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Ubisoft Discounts 17 Games On North American eShop, Plus More Titles From Other Devs

If you fancy grabbing a bargain today then look no further than the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Ubisoft has put 17 of its games up for sale including the critically acclaimed Rayman Legends and the immensely popular Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. The games will be available at this price point until July 7th.

3DS games on sale:

Wii U games on sale:


26 thoughts on “Ubisoft Discounts 17 Games On North American eShop, Plus More Titles From Other Devs”

  1. Assassin’s Creed IV is awesome! You’re basically getting 2 games in one for only $20.00. The single player campaign and the online multiplayer!

      1. It’s extremely downscaled compared to the HD versions. It’s the same game but with much lower resolution and horrible sound quality. Terrible port. Even the 3D for this game is bad. XD

  2. Oh how cool and what do we get in Europe? Oh right bandai namco summer sale with awesome 13/10 games like ben 10 and turbo… wheeee…

  3. Everyone, I highly suggest buying Assassin’s Creed IV. Literally my 2nd favorite open world game, coming behind Minecraft.

    I know, to you, it looks like “just another game.” However, it tells a great story, lets you do whatever you want, lets you act out how the character of Edward Kenway is, and most importantly, the customization is off the charts.

    So if you’re interested in a masterpiece of historical fiction, this game is definitely for you.

  4. Picked up Rayman 3D! Was actually looking to buy this game on the 3DS launch. Held back on it after I read it was a port of Rayman 2, which had already been ported numerous times over. Just a couple months was gonna buy for $25.00 , but $7.50? Had to! Hopefully I’m not disappointed(heard its supposed to be one of the ALL TIME platformers) never played Rayman before. Tried the origins demo, not for me!

    1. you insult people because in your opinion, we do not support 3rd parties, you bash the Wii U because in your opinion is a last gen console, and you wanna buy a 360 instead of a betabox 1?:
      as Homer Simpson said: ” in theory. In theory, communism works. In theory”
      when i read of assassin’s creed: black flag, i only can think in one thing…
      the cool people on this site gave me reasons to laugh:

  5. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    F*ck I hated playing halo multiplayer online lots of cheaters, lots of switch laggers bunch of cheaters on xbox360
    I hated the gamers/players on the xbox360, did Microsoft do something about those cheaters? We’ll
    Enough said too late now stop playing online games on the xb360 along time ago

  6. considering Rayman Legends. I hear (and believe) it is great. but at nearly 7 gigs and no external hard drive, is it worth it? i only have about 18 gigs left.

  7. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    A damn shame my interest in Rayman Legends & ZombiU has been curb stomped by time & by Ubisoft being dickheads. I was interested in Code of Princess but lost interest in it rather quickly. This price drop, though, might give me a reason to give this game a second look. I MIGHT give ZombiU a chance. I’ll have to confer with another person who also plays my Wii U. If they are interested in it, I will get the game. This way, if I don’t like the game & can’t get any enjoyment out of it, it won’t be a total waste of money since at least someone else who plays my Wii U will be able to enjoy it.

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