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Check Out Midna’s Feisty Fighting Spirit In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

Koei Tecmo has released another Hyrule Warriors character trailer to keep us on our toes and counting down the days until the game’s September release. Twilight Princess’ aide Midna shows off her tantalising other-worldly moves in her own trailer, following on from the beautiful bug-crazed Agitha last week.

For those who caught Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream from E3, her move set and fighting techniques won’t be new but they certainly do pack a punch at those pesky enemies out on the field. Riding on the back of a shadow wolf, Midna can use her tentacle-like hand to swipe, bash and torment swarms of enemies, all with her trademark giggle. If you missed any of the Hyrule Warriors trailers, you can catch them all here.

20 thoughts on “Check Out Midna’s Feisty Fighting Spirit In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer”

      1. He says “YES” just to be the first commenter while also avoiding saying “first”. It’s just as dumb as saying “first” though.

  1. Uh hellloooo! This game to scawy for me. My momy no get it for me cause she loves me and doesnt want me to wet my bed. One day I grow up to play Zewda with evryone!!!

    1. Good question. Club Nintendo (of America) has absolutely NOTHING to choose from at the moment (for rewards).

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  3. At this rate,I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to see a pre-spirit version of Fi join the game at some point…

    1. Who knows. It might be an unlockable character later in the game. It won’t be the first time Koei Tecmo had two versions of the same character in one game if that’s the case. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper had two versions of Orochi: Orochi & Orochi X.

  4. Midna. One of my least favorite sidekicks of one of my least favorite Zelda games. I always hated that dumb looking hat thing she wears.

    1. That hat thing is a big piece of the Fused Shadow that the Dark Interlopers were able to keep before being banished to the Twilight Realm. It’s apart of the driving plot for the first half of the game.

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