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Nintendo’s New Development Building Is Now Open


Kyoto NP is reporting that Nintendo’s new development building is finally open for business. The building located near Minami-Ku, Kyoto will be where Nintendo hardware and software is produced. The company also said that it will promote the product development and initiative of next-generation game consoles. The total cost of the building is around 19 billion yen. Here’s what Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had to say, “We’ll be interacting more deeply with hardware development, but we’ll also be able to develop integrated software.”

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35 thoughts on “Nintendo’s New Development Building Is Now Open”

  1. Nintendo must have good money. Unless Sony that had to SELL two locations, and they’re still in the red.

        1. No shit but if nintendo lets this slip then they might as well just jump off a cliff. Do you know when auction will hit? Maybe iwata will be gone working at microsoft when auction starts. This is a must for nintendo and that alone will give wii u enough support with absolutely no 3rd party. It will be like rare in the n64 but less good but still would to great.

  2. Stupid iwata needs to go so bad, he sounds like he has no clue what he’s doing every time the dumbass talks.

    1. Iwata isn’t stupid, infact he’s one of the smartest people in the industry. He had a launch that didn’t go to plan and everything had taken longer than normal. Clearly done a fantastic job of DS and Wii and got the 3DS to be the best portable this generation and E3 shows a sign that he is making a big attempt to support the Wii U and hopefully it really does help it out.

      Silly to call him stupid, he just needs to prove himself by fixing the mistakes he made.

      1. The ds and wii would have sold regardless who was in charge, all iwata did was trash everything. He almost destroyed 3ds then he made the same exact damn mistakes again with wii u but even worse. He has no freaking clue what the industry is like or knows how anything works. He is lucky that nintendo has no competition in handhelds and has a automatic saving grace that is pokemon, the 3ds sells itself regardless.

        He needs to proof himself? He has had more chances than anybody else, he will never get it and he is a fail.

        He needs to go and the nintendrones are cancer to nintendo themselves for supporting trash.

        If you think iwata is good than dogshit must smell good. If iwata stays then you nintendo fanboys will just have it worse, you choose.

        1. The 3DS has competitions with handhelds example the iPhone. True it may not be dedicated but tell how many people do you see walking around or sitting on the subway with a 3DS compared to an iPhone.

    2. You have no clue what you are talking about. What part of that quotation makes it sound like he has no clue?

  3. “it will promote the product development and initiative of next-generation game consoles”

    Well that’s one good sign. I mean I can’t lie, They have great consoles, but both launch for Wii U and 3DS wasn’t that great so hopefully we wills see slight improvements and obviously this shows signs that Nintendo are not DOOMED! lol

    Just shame people will ignore this because people only like to post about bad news. People go nuts when Nintendo closes a building in Germany to just stick to one and it’s all over, but they have a new development building and most will probably ignore.

  4. Hopefully this means they’re expanding their developer teams, so they can produce games faster. I remember they talked about how the amount of work they had to put into a Wii U game (next generation game) was surprising, so expanding their teams, and probably creating a few more, would help them a lot!

    1. Don’t expect anything positive till that troll iwata leaves. Yes that man is the perfect definition of a troll.

      1. Iwata is the perfect definition of a normal man. He has done lots of great things for Nintendo, and while I didn’t like the DS/Wii generation, I love the Wii U/3DS generation this far. He saved Nintendo after the GCN! He has done a lot of mistakes too, and it would probably be good to get some new blood into Nintendo, mostly because their strategies are close-minded. I really like Iwata, though.

        And why don’t you have a account? Afraid to get banned as the bad troll you are? 2/10

    1. And that’s a problem because???? You haven’t figured it out that we actually LIKE mario and zelda

    1. I hope not. The great thing about Nintendo handhelds is that they offer exclusives & even the console-multiplats they receive can be unique, to the point they’re gameplay is entirely different. I for one do not want a portable console. & I also want to play console games w/ real thumbsticks. Battery life is another issue. So is lower techs specs breeding compensatory creativity.

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