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Here’s How Kids React To The Game Boy

In the latest episode of Kids React To, the children are confronted by the original Game Boy which made its debut way back in 1989. A few of the children who were quizzed immediately knew what the device was, while some others weren’t so sure. So if you want to see some adorable children react to Nintendo’s influential handheld, check out the amusing video above.

Thanks, Flavor Flav

152 thoughts on “Here’s How Kids React To The Game Boy”

  1. Uhh hello! i love the fine bros! :) so entertaning! i never had a game boy butt my first portible gaming sistem was the ds lite!

    1. Where did you get your “education, TheBenSanders? They should be ashamed; you cannot even spell simple words such as “entertaining, but, portable, and system” — all within one short sentence! Disgusting.

      1. And you seem to fail to grasp that you’re supposed to space out your commas, quite the grammar nazi.

      1. children are not the future of gaming as told by lord sasori.
        sasori bless our black holes with your nose and let us get the m rated games you can’t by yourself. Briong us the piratebay pardise and let us donload games illegaly. tell father osama bin ladin who is sit at your right to take care of the nintendrones and punish them with all his rage. Amen

          1. GLaDOS, Church of Sasori is a troll. I mean, look at the stuff he says. I always thought this guy was making fun of Sasori. XD “Let us get the M rated games you can’t by yourself”. Lol. Not to mention, he always say amen at the end of his post. :P

    1. Nooooo! I hate Dylan D:
      He’s like that obnoxious kid at your class that always would say a lot of things to look/sound intelligent instead of answering normally ._____.
      In my country, we would say: “Le gusta regarse en paja” XD

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        He is a future Commander within the empire considering many hates me in here too ahahahhaahahaha…


  2. Kids these days…. We wouldn’t have all those crappy apps if it wasn’t for that clunk piece of junk! Pretty sure I’ve played better games on it than any app :P Haha! Was kinda funny though.

  3. Now who wants to be the one to tell them the iPhone and the iPad are not game systems, they are a smart phone and a tablet, which would have NO games if it weren’t for the Gameboy back then?

  4. Man, kids shouldn’t even have iPads and things.

    I never liked the Game Boy. I have one, but I only had a total of 6 or 7 games for it. My favorite thing for it was the Game Boy Camera. The only thing that made me get some use out of owning it. Other than that, those black & white graphics killed my eyes. I wasn’t a fan of handheld gaming until I bought a DS Lite. That system changed everything forever.

    1. Never liked the original DS (didn’t have a DSi), but the 3DS is SO good! It feels like a DS 2.0, with a lot better OS, better games, vetter graphics, better internet… Quite like the Wii U fixes so many of the original Wii’s problems with OS and NN/friend-list/eShop etc.!

      1. I agree so much. I feel the Wii and DS, while innovative with motion and touch, were horribly incompetent, miserably underpowered systems even for their time. I feel they’re so overrated. Kids love them so much, but graphically they’re just GameCube 1.1 and GBA 1.1 and are stupid casual crap. And the Wii didn’t even get Starfox or F-Zero!
        Honestly, I feel like I could have skipped out on the Wii and DS for the entire generation and not miss out on much. I would have had more fun just getting all the GameCube and GBA games I forgot to pick up.

        Yet the Wii U gets so much hate, but it’s actually making a decent push as a serious Nintendo system, both graphically, and in the kinds of games it’s getting. (We never got games like Beyonetta or Devil’s Third on Wii. I also love the 3DS alot more than the DS, but nobody agreed with me on that until Pokemon X/Y came out.

        In the end, I’m just a longtime Nintendo fan who won’t leave them as long as they continue to make their own hardware. I grew up starting with my dad’s NES, SNES, and Game Boy back in ’98, then started building my own collection upon getting an N64 in 2000. Now I have every Nintendo system except GBC and Virtual Boy, and so far, I think the Wii U is one of the most underrated systems of all time. I’ve had more fun with it in less than 2 years, than I had with the Wii in its entire 7-year lifespan.

        If they ever decide to go third party though….. I’d never play Nintendo games on another company’s hardware, and for the rest of my life, I’d only buy games I didn’t already have for all my Nintendo systems. It’s not worth going into this stupid ‘social’ era of games where eventually you’ll have to tie a facebook account to your Xbox Live/PSN account to keep using it, or need a facebook account to even sign up for XBL/PSN, and not to mention the DRM and oversaturation of realistic bullcrap shooters.

        1. Wow, that’s a mouthful.. xD

          Yeah, pretty much. The Wii U and 3DS really feels ‘Nintendo’, which is a good thing! While only being 18 years old, I still grew up playing SNES and N64, and even some NES games. Nintendo is the only word needed to describe my childhood in a word,

          I would probably buy a PlayStation if they were ever to go 3rd party. Most of their games needs console controls, so I wouldn’t really enjoy them on PC. And I’m currently considering a PS4 for 3rd party games (won’t buy in at least a few years, before they fix ‘launch problems’, and get some good games).

          I have to agree on the social stuff, and paid online kind of suck too, which makes it even better to be a Nintendo gamer. I love Miiverse, though it is over-flooded with casuals posting totally non-relevant things. It’s a little strict, but it’s needed to keep it enjoyable.

          While I do have Facebook, I hate every part about the ‘share’-idea behind it all, and therefore only use it to easily reach out to people in my personal life. I don’t write, share, like or comment on anything at all, mostly because it will appear in someone else’s newsfeed that I commented on a ZeldaInformer picture, or something.

          Anyways, Nintendo consoles mostly holds standards, and the 3DS/Wii U gen could even end up being my favorite!

        2. “We never got games like Beyonetta or Devil’s Third on Wi”

          That is wrong. We had Mad World (clearly a game for more 18 year olds)- and even a crazy game called “Creatures” – which has also a very dark and greedy story to tell- where people die of spider-bites etc. And those weren`t the only games which came with a dark story and a bloody as hell-gameplay.

          So you know? Bayonetta 1 is also coming to WiiU now- as when Wii came out, Bayonetta 1 didn`t even exist. So you cannot argue, there were no such games on WiiU. Also we had the crap WiiU is getting now -as Call of Duty or AssassinsCreed. You know? That 0815-stuff, only some wannabe-grownups play.

          The fact, that you don`t know games like Mad World or Creatures clearly shows you never had a Wii. Am i right? For me it was a good console. But WiiU is of course better. But also much worser selling. But you know? Wii had in its first year some really good games, which WiiU now doesn`t get. It starts with things like Tomb Raider- and it ends with games like “Prince of Persia”. Wii had it all. And that was the point for me in buying Wii those days- there was Mario Galaxy 1/2, Smash Bros Brawl, Monster Hunter Tri or Donkey Kong. It was all there. One more game, which Wii had, which WiiU now is also missing- Red Steel. ANd yes- this game also was VERY BLOODY. You know? Thats why its name- red steel! There was so much blood, the character had to murder everyone. It was a hell of a game.

  5. When I have children one day, I will make them play from Atrai-till beyond, like I did and I wasn’t even born in the 80s., still have my gameboy

  6. That wasn’t that bad, they had heard of it, and knew some facts. Of course kids play more tablet games these days, and no kids would be interested if you went to them to talk about the ‘crappy’ toya you gad as a child. Just like you, as a 5-year old would not care about your parents’ toys, as they would be a generation older than yours.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Nobody cares about a sadistic primitive nazi ape like you has to say…

        Nostalgia_w = Hopes that Lord Iwata and his family dies in brutal ways…

        1. Uh, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. Nostalgia_w trolls on this website sometimes for fun. Pretty sure he wouldn’t have a death wish for someone he didn’t even know. He’s just a silly gamer like the rest of us all. Whoever actually wishes that is a horrible, horrible person.

            1. have you got serial mental problems? Should i call the police for you? You do know- => wishing someones death, can be illeterated as trying to kill someone => up to 5 years of jail. Just for your knowledge. Seems you don`t know it yet and you clearly thing you are anonymous here (hahaha, which you are not, NSA says thanks).

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            It doesn’t matter, it’s as bad as Sasori the Xbot Calling MLK overrated…

          2. No. Nostalgia_w said it itself awhile back that it hopes for Iwata & his family to die. Along with that other loser Donko. You must have missed those comments of theirs.

        1. People still hold things very dear to them. There are times I wish it was more like the good ol days of gaming, when the console war didn’t change gamers to this scale, and games were fun, not something serious,.

          1. nostalgia_w clearly don`t knows what that means. He/she/it thinks, technology will solver all of mankinds problems. But he has no real knowledge, which we can surely say as 100% sure now, lol. He/she/it is an idiot, thats all. Maybe some day a robot will kill him and then he has iti that his own technology gets rid of him/her.

    1. Look at what crap you just typed and now look at your username.

      You know what I sense? Dumbass, irony and hypocrisy.

    2. Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it. You’re a dumbfuck for ALWAYS looking ahead of yourself. But by all means, do that while walking on a road. When you get hit by a car coming around the corner from behind you because you aren’t keeping an eye & ear on your back, maybe it will make you a better person. I won’t hold my breathe, though. You can’t fix stupid after all.

  7. I guess these kids don’t like to play with older hardware. I mean, they are sort of like me. I don’t usually game on old platforms because the experience just doesn’t feel the same to me. Everything’s gotten so advanced now and I don’t want to go back to the past and play outdated games. I’d only go back as N64 to be honest. Our generations seems to be mixed up for some reason. Rather than wishing than that games were made like they used to be, they prefer if they keep moving on and making newer hardware like PS4 and X1. Weird how that works.

    1. Nintendo Commander Phazon

      Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. But I agree with you, sometimes newer is better, but never always.

      1. I don’t know what it is with classic games, but I don’t like most of them for some reason. Most of the games I grew up with have perfect controls and advanced graphics. I mean, I’m not used to slippery controls like most classic gamers are. How people manage to control games like Mario Kart 64 is beyond me. I can’t go a few seconds without hitting a wall. And it doesn’t really help when I played Mario Kart 8 (which is absolutely amazing in terms controls) and then go back to 64. I also don’t like how most classics are 2D and have mainly the same soundtrack. Bugs the heck out of me. Only really old classic I can say I’ve REALLY enjoyed is Kirby’s Adventure for NES. It’s perfect for me.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Because in the ancient times, we gamers didn’t complain about graphics, difficulty, DLC and other nonsense like today…

          The harder the game, the more you felt inclined to buy it and try finishing it…

          Games today, excluding graphics, are mostly a joke compared to the true era of gaming…

          1. What genre of gaming would you say is the closest to it’s roots? Like, what genre is still (sorta kinda) like it was in the past.

  8. man such stereo type american kids they all looked like catalog models or some shit, very fake and YANKY MIDDLE CLASS



        1. What hormones? ;) Lol. Tbh, I didn’t really care much for women till I was maybe 12. Then that’s when it started kicking in. Women nowadays just look so good. I can’t help myself. XD

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Those pesky hormones are annoying though sometimes, specially when you are at your age…

            Today, anyone that wants to have anything to do with me must kneel, otherwise, shoo shoo…

            1. Yeah, and it really doesn’t help either when most girls my age keep wearing so much revealing clothing… Hormones are so annoying. :[ I know that at this age I’m far from old enough from getting any of that action, and the constant teasing is so unbearable. Whenever I see a hot girl, I just look away. Sigh. Smh. It’s kind of depressing, really.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I’m glad you are mature enough to see that when you’re not ready, you’re not unlike most apes today that engages in primeval instincts the second they feel “weird”…

                i mostly had “hormones problems” when I was like 12-15 only during summers though since they go shirtless…

                Luckily females don’t have an impact on me so I can watch them be naked without doing anything or thinking anything haha…

                1. But the sad truth though is that my mother had me when she was at the age of 15. Yes, literally a year younger than me. I can only imagine her hormones must’ve been going crazy. :/ Although, I am grateful to be here right now because of it, I do not plan on following in her steps. I’m trying to wait until I at least become a full grown man (21) or maybe when I’m into a serious enough relationship. And eh, honestly, shirtless women don’t bother me that much. It’s the ones with clothing like long, curvy dresses and open cleavage that really boggle my mind. O_O Most of those seem to be older women though, so their way outta my league regardless. Not really interested in the stupid little teenagers that try to put on revealing clothes only to make themselves look like “sexy” and only failing in the end and looking like sluts. XD

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I’ve never been interested in people of my own age, they are always imature and still are…

                    But then, older ones are still too imature…

                    1. Haha. I don’t know how you do it, man. Could it be because you’re older? I mean, my hormones are going crazy. I can’t stop thinking about anything but women. It’s even replaced my love for video games. What’s going on? D: I hope it ends quickly though. I just wanna get it over with, but that would be irresponsible of me to let it get the best of me. Just got to ignore and just play games. >.>

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Well during my early teenage years I was probaly in about the same situation (only in a slightly different matter)…

                        But now not at all…

                        My disgust/despise for humans helps a lot…


                    2. Once you get use to nudity, it’s not as intoxicating to look at. Now clothes that leave it 50% or 75% imagination & 50% no need for imagination, then that’s when the blood really starts to boil.

        1. You guys are fucktards. You all attack everyone who doesn’t like all those 30 year old games. I love video games, but I don’t lose faith in humanity when someone doesn’t like what I do like. Morons, what does video games have to do with humanity? Maybe you should takea history class, then realize humans have been way worse in the past.

              1. You get the fuck out, social reject, and kill yourself by getting aids with your mom. I hope you’ll never have any children and die in a fire soon

              2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Claims to like Nintendo.
                -Calls them selfish and greedy when they helped out on charity.
                -Wishes the president to die, and it’s not even a noble cause at that.
                -Says they are terrible company multiple times.

                You are the one who should GTFO

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Also regardless, Iwata doesn’t deserve to die as much as an asshole like you who wishes him to die for no good reason, but I will not wish death upon you because then I will have to stoop to your low and I ain’t going to go that far.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I attack retarded sadistic apes like you whether they like our empire or not…

          2. Take a history class? How about you take English Writing first before commanding others to go to school to make sense of anything.

            “Maybe you should *takea* history class”
            Typo you idiot. Proofread next time.

          3. I give you one tip- it does not have to do with attacking someone just as he doesn`t know how to use old technology. Its about time you should know, that the Internet- as you know it- might soon be gone- or simply said- collapsed or more likely be shut off (as America did invent it, thats why they are spying everyone, to get the costs back, but it goes against the LAW). What will you do then when that happens?

            NO smartphone is going to work anymore. No cell-phone will get another call, they would just get the message “No net”. No telephoning without the internet. Do you see what i`m talking about? Thats all-why these videos about “How Kids React” are made. Its made to teach children how pathetic and dangerous today times can be. If tomorrow a hacker would bring the internet down (and don`t come with “its impossible- there is allways a first time) – if you cannot use a rotary-phone or a not-so-modern phone which DOES NOT use the internet- you are screwed. Very simple message, isn`t it? And its not only about phoning.

            Its about computers too. Modern computers are getting faster and faster- but viruses can today lay down complete atomic power plants (Stuxnet says hello)- or even the energy-infrastructure of a whole country. And modern computers today are getting more vulnerable to everything- to radiation- to heat (especially in summer, some persons cannot use the smartphone as its getting too hot to use it, instead the phone says “only for emergency now, otherwise shut off to cool it down”) and other threats.

            What do you think will happen if soon such well- accident – will happen? And its not only viruses, which get better and better- which today even infect hundredthousands of smartphones (and laugh about that pathetic users who does not use an anti-virus-scanner on their phone) ;) You do get the message now don`t you?

            The message is “You might be screwed tomorrow if your phone stops working then and you cannot go back cause you did not learn how to use it” ;)

          4. You are a prime example of how shitty humanity can be, Nostalgia_w, so don’t even try to take the high road, bitch. Wishing death on Iwata all because he isn’t running Nintendo the way YOU want him to.

    1. Kids these days prefer spending 100 bucks a week on Candy Crush. Gee apps are so great. It’s the parents fault for giving them phones though. These days I see 80% of kids 2 years and up ALWAYS holding onto a phone. Way back most kids weren’t even allowed to play games all day, now parents don’t give a shit because they also play with their phone 24/7.

      1. Not my son. He can’t keep his bloody hands off the Wii U Gamepad. No cell phone in his tiny hands. ^.^

    2. This reminds me of my 7-year-old little brother, Jeff, who treats the Nintendo 64 equally to the Wii U.

      He doesn’t know about this “console wars” stuff. He thinks Mario Kart is also for Xbox and that Banjo-Kazooie is for Wii.

      The only reason he wants an Xbox is because he thinks there’s a few Lego games on it.

      1. My brother doesn’t care about it either. He plays any and all games. He plays the occasional flash games on the PC and he plays stuff like Minecraft and Mario Kart and just awhile ago, said he even plays Watch Dogs and Battlefield 3! Really is sad when an 8 year old is more of a true gamer than the majority of gamers.

        1. I think what we’re looking for is respect for old technology as it always preludes current technology.

          Plus, besides Nintendo (who’s been dropping the ball a little) everyone else makes shit. Xboxes burn up, ipads, iPod touched are obsolete in 2years due to firmware updates. Sony makes quality shit sometimes, but they never have the pulse of the market, and it’s sinking their ship.

          1. Exactly. One Xbox 360 even burned a house in england. A complete house! Its gone. It belonged to a old woman. And now look- how many Xbox 360s died cause of heating. And how many of those PS4 are diying those days lol. You cannot count fast enough. Each hour in PS4-official PSN-Forum there are hundreds of tasks which ask for helps as their PS4 died or got defect.

        2. yes. But not allways and:

          New technology => more vulnerable to things like viruses (smartphones, other devices like that)- radiation, heat (yes, that is a fact, dear Nostalgia_w), most modern smartphones today are crap, when using in the sun outside with 30°C degrees. They cannot be used when overheated.

          Old technology => slower, but not so vulnerable to things like viruses or even heat ;) Hell,the battery of a smartphone will most likely explode- nontheless of how much heat it produces. But the battery of a normal cell-phone? That won`t explode so easily.

          You see? You might even become soon enough the victim of such an Iphone/Ipad or even Samsung Galaxy S1/2/3/4-battery explosion. YOu know? There are hundreds of deads allready. All died of that battery explosion or they were so damaged from that battery, that they are crippled for life!

          And also => older technology is not so vulnerable against => internet-breakdown- or even heat – or just radiation. You see? Thats why even NASA uses only PowerPC-processors in Space, not that bullshit Intel/AMD-x86-processors which are vulnerable against viruses like sand in water, or radiation and heat.

        1. You should burn in hell, son of a bitch, and bring your parents along with you. Stains like you shouldn’t exist in the world

      1. dude, please stop, they are gameboy games they are not going to change, also didn’t u say u were done with this site?

      2. And I can play footage of you making an ass of yourself all over youtube in HD, over and over and over again.

        Your point is?

    3. It entertains me how much some people get their knickers in a twist about the Fine Bros. making shit-tons of money on easily produced stuff like this. I wonder if they’d hate that so much if they were in the same situation…

    4. It hurts me a little inside hearing kids say they rather play with their iPads and iPhones… Not back in my day :/

          1. Exactly you idiot. Bashing at nostalgics and yet call yourself that. Go sit in a corner in a fiddle position and whine how stupid you truly are.

      1. Id rather have a Gameboy or my gba I wish I had more access to older consoles such as N64 SNES NES I know I could use eBay but I never do and I just don’t go on the eshop but iPads and iPhones aren’t fun I feel like being compared to these kids XD but not all kids don’t remember or appreciate this stuff but a lot of my friends do or remember something similar.Don’t give up hope on us kids.


    6. Damn… That’s just so… disappointing. It’s sad to see how’s Nintendo’s classics are so quickly forgotten, the consoles and games they made that saved and revolutionized the gaming industry. Now these children look to it as “a piece of junk”. Without games like Tetris or Super Mario Bros., we wouldn’t have Xbox 360 or the PS Vita. Without the DS, we wouldn’t have the iPad or iPhone. I wonder how gaming would head forward in the future with casual shovelware like Flappy Bird being the first games children will ever play…

      1. we all will end like “WallE”- kind of like that….lying in a gigantic big pile of junk. Millions of defective Ipods, Ipads, Iphones and other things, which lost our last ressources on earth. And they we will be gone. Soon enough it will happen. They even said, that sand- yes SAND- is going out in a few years, if our consumption does not slow down!

    7. my niece started off playing DS and Wii now she’s 11 and only plays pet and clothing design simulations on her tiny little iphone screen and sad.

    8. Im only 16,And I find this Disgusting.
      I wanna break the face of the kid who mentioned apps,and thinks Gameboy is a Piece of Garbage.
      Gameboy> ICrap and Samshit apps.

    9. This is such a disturbing time on our hands. Bunch of fucking idiots roaming everywhere corrupting anything and everyone in their way like this.

      Not appreciating anything old and new for what’s it worth but only for power and shit. Like I said before, modern gamers are so fucked up in the heads to think like those little spoiled twats.

      1. They aren’t spoiled little twats. They’re following along with the new generation. You can’t blame them when everyone nowadays are advertising new and advanced products. Like how every few months there’s always a new phone on the market. They are only following along. You can’t really say gamers are stupid just because they want new and more powerful products, Stranga. That’s not how it works. Like for instance, I like old television shows more than newer shows, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna call this guy or this girl a retard just because they watch shows like Big Brother, or Reality Housewive’s or something. It’s all different taste, man. Sometimes you gotta just let the past go.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Old or new, humans that watch reality shows are destroying tv and has been for years…

          Just look at MTV, it’s not even a damn music channel anymore and has not been since like 2006…

          1. True. I don’t care for those shows because they bore the heck out of me. All I watch now are pretty much movies and anime. I’ve given up on Television…

          2. humans that watch too many reality shows* Fixed.

            I watch a few reality shows but even then I don’t watch them as much if there is something else more interesting on. On Monday, I have WWE. On Tuesday, I have video games & reruns of good shows to watch with one or two reality shows. On Wednesday, same as Tuesday. On Thursday, Defiance, Dominion, & Spartacus. On Friday, WWE again. On Saturday, video games again. On Sunday, The Last Ship & The Strain if there isn’t a WWE PPV for that night playing on the WWE Network. And during the days before those shows come on that night, I got video games & the internet or spending time with family.

    10. Nintendo is my Blood

      What those kids were witnessing was history! Such a fine device that brought light to gaming as we know it

      1. Do NOT get a Classic Controller. Go ahead and get the Gamecube controller. The Classic Controller is pretty much useless. If I do recall, if you get the GCN adapter, It acts as a classic controller or something like that. (For the other games, not Smash) Anyways, go for it! Me personally, I hate the Classic Controller Pro. It isn’t even a real controller. The Pro Controller is what the CCP SHOULD’VE been instead of a useless accessory (with no rumble feature btw) that plugs into the Wiimote and sucks up all of it’s battery. I’m glad they’re making this controller available again because GC is one the best controllers ever made by Nintendo!

        1. I do agree. The classic controller is a dud that feels too small and awkward in my hands. Good thing I returned it and got the Gold Pro Controller edition from Wii Goldeneye.

          Wii U Pro pretty much solved all of the Classic’s faults and yes, GC controller is among the best ones and feels right. I don’t get the hate on it besides it looking “weird” but it works and most felt comfortable with it.

    11. Really? Seriously why is this in the top 3?
      If you don’t know what a Game boy is (especially young gamers) you are not a ture gamer.

    12. I don’t mind kids looking back into the past, but did it have to be this group of spoiled, hipster, first world dipshit brats? I hate most of them.

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