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Tekken 7 Has Been Leaked And Uses Unreal Engine 4, No Platforms Mentioned

Online gaming publication IGN has let the cat out of the bag and revealed that Tekken 7 is coming before the developer announced it. Tekken 7 runs on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and is in development for current generation consoles. Whether this means the Wii U remains to be seen, but we should hear some more about the game, tonight.

“With Unreal Engine 4, we can rapidly achieve the visual quality expected on next-gen platforms and go beyond it,” Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada is quoted as saying in the video. “Not only is Unreal Engine 4 powerful and easy to use, but it allows us to easily bring Tekken 7 to any platform we desire.”

61 thoughts on “Tekken 7 Has Been Leaked And Uses Unreal Engine 4, No Platforms Mentioned”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    “With Unreal Engine 4, we can rapidly achieve the visual quality expected on next-gen platforms and go beyond it,”

    Whether it allows them to bring the game to any platform as he says…

    Wii U left out again confirmed…

  2. Tekken 7 better be worth a purchase… I have Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 6 and the games seem really repetitive. :/ I don’t even really like the fighting style. But if anybody really needs to know, Tekken 6 (the game that isn’t on Wii U) is the more superior one. This one better come because Tag 2 is just so boring.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Tekken sucks. I bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as well and I played it for a few hours before I was bored. All the damn characters come unlocked already and the little story mode they had with the robot character lasted a whopping 30 minutes.

      PLUS!!! The character customization in the game sucks ass, because you can’t create your OWN character, you can only dress up existing (lame characters I might add). Also, it was not user friendly. I had a hard time even customizing the characters, because the controls were wacky.

      Soul Calibur is a far more entertaining game.

      1. Oh my god, yes. So much yes. Soul Calibur is by far the better game. And it makes me really angry that SC2 (which is the best imo) didn’t come to Wii U! They could’ve at least given 5 to make up for it! And that robot sucks. Pointless “story mode”. I never even use that character. Thank goodness for the extra added Nintendo themed goodies. Otherwise, it would’ve been a complete and TOTAL waste of money. Anyways, like I was saying before, Tekken 6 is still much better by comparison. That game has a story mode (a real one) and I really liked the ending cutscenes alot more than Tag 2. Tag 2 just felt like an utter joke. I’m sorry that you had to come into the series which is probably one of the worst ones Imo. Hopefully 7 can get you back into it. Tekken can be good if you give it a chance, but man I wasted $40 on TTT2. God… XD

        1. Opinions are great aren’t they? I don’t really like Soul Calibur, but TTT2 is one of the best games I’ve played :O

          1. Have you played SC2 or the other Tekken games” ;P Haha, I don’t really “hate” Tag 2. It’s just I got disappointed and expected more is all.

            1. Been a tekken fan since tekken 2. Been a soul calibur fan since yoshimitsu. I don’t hate Soul Calibur, but it doesn’t compare to mah tekken huehuehue. The only thing I don’t like about Tag 2 is Dr. B. He was my favorite character in Tekken 3, and now they made him so… simple >_< Other than that I love moon walking and making long combos on my friends ^^

              1. Isn’t Yoshimitsu in both series? Lol. I kind of like his Soul Calibur version more though because he uses his sword attacks more. Oh, and the only SC I’ve ever played is 2 which was great imo. Never played any of the new ones, so I guess you could say that’s kind of an unfair comparison. Especially after all the criticism 5 got. XD

      2. Tekken sucks since it went multiplatform… Tekken 1, 2, 3 and even 4 were pretty decent fighters indeed tekken 3 is one of the best fighting games EVER create and MY PERSONAL favourite fighters but yes… I guess that if you have only played tekken tag 2 or 5 or 6 you can think that this ip sucks but let me correct you: It sucks NOWADAYS in the good old days it was AWESOME.

      1. Cuz it’s not the same thing. I like to mix up my variety of fighters. I can’t just stay with one.

  3. I’d like to see it on the Wii U because the creators of the engine did say it is very scalable so Wii U Tekken 7 might be possible, also Namco is developing it who have been helping Nintendo a lot recently so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does come onto the Wii U. If it doesn’t, I’ll still not be too surprised, I’ll just buy it on PC because PS4 and Xbox One are for exclusives.

    1. It can’t run on the Wii U, because Unreal Engine 4 will never support Wii U, if xbox 360 and ps3 is not supported by Unreal engine 4 what makes you think they will with the Wii U. Btw what kind of PC do you have?

      1. Well actually the Unreal dev said THEY wouldn’t support it on Wii U but they said it is able to run on Wii U because it’s scalable, hell, my iPad Mini will soon be able to run it thanks to Apple’s new Metal software.

        Also, why would you want to know what PC I have? Just asking

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          So he can compared dick sizes like every other “hardcore” tard does because he’s insecure about himself.

  4. Never been a tekken fan, I’ve never really liked any of the characters in franchise, I’m more of a street fighter, MK, MvC, ssb and guilty gear guy. I did get tekken for wii u though had tons of effort into it, wonder if they ever patched the game though it always seems unblanced, most of the series to me has always felt like it was

  5. it’s not coming to the Wii U just like every other third party title. you fuckers should just but a PS4 or something.

    1. Some of us fuckers ARE going to buy a PS4. But are saying it’s still acceptable for Wii U owners to get flipped the bird everyntime we want to play a game on our preferred platform?

    2. Some of us own a PS4… I for one I’m actually thinking of selling it, it has almost zero games and the only games I’m looking forward to aren’t out until next year and even then Nintendo dominates that.

      So really, just buy a PC for third parties like me. Wii U for exclusives and Xbox One for some games like Sunset Overdrive.

  6. Unreal engine can run on Wii U if developers want to. However, that is extra work for them. Here is hoping Nintendo learns on their next console. Its ok if it is not too powerful, but its architecture should at least be easier for developers to work with. Sad but true.

    1. Yeah, Nintendo should’ve made the Wii U just as powerful as the PS4. I don’t care about graphics that much, but If I would’ve known it would’ve prevented me from getting games, then yes I would’ve been angry. This is ridiculous…

      1. The first sentence just contradicted itself already. “Nintendo should’ve made Wii U more powerful. I don’t care about graphics that much”

        WTH is that?

        1. What I’m saying is I DON’T care about graphics that much. It’s just that people keep blaming Wii U’s specs as to why they can’t work on it so I said I wish it was as powerful as PS4 so they can all just shut up and be happy.

  7. if it does somehow come to the wii u it will get delayed at the last min because they need to get used to the console :P

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  9. Sonyans and Xbots are loving this because they have another 1 title for their small library…

    Epic backtracked on their comment about UE4 and Wii U. They did say they will not be making games for the console, but if other studios will use the engine for the Wii U (or even PS360) it can be downscaled. So it can still come to the Wii U.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Another title not made by them…

      Without these Third Class empires, they would crumble in seconds…

  10. I really dont care about Tekken. DBZ Xenoverse will be more badass.. and then theres also StreetFighter games that bury Tekken. Tekken 3 was the last good Tekken game imo. Oh yeah even VF games outdo Tekken in every way.

      1. Yep thats why i have Ps3 :) i learned during 6thgen when DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi games skipped Gamecube that Playstation is always good to get alongside Nintendo xD

        1. Lol. I was gonna get a PS3 as my second console too. I remember playing DBZBK on Gamecube and I’m really glad they remade it in HD. :D Idk how the newer ones like Tenkaichi compare to it, but I’m probably gonna still get the HD collection to relive my nostalgia! :P

          1. Tenkaichi games were the best, they are like 3rd person fighters with big stages. Theres DBZ RagingBlast 1&2 on Ps3 which are like Tenkaichi games, awesome games imo. I loved Budokai 2 and it pisses me off that they didnt include it on HD collection lol what was the idea to release Budokai 1&3 on Hd collection completely skipping 2.

            Heres a vid of Tenkaichi 2 (best DBZ game imo)


            P.S Avoid Ultimate Tenkaichi that game is basically just full of quick time events, you really dont fight much on that game.

            1. Yeah. I saw my cousin play Ultimate Tenkaichi. I was like “Hm?? Wtf is going on? XD” I’ll probably avoid that one. Also, I’m not so sure about that other one ‘Battle of Gods’ I played the demo on PSN and I was wondering what exactly is it supposed to be?? :/

              1. Ah Battle of Z is online game, it sucks dont bother with it. I say that if you are looking some DBZ action get:
                Tenkaichi 1-3(2&3 are avalaible on Wii btw)
                Budokai 1-3(or Hd collection if you prefer)

                That upcomin game Xenoverse looks promising too and is developed by the same guys who developed Budokai 3, so i guess it is safe to say it´ll be good.

                1. That sounds great! :D I’ll definitely look foward to it. But one thing I always question about these games is how they always go back over the same scenes. I mean, I swear I’ve seen the Raditz vs Piccolo and Goku fight like 3 times already in other DBZ games. I’m like “Are you sure this is the new game? Lol.”

            2. Hehe, should’ve been called POOPY Tenkaichi! (If ya know what I mean!) P.S. I’m talking about Ultimate, not 2.

  11. pink0crystal0midbus

    Probably isn’t coming to Wii U seeing as Tekken Tag 2 sold pretty poorly on the Wii U. It’s a shame too, because TT2 was released right at the launch of the Wii U so there was no chance for it to do well.

    Oh well, Tekken sucks anyway.

  12. I just can’t get into 3D fighters but cool I guess.

    Chances of this being released on Wii U? pretty close to 0.

  13. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    i just pray if tekken 7 comes to wii u. tekken tag tounrnament 2 wii u edition was awesome. i loved how you could get nintendo outfits in the game, like lili in peach custom. its a great underrated fighting game on the wii u that barely anyone plays. its like $15 or even less at gamestop right now. 9/10 fighter

  14. Great another article NOTHING to do with Nintendo, Sickr is just playing stupid he knows more tha anyone this game won’t be on Wii U

    1. *facepalm* Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was released on the Wii U and there’s a possibility the next game could come as well.

  15. Hi I’m Nintendo I like to make things unique and weak so you could be interested in buying it at a cheap afforded price…Fuck You Nintendo I’m fat and rich and just want something powerful.

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