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Nintendo UK Uploads Two Pokemon Art Academy Videos For Xerneas And Yveltal

Nintendo UK has uploaded two new speed drawing videos for Pokemon Art Academy. If you’ve always fancied yourself as a budding artist, are a professional, or simply a beginner looking for something new, Pokemon Art Academy features a host of lessons and over 100 different Pokemon pictures to draw.

In the video above, you can check out a free-hand drawing of legendary X and Y Pokemon, Xerneas, along with a drawing of Yveltal in the video here, using different techniques. Pokemon Art Academy releases for Europe on July 4, while North American 3DS and 2DS users will receive it later in the year.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Uploads Two Pokemon Art Academy Videos For Xerneas And Yveltal”

    1. I managed to accurately recreate the mona lisa using art academy and sell it for millions. You should have a go too!

  1. but how to left handed people control the left circle pad while painting? does it support the circle pad pro?

  2. anything that has a pokemon sells like hot cakes. let me guess this will sell 10 milllion just because kids will want to draw their favorite pokemon. at this point gamefreak doesn’t even need to try to produce a decent game or market is well. one trailer makes the kid “i gotta catch them all”. too bad digimon never was successful enough to trash pokemon :'(

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        1. “i respect everyone. i even respect osama bin ladin. i dont hate what people enjoy clown”, if you respect everyone, why the heck you call me clown?, why the heck you call people retard?, and why the heck you say that people should not buy Nintendo products if you say you do not hate what people enjoy?!.
          is Luther King overrated?, no, he fought for what is good and we all respect him. If you do not like when people gets respect, that is your problem.
          how does it feel to be butthurt?

          1. you trashed talk ubisoft and other devs. doesn’t nintendo desever to be trashed talked. you apprently love trash talk me and other people also… . i respect martin luther king because he’s a hero but their are other people who did heroic things. like the wright brothers and gandi.

        2. “i respect everyone” and you call everyone who don’t agree with you “social rejects”, LIAR!!!!

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      I dunno, I suck at art but apparently you do not need to be Picasso in order to play this game
      I’m gonna get it

  3. i weird how you can just purchase a regular act academy for a cheap price insteasd wasn’t money on this just because it says pokemon on the label.

  4. Nintendo is my Blood

    Shut up Narutard

    Silvershadowfly has already told sickr to ban your ass

    crying begin in 3…2…1…

    1. i really dont know why silvershadofly deleted that comment. i never insulted martin luther king neither was i ever being racist. i dont what to bring it up anyway.

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