINTNEDO funded like wonderful 101, bayonetta 2, devils third and if there was another one. Why would sega put sonic games exclusive on wii u unless nintendo payed them? I think they thought maybe sonic could be a system seller lmao idk but it was a dumb decision to pick sonic.

                If they didn’t i would be surprised….. because it makes no logical sense for all of a sudden sega announces 3 exclusive sonic games and a partnership a year ago, especially when they could have made more money having it multi plat. It was a deal and if it wasn’t sega is dumb.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Do you know what I really want?…

                      A temporary alliance between our empire and the Sonyans to once and for all get rid of the Xbots…

                      I can’t stand theur garbage “morals”…

      1. Yeah i know but i can’t stand this website. The fucking idiot above you thinks im an idiot for not being blind to the problems.

        There is no reason to be emotionally attached to a company, it is just bad for everybody, including the company. We don’t owe the damn company anything? What are they your family that gives a fuck about you. They owe US for supporting them? I don’t get why people hate when you criticize shit in a box when all they do is have to clean it….. Then afterwords the shit is gone and it’s better for us haha.

        1. I don’t get it either. I love Nintendo, but they are not impervious to mistakes. They’ve frustrated me many times. I mostly come to this site for news. I read the comments, but it’s like the same thing on every article. Fanboys attacking fanboys. But I think I’m starting to not mind it. We all have different personalities, so I just accept it. They’re not gonna change, we’re not gonna change, so just go with it I guess. I do enjoy reading comments that are realistic though and pointing out flaws or good things. No blind praise or bashing just because it’s one company or another. All three systems have pros and cons. I have no problem with the other two systems. Too bad some people are so blind with loyalty they can’t acknowledge the good in the other companies or the bad in their own.

          1. Yeah honestly i don’t care if your a bigger fan of one of the 3 but to be a loyal dog is really just pathetic. People will do anything just for the company and in reality…… THE COMPANY DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU….. so why do people defend these corporation no matter what? I have bigger things to worry about than plastic. By the time your an adult i hope people will not still act attached to a corporation. Like there is 30 year olds on youtube that dedicate there lives to the console. I will never be like that and am not right now. I can’t believe all the grown ass men who are like that…… a fan ok but seriously there is lengths to stop at.

  8. Nintendo needs to stay as far as they can from Sega. LostWorld and Boom are just terrible and waste of money from Nintendo´s part to get those exclusive on their system.

    Yeah ok after Colors and Generations Sonics future looked bright, they were good games, maybe Nintendo thought these new installments would keep the good formula running. But they are damn terrible.

    Nintendo needs to stay away from Sega for their own sake, Sega has been crap aftey they became SegaSammy holdings. These new Sonic games arent only bad games Sega has putted out from their ass, Aliens anyone? In the long run getting crappy exclusive titles from Sega damages Nintendo´s own reputation and those titles shouldnt never have been released. Sega is like Rare nowadays, crappy version of their formerself.

    For the bright side this is the last title of the crappy partnership and Nintendo is bringing better exclusives to their system like StarFox,Zelda,Splatoon,HyruleWarriors,DevilsThird,Bayonetta2,Yoshi,Smash etc.

    But my point being is that investing in Sega is throwin money away these days, something which i have learned as a consumer too. Its sad and little bit over ten years ago no one would had said that Sega is crap, but like Rare they sold their soul to the devil and became shitty waste.

    I mean c´mon Sega´s main focus nowadays is on mobile phones for gods sake! They dont invest on homeconsole business as they used to. Well lets hope Nintendo is wiser now and realizes that Sega isnt what they used to be.

    1. 100% agree but didn’t nintendo fund these shitty sonic games due to them being exclusive? People think that nintendo didn’t fund these games when im pretty sure they did.

      1. I think they funded Lost World, but not this one. I might be wrong, though, it’s been a while since I cared.

      2. Well i think they atleast bought them to be exclusive, i dont know much about does Nintendo fund developing these titles but imo it would be wierd if Nintendo wouldnt fund these since they are exclusive in the way that Sega cant put them on Ps4 or One. Either way its just sad that Nintendo wastes time with Sega anymore, because Sega has bad reputation already being crappy mobile phone games developer nowadays. Lets just hope this is last time Nintendo deals with Sega on exclusive deals, they should use that money on Capcom or Platinum Games instead imo.

          1. HAHA tell me about that. I think the only cool Fanboy here is that Commander wierdo. Some fanboys on this place wont do their research even, like that guy who boasted that PlatinumGames is 2nd party for Nintendo.

            But getting games exclusive cost money anyway so in all ways these Sonic/Sega games are waste of money for Nintendo.

            1. Yeah i know. I really hate this website though. (ironic how it’s the only gaming website i really have been apart of) I will probably leave again. I don’t get the freedom here or have the desire to use it anymore. It also really has some of the worst fanboys in existence and i don’t really feel like dealing with it. I don’t really feel like “trolling” when i do the same exact thing as im saying now but put a spin on it, though if i do i’ll just be that “troll” again so whatever.

              Also i don’t get the major fanboys don’t even know as much as you know….. people like us. I like to speak up when i hate what a company is doing or i make fun of them for it. Whoever it be but nintendo has been fucking up the most for so many times so usually i do it to nintendo. Though i will admit i make fun of mirosoft fanboys way more now lmao.

    2. “Nintendo needs to stay away from Sega for their own sake”
      Completely agree. They put a good game out there every now and then, but most of what they’ve released this last couple of years has been terrible.

    1. I’ve yet to play Mario Kart online. But if you guys ever want to go a few races let me know. I’m not a frequent commenter on this site, but I saw you guys talking about MK8 online, so I figured I’d give it a try.

        1. I don’t play online anything really, so I don’t know how to get started aside from hit online on the mainscreen. Do I need your friend codes or something?

  9. I feel like the only person in the world that liked Sonic ’06. I know it’s weird, but that game was my childhood and I still love it today.

      1. Your not doing too shabby though! I kinda wish we had more players though. It’s hard to get someone out of forest when you get crap items.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Everytime I was closing in on you the rest always killed me…

          At one point it seemed like all of you went on me haha…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          You have to type in this code and then you can join anytime you want from now on…


    1. … you guys haven’t even started the race, but it makes me spectate? Oh well… also, I shall never use the Yoshi bike again lol.

  10. Hated Lost World, really regretting spending $80 on that game! So doesn’t care for this game, though I hope for fans (if there still are any), Nintendo, and whoever is buying this game’s sake that this game turns out to be good!

    1. 1) Who the hell buys a wii u game for $80
      2) true fans who like sonic are out there
      3) from the looks of it, lost world may ironically be the best game of this contract; the closest to the adventure titles.

      1. 1) All home console games are $80-100 in Norway.
        2) Guess so, though I don’t know any.
        3) The game have a few good moments, but it feels unbalanced, and I don’t like the level design, fighting system, nor the controls, at all! Once in a while, when you is allowed to run really fast, the game feels a little better, but platforming is really problematic. Only played the game for 3-4 hours, max!

  11. I was one of those who LOVED Sonic lost World for not being a generic Sonic game where all I do is relatively push forward on my controller and the game plays itself. I also played the good AND bad Sonic games and I will be giving Sonic boom a try at launch.

  12. The title is misleading. There’s a big difference between “IS the worst Sonic game they’ve ever played” and “COULD VERY WELL BE the worst Sonic game made to date”.

  13. It makes me sad no one wants to give sonic a chance anymore. I hate how nice this game is to look at, yet there’s that one jackass who thinks its a good idea to slow down sonic. Sonic CAN be different. He just needs to be fast, and fun!

  14. So given everyone’s reactions, this game is basically as if they took the Wearhog and made it’s own game. It’s Sonic Unleashed minus the day stages. I’m still gonna give this one a try when it comes. I’ll probably go by TheGreatClement’s review cause he’s a strong Sonic fan so he knows what he’s talking about.

  15. I’m betting it was user error on this. The same user error that people experienced with ZombiU and TW101 where the issues people have are with the controls and difficulty. The gamepad takes some practice to get used to. Once you do master it holding down A and a direction (the author’s lasso debable) aren’t really hard and clunky like you initially think. It baffles me that people that work in the industry and write reviews seem awful at gaming…or impatient to say the least.

    It basically sounds like if he was a little more skilled his issues with the lasso and pacing in general would probably be remedied. I can’t imagine Boom could be worse than Lost World so I will give it a demo if they come out with one and base my purchase off experience not some hack’s poor review.

  16. If the pacing was slower, I might have actually liked Sonic games. One reason I was never a fan of Sonic games is because of how fast he runs.

    1. If you can’t handle speed-based platforming, then clearly, Sonic is not for you. You should stick to slow platformers, like Mario.

  17. concerning the slow pacing.. well the 15 minutes of gameplay made an entirely different impression

    anyway that’s just one reporters opinion.. doesn’t have to mean much

  18. Lol. When I saw the gameplay video I was like “can I imagine myself playing this game?” And the answer is no. This game looks like dog shit.

  19. If anyone knows why unleashed, colors, and generations were received so well, you will understand why this game is terrible.

  20. Well if it does indeed suck. (haven’t seen gameplay or anything” then I won’t be getting it. All SEGA needs to do is either create a 2-D sonic game and leave 3-D in the dust. It’s like when 3-D games came out they didn’t know how to think or something. “AH SHIAT 3D WHAT WE GON DO NOW”

    1. Even though Sonic adventure, adventure 2, colours, generations and half of unleashed were all great. Making sonic fully 2d again would completely alienate the fans of the 3d games

    2. Oh yes, that’s a GREAT idea. Let’s return to the age of 2D while every other gaming franchise out there continues to excel in 3D. Does that really sound like a good idea? Sega/Sonic Team would be left behind.

      Platforming games in general are on the decline, do you really think it’d be wise for Sega to cut 3D out altogether? Especially with Sonic’s decline in popularity (which was FINALLY coming back with Generations) Sonic wouldn’t survive with just his 2D fans.

  21. Like every other game ever freakin’ made, everyone is going to have they’re own opinions about it. Sonic Boom isn’t trying to recapture any of the old Sonic spirit, it’s supposed to be something completely new. I’m excited because it looks interesting to me. I don’t care about what critics have to say.

  22. i have heard this many times people play a demo and dont like the game but when the final game releases the game paints a better picture im still going to buy his game.

  23. Personally, judging from the gameplay it actually looks pretty interesting for a 3D platformer (and I do love a good 3D-platformer). First off, this guy could say it’s the worst sonic game ever and still this game could be one of the best sonic games out there. I’m not saying that it will, I’m just saying to don’t trust the opinion of one guy.
    Also don’t forget that Sonic’s “fans” hate it when something new is tried for the ol’ blue blur.

  24. Damnit, Sega. Come on! I really don’t want Sonic to fail, but you’re digging a damn grave here. This is ridiculous. I know you’re still capable of making good Games. I’ve been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 on the JP servers for a while, and that game is goddamn AMAZING. Seriously. Stop. Killing. Sonic. If you have to, just revive The Adventure series. Reuse the formula, but spice it up. Make it feel just a little bit new. Maybe bring back the Chao garden with new features. Make it feel HD. (Unlike you did with SA2:HD…) I don’t hate change, but if change is clearly not working, you might have to take a step back.

  25. Naah….I’m still getting this game. :)

    because then there’s the idea that most other hardcore gamers like me can usually handle the most complicated of tactics in certain games much more easily then others with quick learning and good controls, depending on the player of course. For example, Allot of people who played Super Mario Sunshine kept complaining about how hard the corona mountain level was, saying that it took them more than ten times or more to pass it, when it only took me just one or two tries. And, believe it or not, I actually really enjoyed Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s cut (the gamecube revamp). I seriously had no Idea why everyone gave that one so much crap, I always thought it was the best sonic game next to sonic heroes.

    This person seems to complain more about the battle precisions and pacing more than anything else in this game. Both gaming elements that I can master cleverly, quickly and flawlessly with just enough figuring out. Which is why this guy’s view doesn’t convince me one bit.

  26. “When I completed my demo I asked one of the reps at BigRedDot if these levels were final and to my horror he acknowledged it with a firm yes. I’m worried what will become of Sonic Boom and if it does turn out to be the next Sonic 06,”

    Sorry, but the levels being confirmed doesn’t mean the mechanics will reflect the full game.
    Content in demos is always subject to change.

  27. People are dumb its wasn’t ment to be a fast pace like the old school sonic games more of adventure type sonic game its about exploring not speeding you’re way through stages if you dont like it dont buy it its simple as that

  28. WTH are anyone’s comments Serious about this SH* THOLE Reviewing a demo with the same “not Adventure” Bullcr*p, I mean some people are showing their concern for this idiot not being put on damaged brain medication but the others…
    The game is supposed to be a new start for Sonic but someone didn’t tell this brain damaged loser, one tip buddy, if you have mental issues don’t so a review.

  29. So that is 3 STRAIGHT EPIC FAIL cack Sonic games from Sega for Nintendo!!
    Sega please quit making utter shit and make a game that EVERYONE wants Shenmue 3!!
    Sega has wasted 4 year of their time making crap after crap Sonic games when they could have been focusing on Shenmue!!

  30. Okay nothing can be as bad as Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Unleashed (the Werehog levels). Will this be the best Sonic game? No that belongs to the first three games or Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. But I am willing to give it a chance.

  31. Its is a spin off after all so dont assume thats its for the hard core sonic fans. Its more for the kids who will watch sonic boom

  32. Doesnt really matter what other people say as.long as you enjoy enjoy.. dont.let “popular opinions” sway your “own opinion”..

  33. Well, it does look like shit ever since that first terrible dubstep trailer, I imagined it would be a shitty game.

    I’ll wait for the next real Sonic game made by Sonic team instead of these jokers at Big Red Button.

  34. Now. How can you say a game is bad…….when it’s not even out yet. I swear the Sonic Fan Base is the worst I have ever seen in my life. New game comes out “It sucks! I’m not buying it! I want SA3!” and all that crap. How about you get off your nostalgic drug, stop living in the past, and move on. We try to go one step forward but the fans want to go two steps back. Now I’m not saying every fan is like this. There are many out there that a willing to give the game a chance. But they are not heard because of the bad fans who just want the same game over, and over and over again. But I know my message won’t get anywhere (in fact why am I even putting energy into this) but I’m just saying what I think. And I do ask you, wait until the game comes out. I’m not saying it will be bad or good. No one can until it comes out. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Although I’m sure most of you do

    1. God, I can’t STAND fans like you who spout that old tired line “Wait until the game comes out”. You think you’re “good” fans just because you accept whatever garbage Sega spews out of their rumpus. Well, fans like myself are not afraid to criticize Sega when we have to, and it doesn’t mean we COMPLAIN all the time either.

      The writer played the demo and formed an opinion, which is what you’re SUPPOSED to do for demos! If a demo FAILS to impress you, then WHY should someone spend their good money on the final product? That’s like watching the trailer for Twilight and saying “Welp, it looks like the movie will suck but let me wait until the movie comes out and spend my money anyway.” Completely idiotic logic.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        This is why that one guy said making demos will keep your games from selling. If the demo is a small part of the actual game & the demo is fucking terrible, people won’t buy the game itself since the demo has shown them the game is shit.

      2. Oh sure, because the gaming Journalism (if this guy is one at all) is so believable nowadays. And besides, a fucking demo says bullshit about the ready game. Wait until the damn game is done, play it and then say what you think about it. Make your own opinion instead of following like a donkey the carrot. But people like you always do this, don’t you? Never use your own brain, because it could hurt. Gosh, I hate when people jabbering about stuff they don’t know but act like they saw and heard everything. Now this is completely idiotic logic.

    2. Yeah dude, everybody hated Colors and Generations, they were totally not well-received by both the critics and the Sonic fanbase. lol

  35. The game is not even out and people already bashing it because it looks different, talking about this dumb “Sonic Circle” and accusing Sega for making “a piece of shit game”. This is ridiculous on so many levels. Like I said, the game is not out, but people ranting.

    Yup, mankind gets dumber every year and fanboys even faster. As for me, I keep my judgment and will try it once the game is out or a demo is available. Seriously guys, just wait with your rants until you played the game by yourself.

    1. No, they’re bashing it because it looks like shit regardless of being different or not. The demo showcased some terrible graphics, the gameplay looks as repetitive and boring as a generic brawler could be, the speed sections look like bad Temple Run ripoffs and the dialogue is just cringe-worthy. Little to nobody who played this at E3 had positive impressions on it too, it just sucks.

  36. No. The last paragraph is wrong. It doesn’t bring Adventure feel. It brings Colors and Lost World feel. The characters have Colors and Lost World awful personalities. It’s so bad that even sites that were looking for Boom in the beginning advised the makers to have there a MUTE button to make the characters shut up.
    On the other hand, we heard NO memorable music or vocal theme, so maybe switching the sound entirely off wouldn’t be a bad thing to do. Even in the mentioned 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog, characters had better personalities. Yes, they didn’t talk much and most of them didn’t impact the story at all, which is an obvious flaw that should be fixed. However, they “fixed” it by dumbing the characters down and making them never shut up. Making them flanderized and forcing them to use their stupid humor every 5 seconds.
    I would buy this game, despite it is way too slow for a Sonic game. But this is a serious derailment.Sonic characters are supposed to be fast and cool. Not slow and sarcastic fags that are making fun of other people stupidity. THIS is what they mean by personality?

  37. I’ve played almost every single Sonic game made, and out of all the formulas used, the Adventure one was the best. The Classic games were fun and cute, but only a few were actually good, I did not like CD at all.
    The boosting games were extremely fun at first (in Unleashed), only because it was something new and fast paced, but quickly got old due to the lack of exploring and character choice it offered. Colors was not as fast and had way too much 2D while Generations had even more 2D and shortened levels.
    When they introduced lost world, I hoped that they would add in more characters as the gameplay was more in favor of them than the boosting. When that didn’t happen I lost interest.

    Out of all the classic games, I only found Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knux any fun in the classics, fighters and R where fun when not taken seriously.

    Adventure 1 and 2 were even better than those games, but after adventure 2, that’s when the games started sucking. Heroes was a game that I did not like, but overall it was not a bad game.

    Everyone claims that ’06 is the worst installment in the series, truth be told, I liked that game, I can easily list 10 other games in the series that are worse.

    When Boom was announced, I believed that this was the game to revive the series and was to be the game that was going to be the new definition of a pure sonic game…then the gameplay trailers came out…

  38. Sonic is dead. SEGA has driven this character into the dirt thanks to their poor writing, sense for detail, and new gameplay.

    Take Shadow the Hedgehog for example. Sure it’s the worse game ever, but if they had given it a few years, maybe like Skyrim or something, then they could have made the better connections to the stories, though I can’t say the same for their 4Kids voice actors. Seriously, the only good voice actor out the entire Sonic Team series is Eggman. I’m surprised that such a strong and talented voice such as that hasn’t found more opportunities.

  39. Any once again, the ugly head of the fucked up gaming journalism has lifted to spit its poison. Fuck VGS and this idiot, who lives back in the past. I don’t listen to what they think is a good game or not. I played Shadow the Hedgehog and liked it. I played Sonic 06 and liked it. I played Sonic Unleashed and liked it and I play Sonic Lost World and was happy with it. Fuck those idiots, who want to brainwash people with their hate. If you follow this idiots without making your own opinion of the subject, you are dumber as they believe you are. I wait for this game and I will give it a try. If I like it, I will buy it and let me tell you one thing; I’m a person who can tolerate a lot, even the new design for Sonic and Friends. But I don’t tolerate the whining trash that those bastards try to feed us.

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