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Project Cars Coming November, Distributed By Bandai Namco

Leading video game publisher and developer Bandai Namco Games. today proudly announced a worldwide distribution agreement with Slightly Mad Studios on Project CARS, coming on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and PC starting November 2014.

Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet.
Crowd-funded by a passionate community that has been involved in the development process throughout to create their ultimate racing experience, Project CARS allows you to create a driver, pick from a huge variety of motorsports, and shift into high gear to chase a number of Historic Goals and ultimate recognition in the Hall Of Fame. Then test your skills online either in competitive fully-loaded race weekends, leaderboard-based time challenges, or continually-updated community events – sometimes for real-world prizes.

Featuring the largest track roster of any recent racing game with a ground-breaking dynamic time of day & weather system, world-class graphics and handling, deep tuning & pit stop functionality, and support for Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, Project CARS leaves the competition behind in the dust.

“We are tremendously happy to be collaborating with Slightly Mad Studios on this promising title, in which community expectations are fusing with racers expertise to craft the next generation of simulation!” said Alberto González Lorca, VP Third Parties, Bandai Namco Games Europe.

“With a portfolio of prestigious, popular, and iconic titles under their wing, Bandai Namco are the perfect partners to bring our pioneering community-driven game to players around the world.” said Ian Bell, Head Of Studio, Slightly Mad Studios.

190 thoughts on “Project Cars Coming November, Distributed By Bandai Namco”

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      2. If that was the case, then why did the company who created Project Cars only praising the Wii U version most of the time? Sounds to me like it’ll be more on par with the other versions… Also, PC version is superior in graphics than the Xbox One and PS4,Wii U is superior in gameplay than the PS4 and Xbox One.

        Also, I’m guessin you’re butthurt because they cancelled the PS3/Xbox Last Gen60 versions XD

      1. Nintendo “fanboys” only buy a game, if its worth the money. This sounds very promising- if they don`t scrap it and WiiU does indeed have gamepad-features, then Nintendofans will get it. Just that simple. Like with every game. And i speak for milions of nintendofans. Thats why we like about games: Being perfect and a diamond. A game you will never ever sell again, cause you are going to play it looooong after you bought it. Again: If its worth the money, its sold. If not, then not.

        Just ask yourself why “Need for Speed MW WiiU” had mediocre sales. Should i tell you? Cause the game itself is crap. Yes, it is a good port. But being a good port of a stinking, boring game alone does not help sales. Thats why it sold so mediocre. Most Nintendofans knew it was crap and like the same Need for Speed all years before- and so they didn`t buy it. Nintendoland is not the platform, where you can shit a bunch of crap like Call of Duty on it and hope it sells. Nintendoland is where the clever gamers are. They only give you the money, if the software is worth the money!

        1. I only got Most Wanted U because I enjoyed the original & it’s fun to drive around an open world since we don’t have a Grand Theft Auto game on the system to do such a thing. But it sucks that the game got rid of the damn story & that DLC that I would gladly buy if it was vehicles I liked & wanted like say the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman movies. And I wanted to support the developers that went against their own bosses to give the game great graphics. If EA had their way, that port would have been canned. But I also wish I had waited til the game’s price lowered since it was missing some awesome shit from the original Most Wanted. Funny thing is I haven’t even touched the game in a while.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      It’s coming to PC so you can by it there when you have yours, problem solved…

          1. I am no kid! I prefer the term “teen”. :P I am actually very patient, but I’m getting this stuff in a set order. First PS3, then PS4, then PC. Ya see, PC is last. I can’t wait that long. Lol.

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    2. Fuck Ubiliars. We got a real next gen racing game coming for Wii U besides MK8. :3

      We don’t need their garbage and BS “support” lies anymore.

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    The picture above appeals to me, everything that is dark and rainy has my vote…

    1. Yes. These guys have proved their worth on supporting Wii U compare to the rest of the 3rd party jackasses.

      All Wii U owners: We must buy Project Cars and show these guys our gratitude for making an equally build game that truly unleashes our beloved syetem at full power that’ll shut the most idiotic haters and doubters up about Wii U being “weak”

  2. I need to know the specs for the Wii U version, I have a PS4 too. If way better specs on PS4 plus Project Morpheus might have to get it on PS4. if not dramatic will get on the Wii U.

    1. What do you mean the specs? XD You already know how the order goes. The PS4 version will be the second best behind PC, Xbox One will be a little less than PS4, and the Wii U version will claim it’s place as third. Just get whatever version you want. It’ll look great on either one.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Not sure about that, the developer did mention the Wii U version will do something with the gamepad exclusively.

          1. I will wait till it comes out then, to see what the gamepad functionality is.
            Who knows how much Project Morpheus is going to cost anyways.

          2. …and not only that, the developers also said, that WiiU-version will have best physics- nearly pc-like physics and they are only going to use 4 cpu-cores of PS4 (as they are so slow and it doesn`t make sense to use 6 cores if you can use 4 of them clocked higher). WiiU by far has the best cpu of all three NG-consoles now.

    2. …and not only that, the developers also said, that WiiU-version will have best physics- nearly pc-like physics and they are only going to use 4 cpu-cores of PS4 (as they are so slow and it doesn`t make sense to use 6 cores if you can use 4 of them clocked higher). WiiU by far has the best cpu of all three NG-consoles now.

  3. this wont even look like that good on the wii u and besides there’s games like drive club and the crew that have better graphics than this. it looks like they drown graded the graphics just for wii u.

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      Still talking shit, dumbass? Apparently you didn’t play Most Wanted U on the Wii U. The graphics for that game were fucking spectacular. Then again, you probably thought it looked ugly with your worthless eyes.

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            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              That’s what our empire and the Valve Republic stand for, pure entertainment…

                1. … Yet you constantly tell us that the Xbox One is more powerful and the Wii U is weak…. OH THE FUCKING HYPOCRISY!

                  1. XD OMG. I can’t stand stupid people like that.

                    If X1 > Wii U in power, why games like Watchdogs and Deadrising 3 on Xbox One keeps getting downgraded to pissy 729p UPSCALED with framerates dropping like rain while MK8 on Wii U achieved between 720p-1080 NATIVE at 60FPS?

                    Explain that shit Mr. XDork (Sasori)

        3. I know I make some typos and my grammar is not perfect either but using the wrong words kind of bothers me.

          Seen.. I think that was the word you were looking for, not scene. Have yet to be scene makes no sense.

      2. @Tallon Right you are. But the Wii U version got screwed over because EA didn’t port over the awesome DLC was later put into it. One of those DLC’s was extra gameplay content! I’d rather have that airport DLC than the extra cars they put in. That’s BS. :/ And @Sasori Get a PC then if you want graphics. Also, the game isn’t coming to Xbox 360, so you have no choice but to get the Wii U version. LOL. And it’s also kind of hypocritical of you to say Drive Club looks better and has better graphics even though that’s a PS4 game. You like Xbox though!

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          I’m going to have to remove Tallon from my name, aren’t I, so people will call me by Ridley. lol Anyway, I know. EA is still apparently upset over Nintendo telling them no with Origin being put into Nintendo’s online infrastructure. And now they finally made up an excuse as to why they haven’t supported the 3DS lately. Not like they were truly supporting it to begin with, though, with their unfinished games.

          1. nope ea isn’t even upset about the origin thing because we know it’s better than that e shop. it because wii u has bad cpu, inferior gpu and apu. bad disc diver speed and terrible online infarstructure. ea pretty much doesn’t even need to bother with the wii u since ps3 and xbox 360 are better.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              xD Don’t respond to me with your pathetic damage control for EA’s bullshit. We all know EA is full of shit. They’ve been full of it & themselves for the last half a decade now. But I know you like the taste of EA’s ass since you probably gobble their shit as it comes out.

                1. Your disguise is the worst I’ve seen since Team Rocket Sasori.

                  What fans always say to Kurt Angle: YOU SUCK!

                2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  >.< I'm sort of proud of you, sasori. You can actually spell worth a damn when you want to & not have any other grammatical errors. *claps* You're still an dumbass, though. lol

            2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Nope origin is terrible, I tried it, any person with sense understands that. Besides you have no proof other than your made up stories of bullshit. Clearly eShop is better and you are butthurt and still sexist.

            3. Right and I’m loving Uplay for having so many crashes and shit.

              Seriously, stop giving EA endless free blowjobs. Its bad for your mouth and business. lol

            4. Are you still confusing APU with CPU… *face palm*

              APU uses its own integrated graphics chip and it’s able to do two tasks at once (CPU and GPU) whilst on the over hand you have the CPU which only does one task.

              Seriously dude, you are basically damage control in human form. Ea ARE still upset with Nintendo for not using origins which has some of the worst servers in history.

              Also, bad disc drive? I think you’re confusing it with the disc munching Xbox One disc driver. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

    2. Today you are a douche and today you shall be verbally kicked the shit out of. Maybe tomorrow you will learn, although unlikely, we can only hope

    3. Actually, in the trailer they showed off some gameplay of the Wii U version with only less grass and it STILL looks as good as the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions, plus, the polls are more in favour of the Wii U version than the PS4 and Xbox One version seeing how more people would rather play it on the Wii U (1st Place), Steam OS and Windows (2nd & 3rd Place) whilst the PS4 and Xbox One are down in 4th and 5th place.

  4. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    I thought this game was skipping Wii U. Maybe I have it confused with another racing game like The Crew, for instance. Whatever, doesn’t matter. If that’s actual gameplay from that youtube video, I’m definitely going to get this game for my Wii U. I should really unlock everything in Mario Kart 8 & Need for Speed: Most Wanted U before this game comes out or otherwise I’ll never finish them, especially NFS:MWU.

    1. No. Not this game and indeed its coming for Wii U as fully supported so when this game lands, I hope at least more than half or Wii U owners will buy this as our thanks to bringing a true, fully featured and built 3rd party game.

    1. If Wii U version looks EXACTLY like that, I would so love to hear what the haters like Sasori are gonna say after this game unleashing Wii U at its max, thus proving its power once and for all. :3

  5. They support Nintendo so we are going to support project cars… And I’m a great fan of racing games, got need for speed most wanted u, but EA show his real self soon after…

    1. I have a feeling that the Wii U version isn’t gonna sell that great compared to the other ones. I mean, November? By that time: Watch Dogs will be here. Bayonetta 2 AND 1 will be here. Hyrule Warriors will be here. *possibly* Captain Toad. ((That other game called The Crew will been here coughcough)) Destiny will be here. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be here. (They haven’t announced a U version, so I guess they’re giving up too) Far Cry 4 will be here. The Masterchief (Halo) Collection will be here. (And probably 5 too) Dying Light will be here? 3DS will already have Smash Bros. The list goes on and on. Also, November is Pokémon’s month! *sigh*

      1. They put a poll some time ago on their page asking on which console ppl would buy the game, and the Wii U received the most votes…

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I think most intelligent Nintendo fans will choise Project Cars instead of Watch Dogs…

        I know I will…

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          ^^I’ll wait for Watch_Dogs to be sold used. Or I’ll rent it by actually getting a Gamefly account. If I rent it & the game is superb with as little glitches as possible, I might actually buy the game for full price. But that’s if I don’t beat the game while renting a copy of it from Gamefly. xD

        2. Definitely. Not only they fucked us again by delaying a completed game like Rayman but after seeing what a clusterfuck Watchdogs; lying about delivering its so called great “next gen” promise by restricting us from punching anybody…

          Watchdogs now doesn’t deserve to exist on Wii U and IDC about the morons wanting to buy this thinking its a good game and believing its the only way to make the 3rd party keep supporting us…by gimping more games on Wii U for the future. Fucking retards.

          Anyway, this game is far more deserving of our respect and money than any trash Ubiliars or EA decides to throw at us as baits for our quick cash so they can keep buying condoms to continue fucking us clean.

      3. Nobody is gonna buy Crapdogs on Wii U anyway and PKMN is on 3DS, Destiny isn’t coming for Wii U (if it does, I’m buying that too) and WTF cares about COD anymore besides kids raised by dumbass parents?

        Project Cars on Wii U will surely do just fine since these guys have shown the most support in a multiplat game so we must repay them for it since they deserve it.

        1. Fast Racing Neo will also be there by november on WiiU. A F-Zero like racing-game with 4&8k textures, 8x AF (said Shinen a few days ago), with 60 frames and at least 720p resolution (upscaled to 1080p) and with very good and nice gameplay.

    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I would have gladly bought DLC for Most Wanted U if EA wasn’t being immature. I don’t think I even want to see the Need for Speed movie because of EA’s bullshit.

    1. No. He killed himself by calling Luther King overrated and he’s black himself.

      He is so fucked up, I hope somebody finds his ass and kick the shit out of him for saying that.

  6. i don’t like racing-games but nevertheless i will buy it for wiiu, just because they’re supporting it and they’re willing to make good games for the console.

    1. I know how you feel about games like this. But netherless, if this game is fun on Wii U, it deserves all of our thanks by buying it.

  7. Game looks stunning. If it lives up to its hype I will be getting this for Wii U on release day.

  8. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I’m sure it’s already confirmed or not but will this game have online multiplayer?…

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Nevermind, I just re-read it and must have missed the “competitive” part…

  9. I’ll support this on Wii U thank you very much November is my birthday anyway I’m getting $200 in the end of July I all ready own a PS3 and sasori didn’t get a Xbox 360 yet hahahhahha!!

    1. I’m supporting them too. They have shown great dedication to Wii U so far and they deserve our respect unlike Ubiliars and Electronic Assholes.


  11. pink0crystal0midbus

    I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while now. Glad I get to pick it up in my birthday month!!!

  12. This games shows many promises and if Wii U looks THAT good, it’ll finally and jopefully shut all the whining dumbasses up (Sasori) about Wii U being “inferior”; like we all heard this story before from last gen.

    Anyway, I’m so buying this game and I urge everyone who owns and RESPECTS (not Sasori) Wii U will show our gratitude for giving us true 3rd party support and go flip the bird on Ubidorks and Electronic Assclowns.

    1. I completely agree. Finally a title which will show the Wii U is more than a match for the competition. And this should finally silence all the stupid media journalists jumping on the “Wii U is doomed” bandwagon.

      Full support from me and hopefully from others too. If we get behind this title we should get other third parties in the future. Not ea crap though. Never will they receive my hard earned English pounds.

      1. This game is what 3rd party support should have been generations ago.

        Instead of relying on all third parties, let Nintendo hand pick the best and kick Ubibitches and EA to the curb where they belong.

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  14. This is how it will be.. I believe (hope)..
    Xbox n ps4 versions will be downgraded pc ports, as they are low end pc’s. The wii u version has been in development for a very long time (longest?) and hopefully they can fully use the potential somewhat unusual hardware layout. The game wont be a lazy 360 port… It will be coded for the wii u, which is unusual for third party games (has there been any?).

    1. I think the PS4 and Xbox One versions are going to be a Wii U port instead and if that’s the case…. Wii U version already wins, amazing graphics, superior gameplay and all on a more affordable console.

  15. Can’t wait to get this on my PS – Wii U XD
    Fuck the PS4 at this point!
    Wii U seems to be the only console that has games that are worth a damn

    1. Besides, with PS4/One mimicking PC, why need any of those two anyway when ALL OF THE GAMES are gonna be on PC too?

      Wii U is the only true next gen gaming console out there while Sony & Microsoft are busy having a penis measuring contest when PC already won.

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