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Bravely Default Demo In Japan Updated, Up To Chapter Four Available From July 28

Silicon Studio together with Square Enix has updated the demo for Bravely Default: For the Sequel in Japan. Released last year, the Final Fantasy-esque RPG demo can be downloaded from the 3DS eShop from July 28 and will feature up to chapter four – half of the entire game. But for those who wish to purchase the final four chapters, the demo can be upgraded for 2,000 yen, which also unlocks the superb voice acting.

Given that the game’s second half has been heavily criticised for its mundane and repetitive play, it’s an odd move for Square Enix. Yet with Bravely Second in development and the game’s producer Tomoya Asano saying that new information would be revealed this summer, the marketing push from Square Enix is clearly a purposeful move. Do you think this is an odd – or clever – move from Square Enix? Let us know in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Bravely Default Demo In Japan Updated, Up To Chapter Four Available From July 28”

  1. I don’t remember if I made it to chapter 4 before my interest lapsed. I love jrpgs but too much filler can kill the fun.

  2. i reached chapter 5 and i hated the difficultly. after i beat erternis(black amour guy) i have to fight all the bosses including victor and victoria in a harder life. the game is literary a nightmare :(

    1. Are you for real?
      With the game mechanics is honestly super easy to beat, so many jobs and combinations are possible that there’s always a way to easily beat any boss, you just can’t mindless attack though, you need to know what to use against each boss (which makes the game engaging in my opinion).

      Having said that I think the demo update is a good move, if people don’t update the demo to the final version it could at least make them consider buying the sequel .

    2. Sasori exposing himself as a casual too lazy to work on making an unbeatable strategy. Go back to mindlessly shooting things on Battlefield & Call of Duty, kiddo.

  3. the game is only good until that chapter so you basically have to pay for the shitty part (va and the last chapters)

  4. I got bored with the original demo. Too bad since I love JRPGs, but this one didn’t click with me.

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