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SEGA To Release Enhanced Version Of Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 For Western 3DS

SEGA has announced it will release an enhanced version of the popular Japanese game Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 for western gamers on the Nintendo 3DS. Currently under a working title, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Remix is set to launch in 2015 for North America and Europe.

The rhythm game – which is developed by Crypton Future Media – will mark the first appearance of the Hatsune Miku franchise on a Nintendo platform outside of Japan, as well as making it the first localisation of a Project Mirai game in the west.

Project Mirai Remix will feature two different rhythm game modes, along with three difficulty levels per song. Check out the video above for a quick look at the game, as well as the press release information below.

Hatsune Miku: Project MIRAI Remix features characters rendered in beautiful stereoscopic 3D, with two different rhythm game modes (button and touch) and three difficulties per song. Players will enjoy a highly customizable experience with user customization options for button icons and sounds, character costumes and gear for the character rooms.

Players can create and share personalized player cards that show off who you are as well as create customized dance routines to the songs, your own musical phrase and personalized comments about their favorite in-game videos, all via StreetPass™. The game also utilizes the AR card and photo capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS to bring characters to life in 3D.

“Hatsune Miku’s popularity in the West keeps growing, and we are proud to support such an amazing franchise with our games,” said John Cheng, President and COO, SEGA of America.

62 thoughts on “SEGA To Release Enhanced Version Of Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 For Western 3DS”

  1. It’s not gonna sell that well. People over here don’t care about singing. They wanna see chopped off heads and shiny guns. XD

    1. nope, there’s about of miku fangirls and social rejects i know that like these miku games that sega rehashes alot in a year. most of these fans are on the psv and ps3.

      1. “i don’t hate everybody” and starts calling people “social rejects”
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        my dearest friend Cometa told you yesterday that you should burn your wii u and show us that you’re a real “man”, but you’re a spoiled brat and i’m sure you won’t burn your wii u because you’re scared of your parents, don’t sell your wii u burn it nobody wants a console that has been touched by a brockebackk gorilla who spent his time fapping all the day.

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      3. “fangirls and social rejects”.
        and what about the social reject that said “Martin Luther King is overrated”. Do not bash the girls!

      4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        You say you don’t hate anyone, yet you compared fangirls to social rejects like yourself.
        You said no third party other than Nintendo rehashes, and now your saying Sega rehashes.
        Exposed double time.

    2. The games on Vita sold very, very well in Europe and America so this will do very, very well too. And not to girls and social rejects as that clueless muppet claims.

  2. how many miku games sega spit out in a year. as much as how t&t produces soo many lego games.

    1. Well, there’s the one that came out for ps3 and vita last year, and they plan on releasing the sequel to that this year. This game is coming out next year. So, I guess one a year to answer your question. Doesn’t seem like that many to me, since it’s just a rhythm game.

  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    It seems as though our empire wants to spread the “Karaoke” phenomenon in Japan to the west…

    Sorry but that was popular in like the 80’s or something, not now…

    We need great games, not singing crap that anyone can do for free…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            First I’m a fanboy and now I’m a phony, clearly you trolls don’t know what you are talking about…

            1. It’s pretty much been proven you’re a fanboy already, seeing as how you choose to waste most of your time on one of the WORST Nintendo forums filled with more Nintendo bashers than fans, some of the bashers are even Nintendo fans in disguise (Not Nintendo fanboys) they secretly like Nintendo and even own a wiiu…. but where is your wiiu?

                1. You should really rephrase that comment, “Good job we’re the MyNintendonews forum then – We love to be writing for one of the worst. It would make more sense that way.

                    1. Doesn’t seem that way to me. I lost all respect for this site do to terrible moderation.
                      You were the only one on this site that i wouldn’t mind reading from or that i’d have any issue with, because you were kind and nice even towards addressing an issue with someone. But now, not only are Nintendo bashers, and fanboys of microsoft and sony are running amok, but these horrible Nintendo fanboys are just like them… It’s a shame. The only decent people on this site are video game fans in general now.

                      1. I’m sorry you feel that way. On the days I do work for this site, I try my best to moderate the comments as much as I can. I think I’ve been more actively commenting in the past few weeks than I have in the year or so I’ve been a reporter, and that’s due to the comment moderation issues we’ve been having.

                        As I’ve said to many other readers, doesn’t support the Disqus comment system – though we’ve badgered them about it many times. If they did, the moderation for comments would be much tighter. It’s not through a lack of trying, so please bear that in mind. I may not actively engage with readers all the time, but I’m always listening – or reading in this case. :)

                        1. oh i see ;^-^)\ i’m very sorry about that. I’m not normally one to complain about moderation, most of the time i just read the news and go on about my day, but sometimes when i see people aren’t being reasonable i just… i don’t, but i was very rude, but thank you for being understanding and kind again. ^-^
                          At least i can look forward to the news still, and look forward to your posts, and comments now and than. ^-^

                          1. Not a problem. I understand we all need to vent from time to time. Some features and more reviews on the way soon! Thanks for the kind words too, much appreciated. :)

                  1. Just because Nintendo Commander Quadraxis loves Nintendo doesn’t mean he has to love every genre of game on a Nintendo system. I consider myself a fanboy, but even I hate some games, such as Metroid.

            2. Just because it isn’t the type of game you enjoy doesn’t mean it’s crap ? There are millions of people who do enjoy rythm games, so you’re basically insulting all of them for being into the genre. Besides, developers put both effort and time into these games, so who are you to look down on them like that ?
              Seriously, you need to learn to show some respect.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I wasn’t talking about this game at all…

                And this was meant as a reply to HollowGrapeJ…

                1. Oooh, I see. Just saw in another comment of yours that you’re having problems with the website.
                  Apologies if I’ve done you any injustice then. (:

            3. Karaoke? Do you even know what karaoke is? There’s no karaoke in this game. This is a rhythm game just letting you know since i’m pretty sure you didn’t read the article and didn’t do any research at all. It may not be a great game but its a pretty solid game in which it offers challenging gameplay and a lot of replay value.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Read another comment I made a bit lower, I’m having some problems with the site right now, some comments don’t appear until several minutes later and replis didn’t seem to even be posted earlier…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    More like Wii U Karaoke and similar…

                    Wii Music is somewhat better but still just not good enough…

                    1. Wii Karaoke U…isn’t that the game that came with that mic and it came out on the same as the wii u?

            4. It’s not sinngingn, it’s rhythm action. If you’re gonna slag the game off – a game you’ve never played – at least know what you’re talking about otherwise you look as clueless as that Sasori muppet.

          2. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

            It’s about damn time. I was starting to think we’d never get it. I can finally stop coveting that PS3 game. It was good of sega, but their movements are still too slow for my taste.

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          4. Nobody will but this game except for little girls where are the good games at games like fire emblem the only good game coming to 3ds is smash bros man the 3ds is getting crap games this year the best year for 3ds was 20012 and 2013 this year sucks for 3ds in North america where’s forbidden magna and final fantasy explores thoes games look cool and this game looks gay

          5. JustWannaPlayGames

            Been hearing alot about these games. Glad they’re coming westside so I can check them out.

          6. I’ll probably buy it, despite the fact that it looks really easy (hoping that it’s only showing the lowest difficulty on this trailer) and while I’m supposed to think that the chibi versions of the vocaloids are cute, I don’t care much for chibi’s, kinda just everyone look like a bunch of fat kids. Regardless, if it means bringing something Hatsune over here, I’ll get it.

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