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Bandai Namco Explains Why Project Cars Was Delayed On Wii U

Bandai Namco has issued a statement about the postponement of Project Cars on Wii U. According to the publisher, the Wii U version of the racing title needs a little more time to be refined. The game launches this November on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It won’t hit Nintendo’s console until 2015.

Bandai Namco: “We’re committed to delivering an exceptional and unique experience for racing fans on Wii U and for this we kindly ask our devoted and passionate Nintendo fans for a little more time in order to ensure the game delivers on our vision of being the most authentic, beautiful, and technically-advanced racing game on any platform.”

227 thoughts on “Bandai Namco Explains Why Project Cars Was Delayed On Wii U”

          1. Not really, only people like you who change your minds about the Wii U the next day ;) Flip flop much?

                  1. I was really looking forward to this game. Now idk what to do. I want it on wiiU but I don’t want to wait. The poll on project cars website has the wiiU version in the lead. Xbox and PS4 already have their driving games, I suppose that’s why wiiU is in the lead. I guess it’ll depend on the reviews, if it’s good I might buy on pc

    1. Its looking that way…so many half assed ports with cut content..lacking DLC and delays out the ass

    2. it´s cuz´ third parties realized that working on wiiu is useless deal with it faggggggninty.
      Over 100m of ps, ps2 sold world wide. Ps3, PSV and PS4 over 100m sold as well. -PlayStation the KING of the gaming.-

      1. Quit deep throating Sony’s dick, Sonyan. It’s making you stupid. Just like Sasori has been made stupid by deep throating Microsoft & EA.

  1. Awww. What they mean it´s that WiiU ram is a joke compared to ps4 ram and xbo ram. Seriously im gonna buy a ps4 or an xbo. Selling my boring wiiu. Who want it?

            1. Childish shit… Who still uses mother as a comeback nowadays? And lucky for Wii U owners, we have tons of exclusives for our system, while you guys get multiplatform games that perform best on PC in the first place

                1. I thought the people of ED were writting about a certain brokeback gorilla, anyway, i’m sure it counts like a “book” about the greatest idiot on this site: Sasori

    1. So you want low end gaming PCs?
      What kind of gamer are you?
      Wii U is actually a good console, better exclusives and just overall a better experience. If I wanted to play a multiplatform game I’d play it on my superior PC.

      1. I don’t like playing videogames on my pc, renting videogames that’s not my style. Videogame Consoles for the win (ps4 and xbo.) (ohh and wiiu meh)

    2. Do remember that the programming of Wii U is different, therefore you don’t need an awful lot, plus you have eDRAM so you can do anything with that. In Xbox One and PS4 you actually don’t have access to all the RAM, as some is locked down to the operating system.

      So when you think about it, the visual quality shouldn’t be compromised too much, if any at all.

    3. And what if Wii U had 8GB or even 4? WTF are they gonna do with all of that RAM? Its not a PC that can do true multitasking and looking at iPhone that can do a hell of a lot with just 1GB RAM, its about the ingenuity behind the resources at hand. PS4/One just cramped all of that BS in just for the sake to make you idiots thinks it can handle a lot when right now as far as their games getting downgraded are concerned, PS4/One false power PR promise is starting to expose itself. So congrats making the right decision on neglecting one system just for power on other which is nothing more than a PR lie to sell you a gimped PC box.

      1. nope in this day of age 1-2gb is a joke. 8gb of ram on the xbox one makes the console more efficient even with the x86 programming cpu with verison 64 bits makes it easier to unlock the full power of the xbox one. as for the wii u, there is no game power to show its power or there may barley be noticeable its a leap from the ps3. even having 2gb of ram for computer is a joke that’s why every computer built from 2011 and up is now 8gb standard with 150gb hard drive and up. its not the devs fault there games are too hard to run on the wii u. wii u doesn’t even surpport x86 or x64 so the games has to be rewritten and downgraded to work with power pc. they would downgraded the wii u version due its gpgpu not being close to the xbox one gpu shader cores. in the end 8gb of rams matters clowns.

        1. ahem…you own a wii u so don’t talk shit. basically you’re downgrading yourself, you used to say that wii u games such W101 and 3d world are innovative and you hate the wii u because it “doesn’t have any games” now you say that nintendo games are boring…remember that miss sucubo exposed you.

          1. after i played 3d world i was sort pissed and i played the wounderful 101 demo and the games was kinda of repetitive. i said those things before i got to play the actual games or demos. i remember being hyped for sonic lost worlds until i played it for 15 min and traded it in back to gamestop.

            1. I don’t believe those words, if you had the balls to do it why you didn’t traded back your wii u? ahhh, this guy is so funny, you’re the clown here.

            2. sasori, you have a point here. but why the hell you say “you drones should play BUTTlefield 3”, what if the game is not what you are execting. and do not say “Nintendo fans only play kiddy games”, that is not the point. did you watch the time trials of DK tropical freeze?

            3. All BS. You never even touched those games ashat. You look at anything Nintendo makes for 2 seconds and call it “rehash”. Who the fuck are you trying to fool? Yourself?

        2. If Xbox One is so powerful, why the resolution blows compare to Wii U? Why the fuck does it blow up or set on fire? All of that so called power and I keep seeing games on it getting downgraded left and right. Don’t try to ignore that shit fool. Everybody knows you love masturbating to that Betamax along with Don Mattrick calling him a hero and calling Martin Luther King overrated which I hope you get shot for that one of these days.

    1. @Rob There’s have a poll on the project cars website to vote for what system people are buying the game for and the Wii U is in the lead.

      1. Because a random poll people can vote on as many times as they want is definitely a credible and precise representation of how many people will ACTUALLY buy it on each platform.

      2. Yeah that is a skewed data poll, it would have to be done entirely random to be credible. Nintendo fans have been about the only ones keeping up with this so of course they would out on top.

  2. Dear Bandai Namco, take your BS, swallow it and die. You won’t be seeing my money now. Myself and my friends were looking forward to getting this day1, but now will keep our cash for developers who don’t spew bull to their potential customers.

    1. …and good luck selling on the other systems which already have a slew of proven driving sims out or coming out. Stupid move by you guys imo.

    2. Dude, they’re spending extra time to get the Wii U version polished up. This isn’t a half assed version. If anything it’d probably be the best version. :/

      1. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale and some swamp land in Fla which is a great investment.

  3. That actually makes sense and I’m trusting them seeing how they are helping Nintendo a lot recently :)

        1. Muchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuch damage control butthurt ;);););););););););););););)XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD- typical dark DICK rider speech

    1. Helping how? By making these stupid excuse statements? We all know this is just damage control for the nintendo else like you, and it seems to be working

          1. Sad that you have to resort to trying to come up with a name to call people who don’t share the same opinion as you. Get a life, basement dweller

  4. They better not decide to cancel it at last minute… I so am waiting on this game since the first time we saw it… we need racers (not just like MK8, I do love my MK8 though, and yes i got Need for speed :3)
    If anyone wanna add me on Wii U my id is vereworld

  5. I saw this coming from a mile away, this is what happens when 3 gaming platforms are x86-64 architecture and the least selling is a PowerPc architecture. Lol

    Get ready for more delayed multiplats

    Personally i Dont think Watchdogs is going to see the light of day on Wii u

    Well im happy unlike Gay Commander, i Dont own one console because im not Gay

    1. Suck my fucking dick you fucking fuckface fucktard Aeolus! And where’s that fucking zorbo1234567 while you’re at it?

    2. I thought the Xbox One had a x86 – 64 architecture?
      I know the Wii U is selling better than it and it actually has a PowerPC cpu.

  6. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    Hey hey fellow Nintendo gamers I have some good news

    1. Hey fellow REAL gamers I have some good news

      REAL Nintendo fans like all consoles and are not stuck to the fail Wii u!!

  7. It’s either bs for more money and adverts from other consoles or they really are trying their best to create the best experiance possible… An effort that only wii u deserves by the looks of it….I guess the other ver will just have to get more sales and money etc…

  8. These comments make me laugh. play games for games. rather then bitch about gfx, platforms and all that crap look at the news once and awhile and see whats going on in the world. Palestine is currently being attacked while the world sits by and watches. get some perspective.

  9. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    If I read atleast 3 bad reviews about this game on the Wii U version, then they lied…

  10. Nostalgia_wanker

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    So start saving up for those diapers

    Wii U has been out almost 2 years you idiot

    Xbox1 has been selling better then it on a month to month basis, already over 5million sold Xbox1 in less then a year., it tooK wii u almost 2
    Years to reach that number u comatose Bitch

    1. Birchhead gorilla shitface my mom has better things to bang like my Wii u

      Commence sucking of my dick Aeolus!!!

  11. Imo, if the delay has a reasonable cause, then it’s alright. What they are trying to say is “We aren’t going to let Nintendo fans have a crappy port. We want them to have a good experience too”. And that’s why they’re spending extra time. Do you want it to end up being like Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed 4? They rushed that port without finishing and fixing some of the issues like frame rate and putting DLC. Mostly all of their ports are flawed in some sort of way compared to PS3 or 360. If I had the option, I’d have told Ubisoft to WAIT and fix that shit up before launching it. But of course, there’s always somebody whose going to bitch about it not being launched on the same day. As for Watch Dogs, they’re doing exactly what these guys are doing. Finishing it up. And that’s exactly what I want to see. And let’s not talk about sales please. Of course it’s going to sell worse because it’s late. But the Wii U hasn’t had any huge sellers besides Mario Kart anyway. Sales don’t always fucking mean it’s a great game. Wii U games like SM3DW and Pikmin 3 deserve to sell at least 5-10 million. But they didn’t. Because they’re underrated. Anyways, remember this. The people that bought Watch Dogs at launch probably went through bullshit. First problems with the game and then you have all this DLC and stuff to buy. Now the Wii U version however, could be the definitive version due to it’s delay. All the problems from launch would be gone and who knows? They might have enough time to include all those DLC goodies into the game? If not, release it on eshop for Wii U owners to buy. Boom. A good, solid port for Nintendo fans to enjoy. Now going back to the topic, I can’t believe some people seriously were going ape shit over a simple delay. They want you to have a good port and not a broken game. It’s not like they said “Hey, fuck you Wii U owners! You’re getting the game later!” That’s not the case. They’re fixing it up. This developer isn’t an asshole. They know what they are doing. And if you still want this game so badly, remember now, there’s 3 other platforms to get it on. But if you actually want your preferred version (Wii U) wait for the game, play Nintendo’s games while you wait, and get it when it releases next year with all of the other great games. It’s not that bad. Lol damn. You guys act as if this game was the only thing you were looking foward to.

    1. It’s people like you who actually believe this garbage they spout out that astonishes me. It’s about money and power, they do not give a crap about the quality of the product they deliver to that degree. The only company I have seen in this industry who has delayed and then improved the product is Nintendo with titles like Pikmin 3. I’d love it if you were right, but my many years of life experience call their excuse as pure bullshit and sorry slight mad studios, NO MONEY FOR YOU!! NEXT!

        1. because they don’t have a game to release, because they are not working on the Wii U version. Just like Ubisoft.

          1. guaranteed that regardless of what they say the wii u version will be a garbage port with no future support, no dlc which will come if the game has any success and no point in owning. there is nothing to suggest otherwise from all other 3rd party titles for the wii u thus far. The 7 million people who own Wii U’s will be blamed for not supporting a game released months after it’s out on other systems and it will be inferior as it will be a garbage port. It’s annoying, but I can live without it. I cannot do without the superb Nintendo and second party titles. I have no problems with delays when they are legit. Like how Nintendo delayed almost all the games they have currently released and they did improve them. Just search stories on how they improved Pikmin 3, but the 3rd party delays are just them removing most of their eggs from the Wii U basket, not to make the Wii U version any better.

              1. Well that’s your problem but you also saying Nintendo fans are to blame for not being as stupid as you buying old gimped ports for a new system at full price instead of its current offerings that have more for cheap?

                Way to go on showcasing your “intelligence”.

            1. Look, I know you may be frustrated with the current situation of 3rd party, but that doesn’t mean you have to take your anger out on every one of them. These guys are one of the only few left trying to putting games on the Wii U. You have to give them credit for at least trying. ;)

              1. Exactly, I enjoy third party games and I think it’s important to support them. These guys are trying when so many are not.

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                If they haven’t gimped the game at all then I’ll buy it, if it’s gimped then so long…

      1. your a blind clowns. nintendo doesn;t give shit if they game good or not. there main focus is to focus on kids soo they can rehash the shit out mario or pokemon even more than how ea produces fifa and madden every year. your giving nintendo a free pass is saying that quote miyamoto said. but your hating on mad studious because they have to rewrite a different version for the wii u operating system. you should even be happy wii u is finally getting next gen exclusive game. also what quality is in nintendo game because when i played super mario 3d world i didn’t see any sort of quality what so ever other than it being a good game but not a “quality” game. you clowns claim nintendo games have quality but where’s is it?

        1. “mario and sonic at 2014 lympic games, sonic lost world, super mario 3d world, nintendo land, donkey kong country tropical freeze, lego city, assasin’s creed, rayman legends, wonderful 101, pikmin 3 and more, all these games give you a new experience of innovation to play games”
          AGAIN YOU’RE FLIP FAPPING AGAIN, and don’t say this was 10 months ago, i know that it was, you used to say good things about nintendo and there you’re saying that innovation and fun comes first, i want to know what happened to you narutard?
          You’re smarter when you say positive things…what happened? stop insulting people who don’t agree with you and today i feel i don’t know
          generous, i’m going to give you a tip, stop insulting and challenging the people from ED (4chan) you don’t know the risks of messing with them, if you don’t believe me search “jesi slaughter” is a sad story, if i were you i’d change the way i see people, be positive and make constructive criticisms.

          1. nope. i just saw the other side of the wii u. i dont even insult any one unless their just acting retarded.

            1. No, you’re the reatrded, if you saw the “Other side of the wii u” why do you still own it…oh wait because your mommy gave it to you, be a man and destroy your wii u on youtube.

            2. Go to the mirror hanging near you. You’ll see what you’re talking about but its the “other way around” of what BS you’re saying.

        2. ….still sucking on EA’s filthy cock for the same reason you claim to hate Nintendo for. Seems like somebody hit your ass hard on the head with a baseball bat. Does it hurt Brokeback?

          1. You are wrong, Stranga. He didn’t get hit on the head with a baseball bat. He’s deep throating EA & Microsoft for too long & too much so it’s cutting oxygen off to his brain that’s turning him into a dumbfuck.

              1. Cuz I’m starting to reach Stranga levels of being pissed off at 3rd party bullshit, that’s why! lol I’m ready to cock my right fist for a Superman punch at a moment’s notice. Followed by a spear once they stand back up from that dizzying attack. (As you can see, I’m a huge Roman Reigns fan if you watch WWE.)

  12. I will still get the game, i dont care if they delayed it, this is no different when DBZ Budokai 1&2 came later for GC than Ps2. Looks like a good racing game which is what WiiU needs, this may probably be the only “realistic racer” that WiiU will ever get anyway. Im kinda tired of this,”3rd party evil conspiracy against Nintendo” that some people on this site boast about, just chill out. You know people should be glad that this game is even coming for WiiU in the first place.

      1. Because he’s another blind sheep believing in false hope of third parties on Wii U. Poor creature…still trapped in “The Matrix” fantasy.

        1. You can’t give up hope so easily. You never know. Wii U might get full third party support again one day.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I would be even happier if the gimped games had lower pricetags…

      Then I would not have any problems with them…

      Delays annoy me but gimped games are not acceptable for me at all if they are going to charge me full price, I expect a discount of atleast 25%…

  13. 3rd Party Developers:
    – Delay Wii U version
    – Make it sh*t
    – Sells like sh*t obviously
    “LOL there must be no Wii Us. Not making a Wii U game again”

  14. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    PS4 is a big pile of shit to me
    No socom, my ps4 it’s a junk it’s a trash and it’s a garbage
    I don’t care how powerful you are
    I don’t care if you sell more
    You failed me ps4 I spit on you ps4 goodbye your just a blu ray player now

    1. Wii U is a big pile of shit to me
      No Metroid, my wii u it’s a junk it’s a trash and it’s a garbage
      I don’t care how gimmicky you are
      I don’t care if you sell like shit
      You failed me wii u I spit on you wii u goodbye your just a internet browser now

    2. am starting think some of you wii u chimps are pretending to own a ps4 or gaming rigs….-_-…..

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I think the worst ones are those that bashes the Xbox Done or PS4 and still owns both of them or either of them, hypocrites…

      2. Like you pretending to have friends, a girlfriend named selina ruiz and even money to buy a xbox 360, guess what?

          1. Man, stop feeding miss sucubo…and it was a bad idea to buy the games before buying the console, remember my tip, just stop, stop and everything will be fine.

      3. Nintendo Knight Equilibriim

        Your stupid
        I wish I did some research b4 owning a ps4 I thought they are going to bring socom games to this peace of shit
        I just find out that they close slant six games and zipper interactive
        I don’t have any reason to play games with this peace of junk trash garbage console
        So I can talk crap what ever I want from it

        1. If socom is the only thing you want for a console then YOU are the piece of shit, casual gamer. I doubt you even OWN a PS4. You’re just pretending to own one so you can have some right to bash it.

      4. Who the fuck ever said they own a PS4? How about you go buy yourself one and get your BS Internet double life over with and your obsession for a faulty ass Microsoft Betamax.

          1. If you think sasori owns an Xbox or a Playstation, you’re the only idiot I see. Everyone here knows the little nub is full of shit. Always has been, probably always will be.

  15. At this point, I don’t know what to believe from these 3rd parties promising this kind of BS anymore. At one point, at least they came out with a statement but its the same excuse we’ve heard before and it didn’t work out anyway.

    I’m avoiding the 3rd parties now. I’m tired of hearing the same fucking story for every last Wii U port of their games ever made.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Because I play Mario Kart for online mostly and because I know it’s always a garantued solid experience…

          Plus it cost like 15% less…

        2. You don0t own a xbox 360 stop saying such things, the grand prix multiplayer experience is one of the best and the online is better, ahh you don’t know what does it means of course, you don’t have the game and haven’t played it either, but you bash it, exposed.

        3. Its not gimped if its the way they intended to design it but since the fan didn’t accept it, Nintendo is gonna change it in the future. So STFU about gimps. Your favorite console Xbox itself is a gimp of PC you hypocrtical idiot.

  16. this what happen when your console is 2gb ram power pc cpu 32 bit orperating system. games only use 1gb of the wii u’s ram. and the other 1 is used for the os. the os cant do much of anything due it being 1gb. its a embrassment the tech world of 2012. wtf 32 bits and there may programs that while require 64 bits now a days especially with some pc games not being running with 32 bits or 16 bits. what worst was that its only 2 gb of ram. there’s multple reason’s why the wii u is failure.

    1. sasorideidaraobi that’s what happens when you suck your mother hermaphroditic cock you get 2gb of ram power

    2. “this what happen when your console”, hey idiot you know that “your” includes you, you still have your wii u,

            1. You’re buying a game for the console that means that in a certain way you’re supporting them, also a bit of the money you spend on third party games also goes to nintendo

              1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                nope i go to gamestop and buy them used. not one dime goes to nintendo ;)

                1. Used, that’s a good strategy, but do you think you could get a uused SB in the same month? also follow the tips the people give to you and trade your wii u for a xbox 360, explain your parents why you don’t like the console, personally i want bayonetta 2 i tried it a e3 and it was better than the first game, in my opinion of course.

                2. you said: “gamestop employees are retraded”. Anyway, you are saying you WILL BUY Nintendo games, at least used games.

                3. that moment when sasori thinks he won an argument, the sweet reality is this: he is feeding the trolls!!!.

        1. wait, wait, wait. you bashed Sonic Boom saying the graphics are bad and is a waste of time what they are doing with the engine. what the hell you want?.

    3. If Wii U tech is pathetic to you, then Xbox 360 specs to everyone else is a fucking joke. 512MB RAM with subpar 480p upscaled to 720p? That’s disgusting and what’s more disgusting is Xbox One still can’t pull off any native or upscale pass 750p without blowing up.

      Look at the current iPhone. It only has 1GB RAM with some used for the iOS software and yet, it can still pull off high speed responses and multitasking just fine. So don’t even come at anybody about specs because its optimization that’s the key, not the numbers. And besides, if Wii U had 8GB or even 4GB, WTF are they gonna do with the rest? If you’re playing games on a home console, you’re gonna be glued to game alone and not having to jump in between multitasking because its irrelevant. Again, home consoles aren’t PCs moron. They’re two separate technologies with different uses. Only PS4/One is mimicking PC because they both have no other ideas left to make the new consoles feel different and its a means to cash grab idiots into the whole “next gen” BS with easier way for developers to keep spamming garbage.

      I’m done here.

  17. Don´t care about Project Cars. Sure it looks stunning but realistic driving games are boring IMO.

    Same with Watch dogs, i think when it finally arrives on Wii U the hype will be totally over and nobody will care about that game anymore.

  18. by the time the game comes out on wiiu the hype for the game will die and interest in it is lost, look at watch dogs there was a massive hype for that game now you hear nothing about it, by the time the game hit wiiu nobody will fucking care. then they complain about low game sales.
    fuck third party devs i will never buy a 3rd party game ever i would rather pirate them and play them on my pc gaming rig for free. stupid fucking devs.

    1. i hope you know pirating pc games require a huge amount of efforts and theres 96% of a chance of it failing all the time.

      1. You know about it because we exposed you while trying to download illegally watch dogs, also you have 100% of failing ALL THE TIME, loser.

          1. wait!!! you’re admiting that you downloaded games illegally?
            lamatsu you have to give me your trick, you expose this guy so easy

          2. lord sasori, hope the flashcard worked, so you can own those games for free while saving for your 360. amen

      2. Poor Brokeback here is still dependent on his gorilla mother so much that he has to steal shit. You do realize I can report your ass to the FBI for illegal download of copyrighted material right now.

  19. Hey trolls. if the ps4 and xbox one is so amazing. why are you not on it right now playing instead of being a troll here on a nintendo site ? hmm ? can’t answer that one ? might it be because it does not have games you want to play ? or is it that the games you can play you allready have played on the ps3 ? it is either that of you do not own a ps4/xbo and that is sad. so therefore i think you guys must be pc gamers and have barely any games to play other than cod/cs/lol/dota and so on.i did not put up those mmorpg games here because it is the same formula again and again and you get sick of it!

  20. That’s not reason to disrepect Nintendo fans in this way. This is fear of competition with Nintendo software, they fear their game cannot compete with first-party software, so, they delay the game in order to skip the first-party launchings and release the game whitout competition.

    I hate this dick move so much!

    1. i wouldn’t jump to conclusions about why they did delay it

      chances are they did indeed have trouble getting the game to run properly on the wii u
      it does after all offer somewhat less raw hardware performance than the other 2 consoles

      no gameplay material or even screenshots of the wii u version so far was probably pretty telling

    2. Its not fear. Ubisoft knew that people on Wii U from launch wanted Rayman more than NSMBU and that it sold enough to start off well but delayed it. Watchdogs also had been anticipated by Wii U owners for some time and the game had a 3 day window before MK8 release and if it wasn’t for them doing another Rayman dick move on the port, it would’ve sold well, like about more than 1-2 million possibly and the game would’ve been a bigger success despite the game being one big “next gen” lie.

      Fear of competition my ass.

      1. It’s fear of competition! Indeed!

        If they trust so much in his software, why don’t they release the game alongside the other versions? I seriously doubt Project Cars will beat Driveclub on PS4 and Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One.

        1. And there’s where the delay doesn’t make any fucking sense. Two of those consoles plus PC already have several similar racing SIMs plus those new ones you mentioned are coming that’ll overshadow Project Cars. So they’re gonna fail on this game too just to be like Ubisoft when they did the same to Rayman around when GTA5 came out.

          And that right there also contradicts the “fear of competition” theory because PS4 has Driverclub, Xbox One has Forza and both plus PC would get The Crew as well as another Need for Speed spam. So they’re only delaying Wii U version for…what reason again? Not competition because they’re still releasing the game near the other racing titles anyway and “polishing” the game? We all heard this crap before.

          1. so what’s your theory? they just want to piss nintendo fans off?
            stop jumping to conclusions *every* *fucking* *time*

            1. Do you really think they will admit to this if they are doing it just to piss off Nintendo fans? No. They won’t. They’d be dumbasses for admitting it. They’d rather leave that dipshit move to EA.

  21. a real let down :(

    i guess i’ll be patient and see how the wii u version will end up
    i can still decide on whether i’ll get it then

    1. In secret, yes. This is the exact same stunt Ubisoft pulled twice. I’m not believing this “delay for better Wii U experience/support” BS, not one fucking bit.

  22. Damn it! I think this political! I Think this game is gonna look just as good on wii u and they don’t want it to hurt sales of next gen!

      1. Fact! That’s like expecting a port that comes a year later to do well. It WON’T unless that port brings something incredibly new.

  23. Anyone else realizing these guys are full of shit?

    First, the Wii U version was going to be the best version of the game and launch during Wii U’s first year.

    Then they delayed it, to bring it to PS4 and xBox One and Wii U at the same time, in order to make a true next gen multiplatform title so that the experience would be the best possible on either platform.

    Now, they are delaying the Wii U version which they originally hyped as being the best experience, with the best graphics (this was pre Xbox one / PS4 announcements).

    Clearly, they have moved on to prioritize the game for xBox One and PS4 to leverage their higher performance specs and larger user bases. Hard to blame them, its a smart business decision but cut the bulshit about it….

    1. If you read Slightly Mad Studios explanations. That is not what happened, they just needed more time to optimize the Wii U code right which wasn’t a decision by the publisher thankfully. It has nothing to do with large install base and there is no way it could have been, nor could have been about interest both of those ideas have already been debunked.

  24. I’ll believe it when I see it. If it releases gimped along with Watch_Dogs, fuck Ubiliars, Bandai Fucko, & Majorly Dumb Studios. They can all 3 rot on the other consoles as they hopefully fully abandon the Wii U. They are ultimately just ruining the Wii U’s already damaged reputation. And if anyone doesn’t like my opinion, they can follow these 3rd parties to the other consoles.

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