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Best Buy: Buy One Get One Free On First Party Nintendo 3DS Games, Plus Wii U Pro Controller For $30, Starts Next Sunday

Best Buy will be running an extremely good promotion starting from next Sunday. You’ll be able to participate in a buy one get one free deal on first party Nintendo 3DS software. The games include The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Yoshi’s New Island. You can also get the brilliant Wii U Pro Controller for $29.99.

98 thoughts on “Best Buy: Buy One Get One Free On First Party Nintendo 3DS Games, Plus Wii U Pro Controller For $30, Starts Next Sunday”

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And I really need one too but this stupid country are full of Xbot loving zealots, so they are getting most of the offers and then the Sonyans too…

      1. Dude who gives a shit about Sony and Microsoft fans? Buy the games, buy the pro controller, shut up and enjoy yourself!

        1. Did you even read what he fucking said? He’s saying he WISHES he could enjoy himself with offers like this, but he can’t because all his country gets is offers for Xbox/Playsation shit because that’s all anyone plays there. God.

      2. Lmao, the US gets everything you want. Me personally, I don’t even care much about this place, but MAN they have the best deals in the universe! I love it! Too bad I’m broke after buying MK8. Haha.

              1. *sips lemonade* Ah… Even more of a reason I’m glad I don’t live where you do. Jk. XD But seriously, what makes it so high? That’s a rip-off for customers like you. You don’t deserve that.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Because it’s an Xbot infected US loving piece of crap country when it comes to gaming…

                  And then this thing about a justing the economy for each country because of inflation or whatever it’s called…

                  These idiots think that if a Wii U costs 300 dollars then let’s say in the UK it must cost 300 pounds…

                  It’s so unfair because it’s like 100 dollars extra or something…

                  When the Wii U launched here it cost about 560 dollars…

                  1. WTF? That’s BS. That costs even more than the $500 Xbox One with Kinect. I guess now I see why it must’ve taken you a bit longer to get your Wii U…

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Then these Americans (not you) complain so much about everything when they have the cheapest prices out of the whole world…

                      Then these gamers like jtz and other accuse me of not supporting, yes maybe because your prices are a joke compared to the rest…

                      1. Wait, you do speak pretty fluent English. Lol. Maybe you could’ve imported an American Wii U with all it’s games. Maybe it would’ve saved you money. Ya know? Hehe. ;)

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          It would be even more costly…

                          1. American products do not function in Europe unless you buy some sort of “international plug” or whatever…

                          2. Just the shipment would cost me about 70 dollars…

                          3. Everytime I would want to buy a game, I would have to pay for shipment…

                          1. How do you even manage to deal with that? $70? Is that how much you payed to send your Gamepad to get fixed? If so, that is the biggest, stupidest piece of shit unfair deal I have ever heard of. My Wii U shipment only costed $25….

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              No, since I had warranty it’s all free, otherwise High Command should have expected a massive wrathful letter…

                              1. I hope you are going to be able to get through it. Would be a shame if you were to miss out on Nintendo games because of the high prices. Not to mention, Nintendo games almost never go down in price unless a sale (like this one) happens. So there’s nothing you really can do except deal with it… Man, that sucks.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  I’m sure I will…

                                  I’ve always struggled in life in all areas, what’s another gazillionth problem any problem now?…


                                  1. From now on whenever I’m buying something and think it’s overpriced, I’ll think about you and what it might cost where you live. XD

                                    1. That increased price isn’t just for the Wii U, though – due to the currency exchange rate for both pounds and euros, everything is more expensive in comparison to the US dollar, including other consoles. That’s just how currency rates work on a global scale.

                                  2. Yo Commander, I have some friends in Moscow that I send US products to every now and again because it’s too expensive to buy them online over there. I’d be more than willing to set up a PayPal transaction buy the game for you and ship it to you. It’d be cheaper for me to ship it because I have a FedEx and UPS discount. However, if you’ve got a European Wii U this might not work for you, but the offer stands.

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      I see the Chozodian hospitality and generosity has not decreased at all even after ascension…

                                      Well I already have my Wii U and it’s obviously European…

                                      I’m also against offers and chairity but thanks nontheless…

                          1. Translation: I’d love to get myself a Pro Controller too, but my country isn’t offering this deal. They usually only have deals for Sony and Microsoft products instead.

                              1. Dat blackness dat iz my WiiU!
                                It’s so much better! The black/Premium WiiU was the choice from the start. :p

                      1. Just saying, I do NOT recommend Yoshi’s “New” Island… But The ones that interest me are: Bravely Default, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Tomodachi Life. (I have PokeX already, and I’m not interest in the rest)

                    2. :( not where i am in………….plus its not even like Smash 3ds has released yet so i could get that for free :P.

                    3. Awesome sauce! I’ll have to take advantage of this awesome deal. I know I want Pokémon Y, but now the question is do I get Yoshi’s new Island or Tomadachi life? Decisions, decisions…

                      1. I heard Yoshi is very easy, but I don’t have it so check reviews. Tomodachi Life is fun, but very slow play style and not something you play for hours at a time.

                        1. I tried it out and didn’t like it. Its rare for me to not,like a Nintendo game at that too. I’d say wait for Yoshi Wooly World

                      1. I would get Mario party if you are going to travel on trains or so a lot with friends that have 3dses this vacation. I don’t know the other game but Mario party is only fun with friends so I would get that if I was you.

                        1. The Ouya beat Xbox One on Amazon that one time. That’s embarrassing and Wii U is still kicking its ass by 2+ million lead. Xbox One is shit and could’ve been better if Microsoft wasn’t such high horse riding greedy fucktards trying to dictate gamers with DRM and shoving a last gen failed gimmick NSA camera up everyone’s ass. $500 ain’t worth it, not even its price cut when its offering little mediocre to nothing software that’s subpar to 360.

                      1. You’re an idiot. The sales go down because the games already sold itself well from the start and the sales are slowing down and this isn’t coming from Nintendo asshats. These retailers have their own freedom to conduct sales or not to drive up their revenues because they’re either selling off their leftover stock or if something isn’t selling well.

                        Looking at the 3DS’s runaway success, you’re merely a fool who can’t tell what is successful and deserving anymore.

                    4. Man, I just bought Tomodachi Life for my niece, and now this deal happens. Hmm……I still wanted to get it for myself. But……WHY DOES THIS DEAL HAVE TO HAPPEN WHEN I’M BROKE UNTIL AUGUST? SCREW YOU, CAR INSURANCE!

                    5. I don’t think this is legit. I just called Best Buy and they have heard nothing about it. Nothing in their systems.

                          1. Probably means Best Buy hasn’t announced this to their stores yet. It doesn’t take much to put in sale information at a store, not to mention they still have a week before the sale starts. It’ll happen . . . OR RIOT

                          2. pink0crystal0midbus

                            Rammy, “Haven’t heard about it” and ” No, it’s not true” are two different sentences. Obviously the employees have no been informed yet, because they don’t need to know about it for another 7 days.

                            1. True, but since a. it was costumer service and b. they have told me promos in the future before, I thought is was not true.

                          3. Sounds like Best Buy. The employees there never seem to know about anything until it actually happens.

                    6. be great if Best Buy carried alot of these 3DS titles. The one here only has DS used games and a few 3DS.

                      1. pink0crystal0midbus

                        What? You must be looking in the wrong aisle. Best Buy always stocks the latest electronics. Only time they are missing 3DS titles is when they run out, because people buy them all (which happened a few weeks ago at my Best Buy).

                    7. And to think I was going to buy a new 3ds xl from Target for $175. I’ll wait for this deal and get 1 game and two free with the 3ds.

                      THANK YOU SO MUCH MNN FOR POSTING THIS!!!

                    8. i would want kirby and yoshi tho i hear both arent that good. can someone give there opinion on both?

                      1. I heard Kirby is decent, I’d most likely get that. Yoshi on the other hand, I didn’t like it at all. It was too slow.

                    9. pink0crystal0midbus

                      Pro Controllers are useless unless you absolutely need one for multiplayer. The Gamepad feels much better and is more useful for single player. So if you are a single player gamer like myself, I would advise NOT spending your money on a Pro Controller. Mine collects so much dust I’d be rich if dust were worth something.

                    10. I’m getting Bravely Default and… I’m not sure, most likely Kirby. Too bad Smash Bros isn’t out yet. Is this deal in Canada or just the states?

                    11. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                      am to poor to buy a pro controller. i’ll wait until it becomes $15-25.

                      1. Nice try. Can’t beat my name, bro. It has too much…

                        (you thought I was going to say SWAG,” didn’t you?)

                    12. I already have all of those games except for Tomogatchi Life and Micky Mouse, both of which I have zero interest in.

                    13. I always find ways to get stuff for free… My friend wants Bravely Default, and I want Tomodachi life, but he already has the other games. So he is buying Default and I’m getting Tomodachi for free. XD

                    14. I own 3 pros best buy had white ones for 25 months ago now its time for a 4th so I’ll be ready for smash.

                    15. Nice! Gonna snag Ocarina of Time along with Star Fox 64! Best Buy has a few good deals here and there.

                    16. I would buy myself Tomodachi Life. But I’m confused about which free game I would choose. I’ve always wanted Mario Kart 7. But there’s others I’d like as well. It’s mind boggling.

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