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Ubisoft Claims Gamers Are More Open To DLC Now

Ubisoft believes that gamers are now more open to downloadable content than ever before. Ubisoft VP of digital publishing Chris Early claims that when they’ve introduced downloadable content such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s “Time saver” DLC packs, barely any consumers complained to the company about it. Here’s what he said.

“There was no resistance. Maybe there were 12 guys somewhere who said something, but whatever. As a whole, there wasn’t a problem.”

“I think there are some models that are accepted now. DLC is pretty much accepted. Season pass is pretty much accepted. Now it’s interesting when you start to think of Season Pass as a Service Pass. For our Season Pass holders, I know we hold events for them specifically, so it’s little bit more than just DLC content. So there’s an evolution going on there.”

62 thoughts on “Ubisoft Claims Gamers Are More Open To DLC Now”

  1. Eh, it kinda depends. If it’s something like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon or something that adds a lot of value, then it’s all fine. But when it comes to the kind of DLC that is too common now, like day 1 DLC or DLC that adds a couple of weapons/cars/characters for $15, then I don’t feel like it’s worth it.

    1. This. Just like Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, they got DLC right with that. I am open to DLC, but it needs to add extra value to the game rather than looking like something that was already supposed to be in it. I mean, why does Watch Dogs already have a Season Pass? It’s stuff like this that I don’t like. At least they aren’t being like EA though charging you season passes for $50 and making you pay for almost everything. When Watch Dogs comes to the Wii U though, I’d like having the option to buy the DLC though.

    2. Like Mario Kart. If EA was doing Mario Kart instead of Nintendo, the Mercedes-Benz would be at least $5-10, instead of being completely free.

    3. Agreed. Overall, I’m not a supporter of paid DLC. That said, there are a few instances where DLC – even paid DLC – has added quite a bit of value to a game. While I still haven’t financially supported those few ventures, I can not blame anyone who does.

  2. The flaw of democracy once again. What those “12 people” as you generalized say and think doesn’t matter if they are out-numbered? How do you know those who didn’t say anything outright likes dlc’s?

  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    “There was no resistance. Maybe there were 12 guys somewhere who said something, BUT WHATEVER. As a whole, there wasn’t a problem.”

    Ubisoftians exposed for not caring about gamers at all…

  4. they’re really hoping with continued pressure and the realization that they aren’t going to stop putting dlc into everything, people will just learn to bend over and accept on-disk content dlc and the like because they don’t have a choice either way.

  5. Please just die Ubisoft. You became in a few years as bad as Activision is, on all levels. Just die quickly and silently, it will be better for all real gamers in this world.

    1. Ubisoft is nowhere near as bad as Activision. Are you talking about the DLC? Ubisoft’s DLC usually has more importance than CoD’s quick cash grab’s where you have to pay $5 for a few map packs. And they don’t put DLC in every game, just some of the bigger ones. Even if you don’t like their games like AC and Watch Dogs, they still have some other very important franchises like Rayman, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, etc. EA should die if you ask me.

      1. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the usage of DLC is always a good thing either. I’m just saying Ubisoft isn’t as bad as Activision. *puts up flame shield*

        1. This post is actually about their DLC “packs” in Assassin’s Creed 4, literally called “time saver packs.”

          Aside from unlocking all Multiplayer content immediately, there is also:

          Activities Pack – reveals all activity locations on the Animus mini-map
          Collectibles Pack – reveals all collectible locations on the Animus mini-map
          Resources Pack – increases the Jackdaw’s storage limit to 2500 and gives 500 of each ship resource
          Technology Pack – allows Edward Kenway to buy all Jackdaw upgrades instantaneously

          It’s like buying gems in Clash of Clans. It’s a cash grab.

          1. Those are only options. A cash grab would be forcing someone to pay to unlock an area in a game having to buy online passes, etc. And I’ve seen those packs on PSN before. Believe me, Ubisoft is having mercy on you compared to EA. That “Timesavers” pack and most of that other stuff is just around $0.99-$1.99 And there are also other options like multiplayer bonuses or buying new missions for single player mode. I view Ubisofts DLC as more of a decision to gamers than cash grabs. Absolutely none of it’s required. It’s just extras the gamer can buy if they feel like it.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              Yeah. If it was cash grabs, you’d be FORCED to buy the DLC in order to unlock the Jackdaw upgrades which is something you need if you want to survive later missions that force you against superior ships.

      2. You’re right about one thing. Ubisoft isn’t as bad as Activision…they’re as bad as EA themselves.

        Fuck Ubi and EA. Activision at least isn’t approaching forward with BS coming out of their mouths.

        Ubisoft = EA 2.0

        1. Yes, but you see, Ubisoft was one of the only ones actually supporting Wii U near launch. Without them, we wouldn’t have had Zombi U. That was one of the only games that had utilized the Gamepad in a useful way. We also got AC4 which was one of their biggest 2013 games. We even got Splintercell Blacklist and I wasn’t even expecting that. They probably would’ve put more games on the Wii U like Far Cry 4 and The Crew if they saw it as profitable, but they know that it probably won’t be worth it at this point. They’re taking a HUGE risk with Watch Dogs. And the reason it got delayed is so that they could’ve handed it over to Ubisoft Bucharest who apparently have more experience with the console due to them also working on AC4. If Watch Dogs can exceed their expectations, they will probably reconsider making games again. If they were anything like EA, they’d have been given up and put no new games at all. And to be honest, I’m very disappointed NFS Most Wanted didn’t sell well on the Wii U because that was an absolutely rock solid port. Everything worked just the way it should’ve and we probably would have gotten more games as a reward. And I’m pretty sure Watch Dogs will play and be exactly the same as the other versions, so I’m hoping that fans don’t let this one bomb because the other third parties are watching how it’s going. And if Ubisoft leaves, they’ll pack their bags as well.

          1. I HATE ZombiU. I played it for only an hour or so and had to quit from getting motion sick. I DESPISE first-person games for that reason. Especially dark games where you have to turn the brightness up.

    1. To me, honestly, I think DLC in a FPS is stupid. All you’re paying for is extra maps, guns, and skins. Those things feel like they should’ve been there to begin with. Different modes though (like say Extinction from Ghosts and Apocalypse from BO2) are definitely worth it.

  6. good dlc for zelda wiiu and pikmin and mario not crap dlc with a $4.99 price tag but quality value dlc more pikmin3 dlc is needed to make game have better value so the game is worth more than $60

  7. If it’s Mass Effect DLC-like quality I’m all for it. That DLC was incredible. But extra skins, maps, courses, meh

    1. I don’t even know why they charge you for extra skins. That’s just stupid. Especially in FPS. Like, you can’t even see your own characters. What good would that even do?

  8. He’s right for the most part. However, day 1-DLC that isn’t free will probably never be accepted. Neither will over-expensive DLC be.

  9. And speaking of DLC, CoD Ghosts is getting so much new DLC now. And this CoD seems to be taking a different route with it. I’m actually interested in the latest one called “Invasion” and it really is getting on my nerves it isn’t releasing on Wii U. I’m not going to get it on PS3 either because it’s my preferred platform. Can’t really blame em though since I’m in the minority that would actually buy it on Wii U. Dang… Broken promises yet again. First BO and now Ghosts. I don’t even like CoD enough to buy it on another platform just for DLC. Whatever. They just lost a customer is all I can say.

  10. I’m 50/50 with DLC.
    If it adds something to the game that has a big impact on the game then yeah, I’d buy it.
    If it adds only minor things like say a new trier or something like that, then no.

  11. pink0crystal0midbus

    Overall, yes I think Ubisoft is correct. The general public as well as gamers seem to accept DLC. If they didn’t accept it, then they wouldn’t purchase it… DUH!

    1. Pretty much why so many devs have no problem with all of these season passes and making every update cost money, because since the last gen, gamers have been buying.

      At least some publishers and devs are learning though. There are a few adding free, substantial DLC to games and I’m all for that. If people want to buy vanity items on the side, so be it.

  12. I don’t like DLC when it’s created before the game even releases. They should focus on the game first so it can be released earlier and then work on the DLC afterwards. When the DLC is done before the release I always feel that it should be included with the game.

    1. Exactly. Fuck companies that work on DLC alongside the actual production of the game. Looking right at you, EA. I bet anything they do it since season passes are usually day 1 or weeks old.

  13. DLCs have been around for years now so yah it’s an accepted fact. When paid DLCs started, gaming websites critisized the releases but now those same people are accepting DLCs with open arms.

    As long as the content is worth it then why not? Buying DLCs is still on the gamer’s hand, so buy wisely.

  14. windwakerhd was my dream game in 2013 before in was confirmed two days later in a nintendo direct by nintendo

    1. I do believe Ubisoft already confirmed it to be fall. I’d say you can expect it around November.

  15. Stupid Examples. Timesaver? Why does something like this even exist? Unlock all the Stuffs and remove every Reason for playing the Game can’t be this fun. Especially for Money.

    1. It’s an option for the gamer. If a gamer wants to spend his money on that, so be it – as long as it doesn’t take away from the game itself.

  16. As far as I’m concerned about Ubisoft saying anything, I don’t give a crap nor ever agree to their BS. Ubisoft is just another EA in the making..very close in the making.

    Now back to DLCs, I don’t care because I wouldn’t waste money on them anyway but it depends on how’s it done regarding content offering and pricing. Looking at how COD DLC use to be with only about 3 new, 2 old maps for $15, that’s fucking ridiculous. EA’s DLCs or more like “forced microtransactions” that fucked any game they shove it into, is far worse than all COD DLCs put together.

    I just hope Nintendo doesn’t follow what they’re doing because the way they do it is out of greed and carelessness but apparently since the majority humanity just turned stupid overnight these days, the situation will only continue to get worse.

  17. Not me. Even if it’s a game I love, I won’t pay extra for anything. After all, the DLC isn’t a part of your physical copy game. If the console goes out, goodbye DLC. Digital stuff is such unreliable crap!

    1. You’re going to be missing out on the eventual MK8 DLC then. You really shouldn’t let the fact that it’s digital have such strong effect about it. You have to take risks and be prepared about it. Which is why I’m going to buy another Wii U given time to transfer my digital games. Nintendo is working on getting a universal account though, so you can rest a bit safer knowing that.

      1. I’ve been burned out on digital stuff ever since I lost all of my Virtual Console and WiiWare games when my Wii went out. Since then the only game I took a chance on downloading was Earthbound on the Wii U.

  18. Nintendo Commander Phazon

    As long as they don’t force DLC like EA or sell Map Packs and Weapon Camouflage like Activision, it’ll be somewhat alright.

  19. heu no I don’t think so. of course I am not talking for everybody . But I think there are good for some countries but lot of people don’t like it. surprising for ubisoft who has offices in France, cause I know there are a lot of people in this country who don’t like DLC especially after buying a 60€/75€ game.

  20. I’m open to DLC. As BONUS CONTENT not as stuff that could have been included in the game but was released as DLC. For example Naruto ninja storm sage kabuto dlc…..that was part of the story and you include masses and not that…..

  21. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I hope Ubisoft knows that nobody complained about the AC IV dlc is because everyone who used to like, left. Almost all the casuals play it now. But yeah, I don’t think it was worth their time to complain anyways would have been pointless, I do like some dlc though, not shitty dlc like LBP (except not LBP, their dlc s kickass) style dlc, “extra costumes!”

  22. Any excuse to charge for locked content. Hey you know what's also cool with a lot of people on growing numbers? Pedophilia. There's a few moralfags crying about kids innocence & lack of fully developed brain, but eh, it's just a few. Next murder will

    Evolution? More like De-evolution.

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