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First Mario Kart 8 Hacks Discovered

A group of YouTube users have managed to hack Mario Kart 8. The group says that it’s basically proof of concept and none of it is in any state to be released at present, so no need to worry. You can check out the numerous hacks that the team have accomplished in the video posted above.

“This is footage from an earlier live stream, showing on-the-fly RAM edits of Mario Kart 8. The quality is a tad sub-par because of it, but we hope it’s manageable. The mods shown here include:”

  • Making Moo Moo Meadows play its final lap music immediately
  • Making the final lap play no music at all
  • Making the lap 1/2 song into the opening camera fanfare
  • Renaming Moo Moo Meadows to “Hello!”
  • Renaming it again to “Shitty luck course!”
  • Renaming Toad’s Turnpike to Deathpike…
  • Corrupting a font
  • Crashing the Wii U
  • Altering the Wii U menu fonts

“This work is based on the recently released browser exploit, and some additional code that Chadderz wrote to get arbitrary kernel reading and writing, to allow the browser to edit Mario Kart 8’s memory on-the-fly.”

“All of this may not look impressive, but it’s merely because we don’t even know where to start; we can do anything now, anything at all! Custom tracks, custom songs, you name it. We just have to decipher the RAM and work out how.”

Thanks, WhiteEagle

117 thoughts on “First Mario Kart 8 Hacks Discovered”

  1. Sad for the people who bought MK8, now they realize they have an even buggier/half-assed/rushed game than Battlefield 4, except that Battlefield 4 actually looks good

        1. Well then you need to get your eyes check then mate because Knack actually looks worse up close, MK8 still looks better and still has only one bug compared to Battlefields 35 thousand bugs.

          Truth Hurts doesn’t it?

        2. Even a game like Mario Kart 8 has better gameplay than Knack, unless you’re blind. Truth hurts?

    1. Yes, because one bug in MK8 compared to several bugs in Battlefield Bore is TOTALLY the reason why people shouldn’t buy MK8…. go back to your master Sasori’s butt crack.

    2. Its funny how you were “trying” to act reasonable before and not look like an idiot, but this post completely destroys any credibility that you have ever had. LMAO buggier than BF4 GTFO lol.

      1. It’s called a joke, and it’s hilarious when fanboys keep praising Nintendo games for being 100% perfect, and then news like this crops up

        1. There’s a difference between a hack and an inferior game. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, dipshit.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Because the Nintendo pipe has no dangerous addictive chemicals compared to your Sonyan pipe which will cause you to die early while the Nintendites will live longer.

  2. Horrible? The only concern is the abuse of online play. This is great for expanding rainbow road 64 to full 3 laps, battle arenas and other things! Maybe it gets patched away anyway…

  3. Great!! I quit playing Mario Kart Wii because of hacked matches. Nothing like unlimited Blue Shells to help you fuck up the leaderboard for everyone.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Atleast there are several of us here from MNN that plays online from time to time…

      You can join too, no hackers!

      1. What’s your Nintendo id? I wanna play too… Mines GilbertG just in case you feel like adding me

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I think you should add me instead considering my Wii U is on repair right now…


  4. I don’t see why people with the talent to do this kind of stuff would choose to exploit another persons creation it’s honestly pathetic in my opinion

    1. son their not gonna release item hack codes their only doing custom tracks,music and text edits those will make the game more fun your just a hater that knows nothing so get a life kid or go kill yourself…

        1. Project M is a great mod, and SSBB had to be hacked make that. Mods and hacks are the same thing with different connotations you ignorant bastard.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Humans that hack games into making them “better” in their opinion or those that never really liked the game in the first place, otherwise they wouldn’t need mods or hacking to enjoy the games…

            So the only ones ignorant or them, exposed…

              1. Actually, I think Project M is an exception. It was a pretty good idea–basically combining brawl and melee together to create the best of both worlds…the character sheet is continuously updated to remain balanced, and even meta knight is nerfed a reasonable amount. After playing it myself, I gotta say, it’s a pretty awesome standalone mod, and it doesn’t even mess with the original game code, as it is a seperate list of code that can be inserted by use of an SD card.

          2. Project M is decent at best. It’s based off a game that people began to break and cheat in. That’s why brawl was different.

  5. I really hope they don’t mess up online mk8 its fun as it is. If we start getting people with unlimited shells and mushrooms like they did in mk Wii it’ll ruin it. I like the idea to make n64 RR 3 laps though

  6. Maybe I’m the only person who doesn’t see the problem here. Mind you, I’m looking beyond the game and more into general homebrew, something that will benefit Wii U owners should they choose to go down that route (as it did Wii owners that chose to).

    All online activity is linked to a Nintendo Network ID. If Nintendo detect any form of hacking online, they’ll ban the ID. Simple as that. It becomes a non-issue.

  7. erhdshtchahvsrdbjntujryeh64ve57i8to;,i

    God, obviously none of you hacked Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That was amazing. You could change the stage to a custom made stage (Final Destination to Fourside, changing the legendary Pokemon on spear pillar to Raquaza, Darkrai, and Primal Dilaga.) Changing the characters by swapping textures or changing models, changing music, changing PSA’s… It was all great fun.

  8. Are you guys that ignorant? Did you see or heard what they said nearly the end of the video? They said they are not going to “cheat” online and stuff, they’re just modifying like switching songs, rename tracks, and all that other stuff! Be grateful if you want to modify your songs in Smash 4! Because that’s how Project:M started!

    1. Yes this particular “hack” seems harmless, however the method used here is now a known gateway for those who could potentially ruin the game. I can only hope that Nintendo will closely monitor for any unfair hacks taking place online. Another person on this forum had mentioned that Nintendo monitors the Nintendo ID’s in online matches for suspicious activity. Normally I am not a fan of spying, but for the sake of protecting the game from hackers who will simply ruin it for everyone but themselves, I fully support it.

  9. Oh my gosh, Chadderz?! I know him!

    Perhaps you know who I am – SuperMario64DS from the Mario Kart Wii hacking community. It’s been ages since I’ve been in touch with anyone there, but this sounds amazing. I’m ready for another round of custom tracks.

    1. sir Please I never even heard of you before I bet you know nothing about modding you are just a human with no knowledge

      1. It’s funny how I have Chadderz on skype right now, and he takes time to properly end sentences and capitalize :P

        1. hey the same sm64ds who made jungle island (one of the best ct’s) and was in the mk7 clan team extreme, what a guy

  10. If all they want to do is mess around with Single player stuff, more power to them.

    Problems would arise if this leaked onto online matches, though. In all likelihood the exploit will be patched at some point

  11. Lol @ the losers who make a mountain out of a molehill out of this. If you all weren’t so dyslexic and read the comments they explicitly said that they have no plans to ruin the game online, only make custom tracks and gamemodes.

      1. Well if you look at their past work you should, Jesus Christ. You’re a person too you loser.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Sure I am…

          If it makes you fall asleep better at night into believing I’m just a person then be my guest…

  12. like nintendo would fucking know mariokart8 as been hacked nintendo has no clue it would or has been hacked nintendo know nothing about the mariokart comminity off hackers

  13. Not too long until the PS4 and Xbox One get hacked since they are virtually low end gaming PCs, it took these guys about 2 1/2 years to find a way to hack the Wii U for one game, imagine how long it will take a PC hacker to hack the PS4 and Xbox One… I’ll give them 6 months.

      1. Customise PC
        Xbox One and PS4 are low end GAMING PCs
        The Wii U on the other hand is basically using custom hardware that no PC can ever get a hold of.

        So yeah, classifiying the Wii U as a “Type of PC” is pointless really, Sony and Microsoft constantly talked about how their consoles are like “Gaming PCs” when really they are just using lower end chips. Hell the head of Sony stated a while ago that Nintendo was wise to chose the PowerPC chip because it is able to function a lot quicker without having most of the processing power being wasted.

        Plus, Wii U’s ESRAM has been prove to work faster than the Xbox One ram sooo… take that as you will.

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        The Wii U is not trying to be a PC, and the same goes to every other Nintendo system ever released…

        We are gaming embodied while the other 2 are PC wannabes…

        And I’m guessing the Sonyans are doing everything they can to make the PS4 as successful as possible considering they had to shut down their entire PC facility…

  14. Pssh, if these guys were the real deal they’d… somehow… be able to implement a system that bans people using Metal Mario online.

  15. Video games being hacked is nothing new at all.

    Also mk8 is the best game so far this generation easily.

    1. Mario Kart 8 is a racing game. I love it to death, but I’d hardly call it the best this gen. We still need to see what else they have to offer.

  16. I dont know everything else out is either on the old consoles also or is a port of a pc games also fp games everywhere.

    1. No, YOU’RE discontinued. You’ve been replaced with a whoopie cushion…we found it has more to offer in the “thinking” department.

  17. Everything digital is hackable, even analog. If you don’t believe it, you’re a fool. All this proves is someone willing to go public knows how to hack this software. Big deal.

  18. Also, the game is not buggy, It’s solid. Hasn’t crashed on me or done anything weird once if hours of play. Hackable does not mean buggy. Exploits does not mean unstable. People need to put more effort into what they’re saying. All this shows is that Nintendo didn’t test for this type of exploit or doesn’t care about it. It’s like building a house with no locks on the doors. If people were honest, you don’t need locks, but having no locks on the doors doesn’t have any effect on the integrity of of the house at all. Nintendo quality is much, much better than any 3rd party freezing, crashing, corrupting software imo.

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  20. i’ll continue playing battlefield 3, now i reached ranked 17 like a beast warrior. let these chimps and clowns cry over hacks in a generic mario kart game.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      First it was Rank 12 which is horrible by itself, then it was Rank 14 and now Rank 17?…

      Dear N you’re getting worse than civilians…

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Wow, your horrible at Battlefield 3, I’ve reach max rank in a week before quitting, and I was new to the series. Last time I looked at the score which was back when I was level, I have 2316 kills, and 526 deaths. You fail Sasori. Now please hit yourself with a TF2 wrench for obvious reason.

    3. Not bad, Ranked 17 in the world? Still, I like Mario Kart and I’m a pretty big gamer. My PSN account is Terry-The-Man. I don’t really care for FPS games though. Mario Kart is Awesome!

    4. Congratulations!

      I leveled up into level 31 in dark souls 2, as a knight, and only died 4-5 times so far, and did this in a few hours!

      Should you care? No!

      Should I care? Of course not!

      But it’s the Internet, so why not post useless statistics all over its pages? Because isn’t THAT what a Nintendo forum is for, to talk about Battlefield?

    5. I was going to leave you alone, bitch, but you just had to talk shit again. Now enjoy getting fucked by EA while they don’t even have the decency to give you a reach around.

  21. So with enough reasearch and experimentation, the project M team will eventually be able to make a version of Smash 4 without horrible balancing. I’m up for that.

  22. As long as they dont create a way to pirate software and fuck around in online games, its fine. It will only be a benefit. No region locking, gc games playable etc.

  23. It was done with a Web Browser Exploit to manipulate RAM of the running Game, am I right? So there is no Bug in MK8 you actually have to worry about, it’s inside of OS and Browser and that is gonna be patched maybe by an upcoming Update for the WiiU itself once Nintendo starts to know about this funny Stuff.

  24. Nice hacks. I wanna make my own level. It’d probably be a basic, white circle in the middle of a black nowhere, a perfect circle, no items, no hazards, no music. I’d name is circle.

  25. Well look guys just be happy you can acutally play the game without having to hack like those losers. Although it is pretty cool they need to play the game right for once.

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