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Yokai Watch 2 Japanese Nintendo Direct Will Air On July 4

Nintendo Japan has revealed it will air a special Nintendo Direct for upcoming RPG Yokai Watch 2. The ghost-hunting title is set to release in Japan on July 10 for the Nintendo 3DS, plus an exclusive Yokai Watch-themed 3DS LL will also coincide with the game’s launch.

With the series’ first game, Yokai Watch, selling consistently in the Japanese video game charts, it’s no surprise Nintendo will air a Direct for the game that’s managed to shift over one million copies since its release. And considering Level-5 could be localising the game for western audiences, it may be worth checking out. Japan’s Yokai Watch 2 Direct will take place on Friday, July 4 at 6pm (JST) / 10am (BST) / 11am (CET) / 6am (ET) / 2am (PT). You can watch the Direct when it airs, here.

11 thoughts on “Yokai Watch 2 Japanese Nintendo Direct Will Air On July 4”

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Yeah, Yokai are mythical demons of Japanese lore, supposed to be cool

      but where do I start, I see 2 cats, a block thing? Some weird Shiftry wannabe, a big mouthed ghost, a duck thing that looks like Lotad on drugs and… that freaky ass goat thing…

      the goat reminds me of sasori in a way

      1. I’m guessing you haven’t watched much anime. XD Dude, this is normal compared to most other. I’d definitely buy if it ever got localized.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Yeah, I don’t watch much anime, kinda don’t like some of the stuff
          I watched this this called plastic nee-san or something like that
          and I was like “nope, nope, nope, nope”

          plus look what it did to sasori, warped his tiny little mind

          though I did enjoy Dragon Ball Z

  1. Ugh, looks like a game that nobody gives a thing about. Come on Ninty, announce a DIRECT already, not this! I wanna see people react to Choir Boys getting confirmed please. And I’m glad the E3 interviewing is finally finished, because those got ANNOYING, ”Reggie this and Myamoto that”. Why can’t you ask for HELL VALLY SKY TREES?!

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