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Here’s The Launch Trailer For Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Drinkbox Studios has released the launch trailer for Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. Set in a magical Mexican-inspired world, the title is an expanded version of the original action-platformer. It features new areas, a bonus boss, extra abilities and additional enemies. The game is now available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

22 thoughts on “Here’s The Launch Trailer For Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition”

      1. also tis game is so full of stereotypes that I am shocked nobody complained. Glad to see people not acting overly sensitive for once.

        1. Chozodian Emissary

          What’s great about this game is that it pays so much respect to Mexican culture and ancestry. I’ve heard a few call it racist but it’s far from it. The dev team consists of Mexican dudes who grew up and lived in areas of Mexico that inspired the level design for this game. They lovingly crafted the world within this game and added various Nintendo references along with all the cultural references. I’m really digging this game.

      2. If you have to pay for something, like Xbox Live Gold, that “free” game isn’t exactly free. But @ least if your subscription expires or is cancelled you can still play ’em.

  1. Wish I could get around to indies, but I’m too busy focusing on Wii U and 3DS retail games. I got Shovel Knight and Shantae on my radar though. :)

    1. When is shantae the pirates curse coming out I been waiting so long to play that game I I downloaded shantae 2 pretty fun game there’s so many abilities and special power’s you can get I have the fire balls and the beam and some other ones I can’t remember what they are I need to finish that game

      1. Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse is slated for a late summer release. I’m assuming sometime between August and September.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Only Shantae I have played is the GB version, Although I think they did a fantastic job with the graphics, so detailed with all of Shantae’s movements and dances
          I felt they didn’t explain how to play, I mean is whipping her hair the only attack you can use? I think it is too close range so does it extend further
          otherwise? that is about the only thing wrong with the game, for me at least

    2. Chozodian Emissary

      I definitely recommend this one! Metroidvania at it’s finest with a brawler combo fighting system, plus all the incredible Mexican cultural and ancestral references! You’ll find Metroid, Mario, and Zelda references too.

  2. This game is for people who like overused memes like the cake is a lie and all the image macros with “hilarious” faces and text.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Dude, everyone on this site has “overused” memes

      Nintendo fans practically live by the meme :My body is ready”
      and the trolls live by “Please understand”

        1. I have called your bluff, queer! You have yet to refute the claim…..take that back….the FACT!

          You and that bitch are one in the same!

          Elite Stapler is triumphant once again!!!
          Bow, flamer, bow!

  3. An incredible game, first time I play it, and I’m fascinated, highly recommended and full of references to other games (zelda, megaman, mario). Many people complained that it is an old game, or it’s free on other consoles, but I say if you’ve played, or you have it free on another console and you will never play it, good for you, go hug your father or mother or do something better than come and post useless and nonsense comment just because this amazing game is just released on WiiU.

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