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Check Out These Sweet Converse X Super Mario Bros Trainers


If you’re looking for some super cool trainers then Converse has you covered. The firm will begin stocking these Converse X Super Mario Bros shoes in Japan from August. Be warned though, as they are pretty damn expensive and will set you back ¥21,600 ($211).

27 thoughts on “Check Out These Sweet Converse X Super Mario Bros Trainers”

    1. These shoes look to damn ugly. They seem to be more Mario Series themed than Smash Bros. They are too over priced. The material is too shiny. These are horrible shoes.

  1. Nice but the material is too shiny…If there is a cloth like version or matte leather then I would consider.

  2. Wal-Mart Shopper

    These look like 10-dollar shoes. They look like crap! I never pay more than 25-30 dollars for shoes (god bless Wal-Mart). Seriously, shoes aren’t worth any more than that. They get worn out in no time. I went to a Sportsman’s Warehouse store the other day, and every pair of shoes they had was over $100. EVERYTHING was over-priced. Last time I step foot inside that store.

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