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Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct Coming Tomorrow, Focusses On Third Party Games

Nintendo Japan has confirmed today that it will be holding a Nintendo Direct tomorrow to showcase third-party games on the system. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe haven’t announced a Nintendo Direct as of yet, so it’s likely to be a Japanese only event. It begins at 8PM JST on Friday, July 11th.

  • Europe : 1PM
  • UK : 12PM
  • USA (East Coast) : 7AM
  • USA (West Coast) : 4AM
  • Japan : 8PM

Thanks, KingBill

21 thoughts on “Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct Coming Tomorrow, Focusses On Third Party Games”

  1. Be great for them as they do have some huge 3rd-party games like Yo-Kai Watch 2 that launched today. I’m just hoping some come to Europe and America too. I wish to try some of the games Japan are loving at the moment.

    1. Right!!! What happened to Nintendo hawking down app devs and ios/android/windows devs to port their games/apps over to Wii U, if we even for simple touch based games (gameloft!!!) and then add real controllers….would boost numbers of software

  2. 3DS needs more.. I like 3DS alot more.. best part u can take it anywhere.. IDC about good graphics I care for awesome gameplay and good online mode with other peoples with my awesome better system Nintendo3DS

  3. It’s fine. We will get all the games that Japan gets. Because Nintendo loves us folks in the western lands.

    bro… come… at….me

    give me some chocolate and super sayan Natsu

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