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Nintendo Is A Sponsor For EVO 2014

Nintendo is currently listed as a sponsor for this year’s EVO tournament. The Kyoto based company joins other established companies such as Twitch and IGN in sponsoring the annual event. The Evolution Championship Series sees gamers participate in bouts of acclaimed fighting titles such as Super Smash Bros Melee and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Thanks, Seanacity and White Eagle

55 thoughts on “Nintendo Is A Sponsor For EVO 2014”

  1. That’s good. Nintendo is always looking to improve the gaming experience of those around us so I trust their judgement. I’m looking forward to some hefty donations and a lot of melee gaming!

    1. well Nintendo has historically been against the competitive scene, especially for smash. Just read about EVO 2013 and what they tried to do.

      Needless to say, this is unusual for Nintendo

      1. I definitely do remember that and those were dark times for Nintendo. Good thing they were overpowered that time as I was actually rooting against them :o

            1. Saying “hey, put our logo on the event sponsors or you will not be permitted to show footage of our game” is free and it’s sponsoring.

  2. Uhh hello! I’m hapy to here this because nintendo nedes to ambrase the compeitive gamers and tournyments! i wish two play at EVO 1 yeer! its a dreme of mine :)

    1. I hope you are able to achieve it! I love competing in tournaments as well, but just fighting through Wifi is good enough at this point. Especially with the rankings that the new Smash Bros will have

  3. I love watching Melee/Project M matches, so I’m glad Nintendo is sponsoring this as opposed to rejecting it like last year.

    1. Oh you and your Battlefield Bore…. I can remember when you said PC gaming sucked yet your still going on about BF3?

      Kind of exposed yourself there, you’re not even trying anymore

  4. Hope that Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike returns to evo some day… Love playing it! So freaking good!

      1. I’m asking because I have something special I want to share with sasori. Something to show him just how much I don’t care.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Just go to your vid on Youtube and click I believe Share just below the vid but above the comments, you can copy that link code and viola

          personally, I love how well this videos sums up my feelings for sasori “Narutard” Obinna mii or whatever, for best results, start at 0:23

          1. Btw on the first vid Chun vs Makoto im the Chun but for some reason it says that im the Makoto player. And on the second vid im the Sean player.

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  6. Can’t wait for this year’s EVO.
    Nintendo has been showing up a will to focus a little more on the competitive side of their games. Pokémon, Mario Kart, Smash,…
    Being the sponsor of the biggest fighting community event is a good ad for them.

  7. Nintendo Commander Phazon

    Looks like the competive players will get their copy of Super Smash Bros U this holiday.

  8. Cool, Nintendo is supporting the hardcore smash players, play with shitty rules. Fun. Hey. Nintendo, how about starting a trend? Have a PR rep. come out and request they use the Invitational rules for all smash competitions, and then it wouldnt be really shit.

    1. Why do we play games? Games are for many a simple way to escape the ways of reality. To open a world of new situations and possibilities with you (the player) as the focus of the adventure. For many, the answer for them is that it is simply fun. For me, it has been much more than that.

      Being the gamer I am, I try to think of myself as the same type of gamer everyone else is, someone who simply enjoys games. But my life has never been the life a gamer would dream of having. When I was young I was a rather difficult child to deal with. My mind would always be somewhere else other than where it needed to be, I was always thinking. At the same time, I wasn’t always thinking the right thing. I was a stubborn child, and a sore loser in my early elementary years. Looking back I hated the way I acted sometimes. I wasn’t very open to people at times when I was at such a young age. But that is not to say I didn’t care for people, I would often want to cheer people up when sad and wanted to help when help was needed. I was often my mothers snuggler (she wouldn’t breath if that were the case now). But things would go down hill.

      When I was in third grade, I would often get picked on. I was an easy target for bullying. I was shy, not very talkative and was not very good at communicating with other people. It wasn’t until I got beat up on a soccer field by two fifth graders in third grade that I was taken out of my public school to be home schooled. As well my teacher disliked me so it was for the best. After beating the rest of 3rd grade from home school I was later transferred to a new school. My mom didn’t have the time to homeschool me anymore and thought it was for the best knowing it was montessori . And she was right, the style of teaching was much better for me, and my Teacher was super nice to me and some what understood the issues I had.

      During the year of fourth grade I was tested to be diagnosed with Autism, more specifically as-burgers ( basically a mental disease). It stopped me from doing stuff in life. It made me do rituals that I thought were necessary to make myself feel emotionally happy. Such as if I don’t rub the doorknob to the point where I thought it felt right then I would get emotionally depressed. This stopped me from daily things and I hated it. It is like thinking you have to smoke without ever being able to get it out of your system. It sucked to have to live with it and I still have issues now. I had my troubles but I was able to last because of the mososory of the school. But it would not last long. After fifth grade I was moved to middle school with the montessori gone. From there, everything went downhill. The scheduling, the teachers, the teaching methods, the stress and my coping did not mix well. In most cases I would rebel against my teachers and their methods, and I would get in trouble for doing so. The stress came upon me more and more each day, with my rituals to put me in an even harder state. My body was not ready for anything. I was emotionally depressed, each day got worse and worse. I didn’t have anything to look forward to. It got to the point where I would cry at night. My autism didn’t like me, and I didn’t like my autism. The only thing I would try to make myself feel better with it was trying to tell myself Einstein had autism and that autism allows you to think of things no one else is capable of thinking. This didn’t help as there was no way for me to express what I wanted to express like Einstein. I felt trapped in my own world of misery. I got to the point of thoughts of suicide. I would even wonder if anyone would care if I died.

      At this point I gave up in trying. I let my depression completely take over me by 7th grade. I always frowned, I always did what my teachers said. I never asked why, I never thought of ways to make things better. I thought if I tried to never feel then I would never get hurt. I told my self to deal with it, your life sucks, you will have to wait until you die for it to be over. The reason why I kept moving was the thought of my love of my parents and family and God. And knowing that all the therapy they tried to give me truly showed they wanted best for me. I just felt bad with them spending the money when we were in such a financial state. I was also later subscribed prozac by my doctor.

      It was new years of my 7th grade year. At this time my family and I went to celebrate with friends across the state from where we lived ( with me living on the west coast of Michigan and my parents friends living on the east). It was your average gathering with the parents upstairs and the kids down stairs. It wasn’t until I walked down the steps I noticed kids playing Super Smash Brawl. I didn’t know much about it, I did try it once before years back but was unable to comprehend the game at such a young age. I started to play and we switched and took turns fighting and it was awesome. The kids had the Wiimote option or Gamecube controller option. I gravitated towards the Wiimote on it’s side and still do to this day.When playing the game, it brought a smile to my face that not even my therapist could have done. It was awesome. I played for a long time until we had to go to bed. When we left the next day, I wanted that game. It made me feel happy.

      My birthday being a month after new years. I begged my mom for it, it was then I finally got it. I enjoyed the heck out of it with my 3 other siblings for days. My best character was non other than Mario and still is. We owned our Wii for years, but I never was able to appreciate it because I didn’t know what to get for it. I myself mostly played my Ps2 which was my first console. Although a great console it never brought the joy a game like brawl could offer for me. I then became obsessed with Brawl to the point where I actually went online to look up battle strategies. I then came across an interesting video. ” Mario’s Moves – History Behind Super Smash Bros. Brawl”

      The video fascinated me, Mario was my best character in Brawl so I looked at the video. I was amazed at the history and the games. I myself before had barely even knew who Mario was. I knew what he looked like, that he had a brother. I even knew his theme song without even playing his games. I instantly became in love with Mario. The games looked so cool to me I wanted to play them in a heart beat. The crappy thing was I didn’t own any of the classic systems to own them. That is when a game called Super Mario Sunshine caught my eye and I noticed it was also for another system (Gamecube). I then realized that the Wii could play Gamecube games. I saved up for months so I could afford the game, the memory card and the controller. After months I finally got it and played it, and I fell in love with the game. The gameplay, the atmosphere, the music. It was because of that game I became a Mario fanatic. I looked up the history of the character, the games, the systems. The history of the company, spoofs, lets play videos. Everything Mario and Nintendo which made me go to other franchises as well such as Zelda and Kirby. I was obsessed. I got to the point where I saved up where I bought every single Nintendo American system and also bought every core Mario game in the series. From the original Super Mario Bros to Super Mario Galaxy, I eventually got them all. I even made a deal with my Dad for him to buy me Super Mario Galaxy 2 if I passed 7th grade. I was obsessed, but most importantly, it helped me move on.

      Nintendo gave me hope through joy and entertainment and helped me through the hardest time of my life. I am 16 now and still live with autism. Over the years I have learned to use it the right way. I have matured and grown through my life through gaming. I dont know where I would be without Nintendo. To say that they instantly helped me with my depression is not true, but they gave me something to hold on to and to look forward to it. I would learn to grow and to talk and communicate with people. To laugh, to love, and to enjoy life.

      Why do we play games? For fun that is for sure, but I think it is more than that. For me it is a world to help escape reality. Games give us more than simple jumping mechanics but the necessities we need in life to help us learn and grow.

      I would like to thank God and my parents for helping me through early therapy and medication. They helped me discover something to look forward to. And I would like to thank Nintendo for bringing years of heartful joy and entertainment to gamers around the world, and to continue for gamers like me for years to come. I dont know where I will be in ten years, what job I will get, who I will get married to. But I do know that whatever future I have will be brighter thanks the smile that Nintendo brought to my face and still do to this day.

      Thank You and God bless.

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