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Yokai Watch 2 For Nintendo 3DS Had 814,000 Pre-Orders In Japan

We knew Yokai Watch 2 would be a massive success in Japan, but what we didn’t know is how many Japanese consumers pre-ordered the title. Japanese sales tracking firm Media Create reports that Yo-Kai Watch 2 had 814,000 pre-orders in Japan as of last week. Siliconera says that pre-orders would have exceeded this number had retailers had enough stock to go around. The game is on sale at retailers in Japan and you wan watch the first forty-two minutes of the game, right here.

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41 thoughts on “Yokai Watch 2 For Nintendo 3DS Had 814,000 Pre-Orders In Japan”

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    I have some other games, but I know that’s the most popular right now. Leave your user and I’ll friend you back. :D

    1. Moodeeb – not sure if I have a friend slot open, but I’ll free one up. I’ll MK8 if it’s to chill with people I know, that’s about it though! ;)
      Also MH3U, ME3, CastleStorm and Splinter Cell!

      1. Thanks, I’ve sent you my request! I have yet to obtain any of the other games, but I know I will get MH3U sooner or later.

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  3. I want this game to come over to the west, but I have a feeling it might flop over here. It doesn’t have enough guns, blood, or boobs in it. XD

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    1. Or just support Disqus. Like 90% of other sites do nowadays. Lol. Not to mention, it is very, very easy to sort comments.

  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    The humans in our homeworld really loves rehashed RPG just like the humans in the “west” that loves rehashed FPS…

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