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Yoshida Compliments Nintendo, Says They Help Provide Balance In The Video Game Industry

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studio, has praised Nintendo in a recent interview. Yoshida says that while the industry is currently obsessed with military first person shooters, Nintendo provides a good balance with their creative and unique titles.

“I was very happy to get a very positive reaction when we announced LittleBigPlanet 3. We are concerned a little bit when we work on a game like LittleBigPlanet 3, about how people will react, because people want those big-budget, realistic, military shooters. But there were lots of cheers, a lot of affection.”

“And the reaction to Nintendo’s games in general, or a game like Splatoon. If you look at the whole industry, and you consider Nintendo, I think the balance is actually better than past years.”

Thanks, Cammo

229 thoughts on “Yoshida Compliments Nintendo, Says They Help Provide Balance In The Video Game Industry”

      1. Lol, that’s why I added the wink. I may be a huge Nintendo fan, but I don’t think that they win every time. I do believe that the N64 beat the PS1 and that Gamecube beat the PS2 in quality as opposed to sales, but I would take the PS3 and PS4 over the Wii and Wii U.

        1. I agree with you on the GameCube portion, I loved those games. But I grew up on ps1 with crash and spyro, so I’m biased when it comes to N64 vs ps1

            1. I think Nintendo had too many epic platformers on one console. Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Bomberman, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and don’t forget the revolution it started with GoldenEye… A lot of competition for the ps1. I loved Spyro and definitely Crash Bandicoot… But N64 was no joke. Even more epics like the all-time favorites Ocarnia of Time, Majora’s Mask, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 2… Damn those were the glory days

              1. Very very true. I feel so lucky for having had the chance to actually experience all of those fantastic games back in the time. Just really glad I got into gaming rather early, so I didn’t miss out on classics like that. Would have been a true shame.

          1. PS2 did have the biggest variety of games, but GameCube has some of the most memorable games of that generation.

              1. Gamecube was my very first system. But back then, I was just a kid that was unaware about all the great games it had. Now that I know, the games are much harder to find and most of the ones I managed to find were so scratched up that it was basically pointless to keep looking for them. :( Fingers crossed for GCN VC.

                1. I’ve bought tons of Gamecube games on eBay, and most of them have very little (or no) scratches. And even the ones that ARE scratched still works.

                    1. Is that another way of saying your dad does’t unlock your chains so you can go to a 2nd hand store. VC is way over priced your pleb

    1. captaindavesportsguy

      im not big on Nintendo anymore but they had good games in the 80s such as donkey kong and rygar just to name a few. but older gamers like me and very hard core im 43 by the way really enjoy adult games like skyrim and the last of us also sport games like hockey golf and football.most people enjoy using real players in sport games not using Mario and whoever else Nintendo puts in their golf games. like last year or the year before madden would not put out a game for Nintendo because it would not sell many copies on that system. ps4 is at 8 or 9 million units sold now it will double I think by e3 2015. will Nintendo double their system by then I would bet against it. ps4 is the superman or hulk on the block and most players talk about getting ps4 first. when batman witcher 3 the order 1886 and uncharted 4 come out in 2015 people will talk about those games and not as much about Nintendo games I think. Nintendo is great for kids but most older players go for ps4 that is what I notice.

      1. No, it’s not “most older players”. I think you’re forgetting that kids these days can easily get their hands on the last M rated games by making their parents get it. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the rating. Most adult gamers I know are always talking about playing classic games and how they “dusted off the old N64, etc. While literally almost every gamer I knew in school was talking about M games. Call of Duty, Skyrim, Battlefield, etc. It’s just that most Nintendo systems do not have these type of games that they play. And if you look at the sales of some of these games, that’s a lot of people. They aren’t going to look at the Wii U section in Gamestop and look for Mario Kart 8. They’re going to look over there and expect to see Battlefield Hardline, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny, etc. They just won’t see the point of sacrificing all of those games just to play only Nintendo games. That’s why I think Wii U isn’t selling.

      2. Funny considering I always hear the opposite. Kids are going for Sony & Microsoft consoles while adults are going more for Nintendo. But if you can’t enjoy a good game because it feels or looks too kiddy to you, you must not be as mentally mature as your age would suggest. Oh & I know even someone in their 40s can be pretty childish if they choose to be, since I know someone in her 40s that can’t seem to let things go & just spreads drama or creates it. Sorry if it seems I’m insulting you. It’s just been my experience with people.

      1. Idk, it seems the Shuhei Yoshida of this website is a nintendo fan, but he’s just sake of the way they work now

        Like icy….?

          1. Lmao, he’s just playing with you guys. He’s actually really nice once you get to know him. ;) I’m considering making an account just to troll back against him. Lol.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Key word: “Probably”

              Because I could be wrong because I’m not a physic, or a physic type pokemon.

              1. You weren’t paying enough attention. You fell into his trap. XD But you usually always show up when he’s in extreme troll mode. So I can see why you might’ve missed it though. :P

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Maybe, or maybe he really is serious. Or maybe I purposefully fell into his trap, so that he could fall into my trap which is a trap within a trap that is part of a grand scheme that probably might be pulled by the strings of a talking cow in space which where we then see the cow shit a thunder cloud from its ass and the thunder cloud heads towards Russian and strikes a random guy and he somehow suddenly gets marketing superpowers and destroys the great Figgel Nugget Omega Strawberry Stargazer 8 Republic on Planet Dingo Banana Alpha Wuzzby, or it could be anti-climactic and the cow just shits the thunder cloud, lighting strikes random guy, then random guy bleeds sneakers from his ears.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Well looks like it’s time to shit some toilets and buy a package of barbecue sauce.

                  1. Well he must have been in extreme troll mode for all of the comments I’ve read by him over the last couple of articles that I’ve been catching up on.

    1. The hell? This isn’t an inflammatory article posted for the express purpose of clicks and comments at all! Must have been the world cup.

          1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

            not yet sadly. i had to use my money just to buy games for it.

              1. If he really wanted to get it over with already, he could’ve sold his Wii U and games already. That money alone would’ve probably given him more than enough to buy that bundle. I’m guessing he is still holding faith in Nintendo. *shrugs*

                  1. I would say that not too long ago I actually used to be kind of in his situation so I can understand what he might be going through. Back in the beginning of 2013, I was extremely disappointed with the Wii U. I regretted it, wished I would’ve bought a different console, etc. But as time progressed, I started seeing more and more games I liked. And after this E3, I figured Wii U wasn’t so bad after all. There are now more games that I want that I could even afford and I felt that it was a great thing I got a Wii U. I am now saving up for a PS3 for all my 3rd party gaming needs, but now, I’m almost completely satisfied with Wii U. I wish it could have more 3rd party games, but I’ll just buy other consoles to go along with it. I like games and it’s good to have more than one platform anyways. :)

                    1. If there’s one game I would recommend you to get on the PS3, it would be Shadow of the Colossus. Great game! For some reason it reminds me of Zelda :)

                      1. I’m getting Bioshock Infinite and the PS3 version comes with Bioshock 1. Hehe…

              2. If Sasori wants to play Battlefield Online that 20gb model is not big enought. The size of updates for BF3 and BF4 is crazy. :P

            1. *facepalm* Even further proof that sasori is either a dumbfuck or he’s full of shit about the games he’s bought for the XB360 & actually spent that money on games for his Wii U.

    2. It reminds me why it kinda makes me mad when people say Nintendo sucks and should go down under. They brought me some of my best video game memories, when I was a child and present. I will always own a Nintendo console no matter what. I love playing games on Sony’s AND Microsoft’s console but my love for Nintendo will never die no matter what they do.

      1. captaindavesportsguy

        sports are very big in Canada and usa. hockey golf football baseball and basketball. they are all going to ps4 and xbone none of these sports games are going on the Nintendo wii u. only soccer is going there so how can you really look at the Nintendo system as a first rate console. they focus on Mario and Zelda like a one trick pony. they had more fun games in the 80s. ps4 is the big man on campus. 40 and up will understand this.

    3. Even the president of Sony knows the current situation of gamers today. Everybody just wants shooters. See, this guy said that they were happy to see the reactions of LBP3. That means that they do still cater to the other gamers that don’t just like to play shooters. Every time somebody says that Sony only cares about making dark, gritty games, FPS, SHOOTERS, etc, I facepalm. Console wars are stupid. -_-

        1. The entire gaming industry, all 3rd parties, Microsoft, Sony and fandorks over the whole graphics/power = best games BS is a fucking bad joke.

          They can keep ripping on Nintendo for being what they are because they’re games being colorful automatically being childish all fucking day but in the end, Nintendo will be realized as the saint of gaming that never gives in on their fans, gaming passion and fairly wise game consuming marketing.

            1. And you’re so fucking punk ass with that anonymous #76 name. Come back when you’re ready to prove your toughness.

                1. And who are you again? Oh yeah the Brown Noser. I don’t like you. :) Have a nice day and mind your own problems.

                  1. OHH NO! STRANGA DOESN’T LIKE ME; WHAT SHALL I EVER DO? Oh wait… not give a fuck :)

                    And it’s a public site buddy ;)

      1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

        there are other games besides shooters on the ps4 and xbox one. like killer instict , injustic gods amoung us, fifa , 2k, madden, infamous, kanck, project sparks, the crew, drive club , child of light, forza 5, lego movie and lego hobet and lego marvel, kinect sports for the xbox one and rayman legends and final fantasy xiv realm reborn.

        1. So pretty much Racing, Sports, Fighting, Platformer, Open World and Lego games you can easily get on Wii U.
          Rayman Legends is even better on Wii U, Final Fantasy Realm Reborn…. get it for PC.
          Kinect Sports….. Pffttt hahahahahaha! That isn’t a game, that is something you use to piss off your cat.

          Most of those games you can already get on Wii U whilst most of the PS4 and Xbox One third party exclusive games are basically shooters.

      2. captaindavesportsguy

        is the Nintendo community really have low standards and expectations that has very limited games coming to them. Mario poor back for carrying the Nintendo franchise. they had their run in the 80s with a lot of good games but I believe they are stagnant now. almost have to back up the truck over them. ps3 and ps4 are real great consoles ps4 a real powerhouse system. just to name a few for ps3 skyrim the last of us grand theft auto 5 and all the most popular sports games. in 2015 ps4 big games are batman witcher 3 the order 1886 uncharted 4. at e 3 2015 most ps4 games will be highlights and talked about.

    4. I didn’t think Splatoon would get such positive reactions by consumers let alone executives. I’m excited for it to be released! Just wish there were more Wii U games coming out THIS year‚Ķ And there aren’t many 3DS games coming out either‚ĶNext year should be good.

    5. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

      the xbox one will always be better than the ps4. keep on crying ponies. ps4 got no gamezzzz

      1. Explain to me how the Xbox One is better than the PS4. I’m not bashing either of them, but you always seem to say that as if it’s a fact. I want to hear your full on opinion about why the Xbox One is better. Go ahead. I’m waiting…

      2. PS4 has more games worth playing than Xbox One. Go and have fun with your crappy kinect. Oh wait you could only convince your parents to get you a Wii U because it’s the cheapest of the three consoles, and instead of having fun with the games available for it you’re constantly whining like a spoiled child.

        1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

          xbox one has rsye son of rome, killer instict, dead rising 3, battlefield 4, project sparks, call of duty advance warfare, crank down 3, halo 5, halo collection, destiny, forza 5 and horizon 2 and watch dogs.

          1. I have to agree with you. The XboxOne does have more interesting looking exclusives at the moment. As much as I like Sony more than Microsoft, I’ll give credit when its due. But dude, Battlefield, Destiny and Watch_Dogs are not exclusives, man.

            1. The only thing Xbox really has now is Forza Horizon and 2 Halo games, (one of which is a rehash of the past games)

              1. I have never played a Forza game before, but I play lots if racers so I don’t really see it as interesting. But I do like Halo. And the Halo games are probably more than enough to make me buy it. Although, the only one I’ve played is Combat Evolved. And that one was so much fun imo that I’d be willing to buy a new console just for that game alone.

                1. Halo games quality has been declining for a while now. The original Halo was the best, but then it got worse and worse till Halo 4, which was shit. Not excited for Guardians

          2. PS4 has
            Rayman Legends
            FIFA 14
            Final Fantasy XIV
            Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
            Assassin’s Creed 4
            Battlefield 4
            The Pinball Arcade
            NBA 2K14
            Lego Marvel Super Heroes
            Injustice Gods Among Us
            MLB 14 The Show
            Watch Dogs
            Wolfenstein The New Order
            Need For Speed Rivals
            Infamous Second Son

            And I’m not even counting upcoming games, that’ll make this list fill up half the page. So cry harder to Phil Spencer about your extreme lack of 1080p 60fps games!!!

            1. I forgot to add: the only thing Xbox One really has now is Titanfall, another COD wannabe with mechs. Forza 5 bombed, Killer Instinct bombed, Dead Rising bombed, Kinect Sports Rivals bombed

            2. Rayman Legends has been out for ages and the devs of it already said the Wii U version is the definitive version.

            3. Only one of those games you mentioned is an exclusive, the others can be bought for other consoles. Can you be any more stupid?

          3. Ryse bombed, Killer Instinct fumbled, Dead Rising 3 is a low res joke, Battlefield 4 on all platforms is a mess, COD has been garbage since COD4, Crackdown 3 *slow clapping* Good for you, another sequel nobody would care about, what else? Titanfall..a $60 multiplayer only POS COD copy published by none other dickhead greedy company than EA? You seriously think that game is any good? Have you missed out on Black Ops 2? COD had already nailed the futuristic idea and Titanfall came so late to the party.

            Halo 5? *yawn* Another fucking Halo? Didnt Halo 4 already proved that Halo is a dying series anyway? Forza 5? You mean Forza 4.1 with 90s arcade static audience cardboard graphics on a so called “next gen” console that’s merely marketed as a betamax? That game is also a joke. Watchdogs? That stupid ass next gen lie that you can’t even punch anyone and makes GTA5 look alot more fun. Forza Horizon 2? Yay. Yet another lame familiar sequel we should all care about. Wake me up when Burnout 6 is announced because Forza is just boring and even Need for Speed is more exciting to play and I don’t even like that POS Madden/COD spam with cars.

            1. It’s really sad that Killer Instinct didn’t do as good as I wanted it to. I used to have so much fun playing Killer Instinct Gold on the N64. But then again, you didn’t need to buy all the characters. XD

              1. Never played that game before. It was about Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Conker for me, especially Conker. XD

                Still cannot believe Microsoft/Rare butchered yet another beloved series…

                1. Sigh. I miss Conker. It was so great. I know I was about 10 when I played it and I definitely was not supposed to be playing it, but I didn’t mind. There was so much humor in that game. A lot of crude inappropriate jokes, blood, and sexual content. All. Uncensored. It was amazing. :P Multiplayer alone was so much fun. I loved killing the evil teddy bears. Lol. And when I killed the squirrels, so much blood came out… YEAH! XD Conker made violence fun. Unlike the stuff we have today where you just shoot a guy in the head and just keep on doing that to win. -_-

          4. xD And the sad thing is none of those games have been able to help the Xbox One outsell Sony & Nintendo. You foolish little Microsoft fanboy. Your precious Xbox is NOT the best system. Sony is curbstomping it while Nintendo is just walking all over it. Sorry to burst your bubble (not really,) kid, but the Xbox has only dominated something in one generation & that was the Nintendo Gamecube. It hasn’t surpassed Sony’s Playstation once yet.

      3. stop being bloody fanboy, most of those games u haven’t even played neither system will have the big titles till 2015, I’m currently more interested in xbone’s line up then sony, but sony does have the better system in terms of power, not to mention sony tends to get better exclusives, then microsoft.

      4. Well its 1080p-less ass with a dumbass name of its first gen model, that blows up while spying on retard gamers knowing NSA is spying, begs to differ. And 5 million Xbon One < Ouya < 8 million PSVita in 3 years < 7 million Wii U < 8 million PS4 < 50 million 3DS/2DS, numbers don't lie.

        Try WAY harder again next time loser.

        1. captaindavesportsguy

          the ps4 has sold more units then the Nintendo wii u and Nintendo had a year lead on them. they will bring back Mario they always do that is Nintendo bread and butter. who the hell is wario by the way. I know about the games I talked about going on the xbone and pc. but I was talking about the hulk of systems the ps4. and last oh uncharted 4 will be the best and they are taking their time with it. so it will be good.

      5. Yet the PS4 is still outselling the Xbox One and developers actually prefer it more than the Xbox One.

    6. “Yoshida says that while the industry in currently obsessed with military first person shooters, Nintendo provides a good balance with their creative and unique titles.”

      “while the industry in currently”

      “industry in currently”


      I think that’s supposed to be “is”.

    7. It’s sad that fanboys still exist at this point.
      “What’s you’re favorite legend of Zelda game? our’s is ocarina of time – Microsoft
      “I think Nintendo helps balance the video game industry”
      – Sony
      “We try to hire those who play multiple consoles”
      – Nintendo

      1. “Go play with your gimmick trash Kinect” -Sony/Nintendo fanboys
        “You only have kiddie games and weak hardware Lulz” – Microsoft/Sony fanboys
        “Graphics don’t matter and I am superior because I don’t play Call of Duty” – Nintendo fanboy

          1. Except for the last part. Those same COD player can’t even beat Metroid Prime for god’s sakes so yeah, Nintendo is better than Call of Queers: Camping Douchefare.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          “We’re going to be assholes and rain on everyone’s parade because we are too stupid to understand a preference. We will also pretend to not be butthurt when there is console exclusives we want to play. Let’s trash talk everything and be complete arrogant dipshits? Oh and did I mention I wasted a huge amount of money to get super good graphics?” – PC fanboys

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I bet she already has a lot of “Buffalo Sauce” considering she milks Sasori every day…

        2. But graphics don’t matter. You should rethink the Nintendo fanboy one. Everything else is spot on, though.

      2. I hope someday console and pc fanboys go away, gamers should talk about games more than arguing with each other about which console is superior. All consoles are better than the other in their own way.

        1. I hope so too. If I could afford all the gaming systems, I’d instantly buy them all. Maybe the reason console wars exist is money problems? Maybe they can’t afford the other so instead they bash it. But then again… PC elitists can afford all of em and still pick fights.

            1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

              too bad am poor. i guess you can brag about having a job and being rich person to buy every console you want. you upper middle class?

              1. Well, I could brag about having a job and my family making a lot of money, but I shouldn’t take that for granted. I’m thankful for having a family that cares so much about me, and makes sure that I’m happy.

                I am not a rich person. My parents don’t like the fact that I prioritize my money on games, but they know it is what makes me happy and I should be glad that they care.

                I wish I could get every console I want, you have no idea. I’ve been stuck with gaming on Nintendo for a while, because they can’t afford to buy every console I want.

                So you know what I did? I decided to get my own job. Thankfully my High School has a program were teens like me can get a job. I tried so hard to have a great job. I’ve been keeping my grades up. Since my academic were so well, two people at the Federal Reserve Bank wanted to interview me. This was my first time being interviewed for a job. I practiced all of the time making sure that I have eye contact, asking questions (so that I seem interested), dress for success, etc. In the end, everything payed off! I was so happy. It was the whole reason why I was able to get a Wii U, and very soon, I will be able to get a PS4 thanks to my hard work.

                Alright I’ve been on a tangent for too long. I you understand what I’m saying.

                Even though I truly sorry that you are poor, think about what you are doing with your life.

                Tangent over.

                  1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                    Maybe it’s because I just watched a very deep and heartfelt video…but that was inspirational and the most Real comment I’ve seen on this blog ;___;

                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

                        “stuck playing Nintendo for a long time”
                        What is wrong with Nintendo consoles? Sounds more selfish than inspirational

                        As for sasori, his rude attitude makes me not feel sorry he is poor, I am growing up (or technically grew up since I am a major) in a third world country where poverty is a daily phenomenon, my family aren’t very wealthy neither, just below middle class, my dad died when I was 13, leaving my mother to support me and my brother on her own

                        but you know what? We still smiled, when I got the Wii U, sure I was disappointing that there were not enough games to keep my attention for a while, but I don’t go on a tirade like sasori does, whining on about his stupid Naruturd show and how he loves xbox but doesn’t have one

                        even the homeless in my country are more grateful than sasori
                        When Nelson Mandela died, our country came to a standstill mourning the loss of the man who saved South African democracy

                        sasori on the other hand, is an arrogant prick, daring to insult MLK, a man who made it possible for people of sasor’s race to even breath the same air as a white man.

                        sasori deserves all the misfortune he gets in life as karma for being such an arrogant prick

            1. Now its Sony and Microsoft fandorks since their consoles are pathetically mimicking PC itself at a barebone 800p.

          1. It’s human nature to look down on others. so they insult other gamers. look through history, online sites, and controversies. read through and look for parts where they look down at others.

            1. No. What I hope for is to come to this site without having to see the word Xbox in every comments section I read. People here spend more time bashing the other systems than even paying attention to the actual article.

          2. I recently saved up for a gaming laptop, and it didn’t make me an elitist.
            It just made me a happier gamer, because now third party is basically at my fingertips regardless.
            PC+Wii U is my combo for this gen; I likely won’t need anything else, especially if some of the “exclusives” I’m wanting eventually come to the PC like they tend to lately.

            1. I’m still working on getting a new gaming PC, but currently I own all of the major handhelds and home consoles. I have been missing so many great PC exclusives because my computer is pretty crap right now. ;(

              1. I want to get a gaming PC, but there’s something about consoles I just seem to like that keeps preventing me from getting one. My plans are to get a PS3, then a PS4, then a PC.

        2. I agree. Why judge a game by console and not the quality? that’s just stupid. all games should have an equal chance *puts up flame shield*

            1. 1) not everyone here is like that. there are those of us who just want to enjoy games.
              2) I never called anyone stupid. just because something they do it stupid, doesn’t make them stupid.

        3. Agreed. Everytime I come to this website the comments are wayyyy off topic man. Just a bunch of ppl insulting eachother pieces of damn plastic. Just play the games u like and be happy u know?

        4. Very true.

          In Generation 6: Xbox had Star Wars, Halo, & other heavy action packed games & shooters. Playstation 2 had RPGs, Sports, & Adventure games. Gamecube had all of the above & more.

          I can’t think of anything for Generation 7, sadly, since Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 had pretty much the same games.

    8. Shuhei Yoshida is easily my favorite person in the entire video game industry, honestly. He seems like a really down-to-earth and honest person, very likeable. Plus, he actually takes his time to always keep in touch with fans of the Playstation brand, or even just random people, by talking with them on Twitter on a daily basis, in a really casual way too. Really admirable imo, I wish more representatives in the industry were like that.

        1. I’m not sure what you mean by that ?
          What I was saying is, he just communicates with people, retweets stuff directed to him by followers and just generally reacts to tweets to him, by answering to them and having small conversations with people who sent them, or simply liking them. Stuff like that. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but barely and representatives do anything like that, so it’s a really cool thing to be able to basically directly talk to him and ask him questions and actually get answers.
          And since you can access Twitter whenever you want, with your phone and whatnot, it’s not very hard to find time for doing it, I suppose.
          I hope this clears things up and I could answer your question ? (:

        2. Most of these comments are from some sort of media interview, but he’s a great guy and tries to make time for the community and media. I’m thinking he just doesn’t sleep. lol

      1. Its called PR marketing. That asshole wants to play with your emotions thinking he’s siding with Nintendo making sense in the industry so he can bait us to buy PS4 as a thank you.

        Its a very typical trick to gain sales out of emotional attachment because he knows all gamers are connected into this kind of BS feeling its even important.

        So if you’re even thinking about buying PS4 over this president playing nice on his competitors, then you’re a damn fool. You don’t see Nintendo trying that shit but Microsoft is doing that too.

          1. What are you saying, everyone knows representatives are under no circumstances allowed to play games on consoles of the companies they’re competing with. Unless it’s to copy them and steal their ideas !
            Common knowledge, duh.

          2. Enjoys them so much that he got banned twice for trying to market his console on Nintendo’s social medium..twice? lol

            1. Banned for what exactly again ? Oh right, for having a link to his Twitter account on his profile.
              The -second- time was for “marketing his console”, by saying “I love PS”. He didn’t even write out Playstation, so it could have been anything, really. But even if it (obviously) stood for Playstation, i’s not like he actively went on people’s profiles to convince them to buy Playstation products. And to be very precise, he wasn’t banned for “marketing his own console”, but for advertising in general. It didn’t really matter if he was actually talking about Playstation or, I don’t know, let’s say Photoshop.
              Maybe check your facts first before spreading false information.

              1. That’s technically marketing his own products on another product by saying specific phrases and sharing links that leads to Sony/PlayStation related pages.

                Next time, read my texted lips CAREFULLY. Next time, I’ll try to explain shit slowly so you won’t get lost for 9 seconds.

                1. So, if I shared my personal Twitter-account here, would I be marketing every single thing that’s mentioned on there ? Cool story, br- Oh wait ! Did I just market memes by saying that sentence ? I sure hope not !

                  1. Funny..except the joke went stale before you even thought of it.

                    Anyway, yes in a sense he’s openly linking everyone to PS and in Nintendo’s eyes, it affects their business plus ol Sony Pony Prez didn’t bother to read the terms first. XD

                    1. It’s his personal Twitter account, it’s not like he linked them to the official Playstation Twitter-account. So naturally, there will be tweets about his interests, Playstation among others. So, I believe the reason for getting banned for having his Twitter-account linked wasn’t “potential advertisement”, but rather Nintendo wanting to keep the children safe, √† la “Don’t share your personal information”.
                      And to be fair, who even does read the terms ? But either way, it’s not like he was complaining about getting banned, so that’s not really subject to the discussion. You said he was banned for marketing his console, which is not really true.
                      And don’t worry, I usually don’t make use of memes, it was just an example.

              2. You’d be surprised at the type of stuff you can get banned by saying on Miiverse… Plus, people can report you for no reason at all. Nintendo fans must’ve guessed he was the real one and they disposed of him as quickly as they could. Lol.

                1. Now that was extreme from them. Naughty Dog and Kojima use to make games for them or still are so IDK why the hell would they ban you for saying that.

        1. Yeah it’s definitely pr marketing seeing as how Yoshida owns TWO wii u’s and Phil Spencer of microsoft owns ALL consoles.


        2. Lmfao, why are you always so bitter ? Try being a little laid-back and optmistic mate, it’s a great feeling, trust me.
          Besides, if the personality of the representatives of a gaming company is what’s important to you when deciding what console to buy, then maybe you are the fool. To me personally, it’s the games that truly matter. Having a cool rep is just a really nice bonus.
          Also, I haven’t even said anything about him praising Nintendo in the first place, so I’m honestly a little confused about you giving me an answer like that ?
          But okay I guess, thanks for looking out for me, lmao.

          1. Stranga usually always replies with extremely aggressive/bitter comments whenever someone is trying to say something. Even when I try to reason with him he usually replies with hurtful insults or violent/ slightly inappropriate comments. I just deal with it though. I don’t pay attention to it. But anyways, I do think Yoshida is a good man. *puts up flame shield*

            1. Sorry about that but I’m tired of all of this fake praises about Wii U when its all about using people to favor products for the wrong reasons. Can’t people just make any sense on what they’re doing or talking about these days?

              All I’m seeing and hearing is stupid people dancing all over deciding whats better and right without much evidence answering why.

              1. Well, do you have any evidence of Shuhei Yoshida not being genuine about his comments ? I don’t think so.
                You can’t just go ahead and call someone an asshole for praising Nintendo just because -you- believe it’s a “fact” that he’s doing it for the wrong reasons. Or insulting others for believing that person. That really isn’t going to take you anywhere, just gonna make people shake their heads at you.
                You can believe whatever you want and others can believe whatever they want. But trying to shove your opinion down people’s throats, acting like they’re facts and throwing around insults really isn’t the way to go. Just saying.

                1. Believe me, its all PR. If thats true of what he’s saying, then why is he still supporting the same plague of FPSs anyway? He wouldn’t care if the market is beyond saturated with shooters since its making tons of money from newbies who never grew up nor experience the real age of video gaming thats more diversed and focused on the fun factor of it.

                  1. @Stranga That’s because the decision to buy FPS is all up to the gamer. Shuhei thinks instead of trying to stop supporting the FPS he lets the gamer decide if they want to buy them or not. Idk if he likes shooters and whatnot, but he always tries to support the games no matter what. After all, that’s still money he needs to make. XD

                    1. And you think by what he said is gonna change anything besides PS4’s numbers? He can praise Wii U as much as he wishes but keep it on a personal level and try not to try to stir people to feel empathy for his ideals and “support” him over it which also means its not making Wii U’s situation any better.

                      What he should be more concerned for is how to revive the already deadbeat Vita. That thing needs a good damn miracle to come back from the dead.

                  2. So just because he personally enjoys creative games and might not be into FPS games very much, it means he shouldn’t let any of those appear on Playstation consoles ? Consoles made for EVERYONE, EVERYONE with ANY kind of taste in games ? Consoles ANYONE is supposed to find games best suited for THEMSELVES ? I hope you’re joking right now, lmao.
                    Besides, who are you even to look down on people who enjoy a different type of game than you do ? Just because you personally don’t get any fun out of FPS games, doesn’t mean it’s a fact that they’re no fun. There are millions of people who do enjoy them and that shouldn’t be any of your business. And people who enjoy FPS aren’t limited to them only, you know… They can like CoD and TLoZ at the same time, for example, that ain’t no secret.
                    You really need to stop being so damn bitter about pretty much everything that’s even in the slightlest different from how you would like it to be, it’s hard keeping up a normal conversation with you.

                    1. I’m in for any good games even if its FPS like COD4. But as I see how the generation is now as the majority, its just too pitiful to watch everyone favor something too heavily on one or two things that isnt the most vital substance of gaming and just neglect everything else simply because its not in 1st person view or have goregasm all over. I can be strong over it because I’ve seen and heard too much to bear it anymore but in a way, I could be correct or not at times.

                      1. Isn’t the most vital substance of gaming having fun ? As long as they have fun with it, why does it matter to you what type of game it is they are enjoying ? They’re not playing them for you, they’re playing the games for themselves.

                      2. captaindavesportsguy

                        come on man you know uncharted 4 is gonna be a hit. the last of us is a classic and only will get better with ps4 the hulk strongest there is. Mario is a rehash and remake for the last 25 years don’t Nintendo fans get tired of a one trick pony. I agree cod is too much every year im glad I don’t play it. but I don’t know how Nintendo fans can go without real sport games for many years. like I said before up in Canada and u s a it is a big demand. ps4 is the big boys league and Nintendo is batting 3rd.

                        1. Mario isn’t a “rehash”. He’s just been around way longer. The gameplay of every game varies depending on what genre it is. Like say, Super Mario 3D World is not the same thing as Mario Kart 8. The only Mario franchise that is really a “rehash” is NSMB. Besides it being the same character, there’s nothing wrong. And to be honest, Mario is really the main reason why Nintendo is what they are. Everyone including people that aren’t even gamers know his name. If Nintendo had quit using him, they probably would not where they are now. (Not the Wii U situation, I just mean their popularity :P)

              2. Yea, I’ve been around here for quite a while, so I’ve seen a lot of his comments. No idea what he’s supposed to achieve by that kind of manner, but I do know that it just makes me take him less seriously in the end. So it’s all good, I don’t mind it. (:

      2. Anyways, Smash Bros character announcement tomorrow! I usually stay up until Sakurai posts the POTD, but I’m going to sleep early so I can be refreshed! Fingers crossed for Captain Falcon, Chrom, Shulk, Bayonetta, who knows? Can’t wait to see who it is. Just 3 more months, guys! ^_^

          1. I’d be ok with that to be honest because PGP is fabulous coughcough. But I think that would REALLY AGGRAVATE a ton of gamers. XD

      3. Nintendo Commander Phazon

        So much truth in his words. Shooters have become too mainstream and is something many people come to expect theses days, with the exception of Nintendo’s consoles. They kinda keep the balance between genres stable.

      4. Shame that fanboys will completely ignore what their dear glorious leader of their preferred plastic box has to say about the industry (respectful and intelligent comments mind you) yet continue to spew foolishness and stupidity which only dwells them further into ridicule. Carry on :3

          1. that’s all what it boils down to really haha, but where would all the entertainment be if they weren’t here tho XD

      5. the only two gaming companies that legitimantly hated eachother were Nintendo and sega. now they are good friends. good to see the other companies getting along fine in a friendly competition.

        1. If only the fans and 3rd parties would express the same way but that ain’t gonna happen soon no matter how much we hope for it.

          1. Nintendo and EA best friends. Hahaha Idk why but the thought of that is just hilarious. Every EA game confirmed to be only a Wii U exclusive and games being delayed so they can finish working on games instead of charge DLC. Hah! Only in our dreams. XD

              1. I bought Need For Speed Most Wanted U for full $60 and that money went straight to EA… :/ I only bought it because I’m a fan of NFS and Criterion did great work on it. I enjoyed the game and I was looking foward to the next game and then Rivals got announced not coming to Wii U. Man, you have no idea how PISSED I was that day. I learned my fucking lesson the hard way unfortunately… So now they got my cash in their pockets and I have no new game. Unfair trade, man. :(

                1. Need For Speed that supports that BS Origin? No thanks and for calling out Nintendo/Wii U/fans in a disrespectful and unprofessional matter? They don’t deserve anything after that.

                  1. Yeah… that BS is annoying. One day, I forgot my Origin password and the game just WOULD NOT let me access the online features. I’m like WTF? I’m missing out on gameplay because of something as stupid as that?

                    1. That’s why I don’t buy/support crap especially if its something like Origin/Uplay which one is Spyware and the other is DRM with faulty ass stability.

                      1. captaindavesportsguy

                        of course this guy is lying about owning all of those systems. he just google up list of video game systems. I have owned a lot of different systems in my 33 years of playing video games. projectcafe 7 is a poser I am a hard core player. ill tell you about a classic system that he did not list and I owned both of theirs. the intellivison 1 and 2 which was better then Atari. more sports graphics were better and a lot of choice for games. he is just a Nintendo fan boy so he cant be taking to seriously. enough said.

      6. Wouldn’t it be great if Sony and Nintendo worked together on things? You know, instead of being rivals? I would MUCH rather Sony and Nintendo have a relationship than Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft should have stayed with computers.

        1. Before the PS era, they were partners. Then that disc deal fell through and Sony decided to run with it on their own. I’m okay with it though, we have more diversity and choices now because of that. Nobody likes a monopoly.

      7. He’s got a valid point there, without Nintendo we’d be stuck with generic shooter after generic shooter.

      8. hairyfriendof_yoursi

        it’s definitely not true that everbody just wants shooters and that stuff today. add all the so-called “casual” gamers out there who play games on smartphones and tablets and then take all the nintendo-fans and together they are the overwhelming majority of all gamers out there!

      9. Tbh Kirby was probably the most disappointing game shown at E3 for me… It just seems like its a line game, it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be any actual walking movement, which will be a real big disappoint for me if it is as so..

        1. It didn’t impress me as much as Triple Deluxe did on it’s reveal… (Triple Deluxe is amazing btw.) I’m not even sure what this one is supposed to be. If Nintendo plans on making it a full $60 retail game, they’d better show off some more gameplay. Anyways, It’s still too early to tell for sure. Could end up being great after all. But I’m really disappointed it wasn’t a main game…

        2. You know it’s a sequal to a popular Kirby DS title, right? It’s all touch controls, and it’s quite addictive.

        3. Maybe its because you never tried 2005’s Canvas Curse on DS to get how it was popular in the first place. If the drawing controls really adds the difficulty and replayability that if you miss something like secrets and items, then that’ll justify the gameplay idea which is propably how Canvas Curse succeeded.

      10. captaindavesportsguy

        for sports im getting nhl 15 pga 15 madden 15 that should take me for the rest of the year. then 2015 the big games are coming out batman arkham knight the witcher 3 the order 1886 and maybe uncharted 4. the wallet is gonna take a big hit. hard core gamers know what im talking about.

          1. Delay was announced around E3 unfortunately. But at least it looks like it will be a great game. They’re putting a ton of effort into this one. I’m good with waiting if it makes it even better.

      11. captaindavesportsguy

        i dont understand how nintendo fanboys can live with nintendo only nowdays. i mean cmon yea last time it was the cool thing but now ps3 and ps4 is the real place to play on with sports, shooter etc

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          We don’t like FPS rehashes or Sports, the worst abominations in gaming…

          And I have a superior PC to play all games not available on our holy machines…

          I don’t need gimped PCs…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Oh I know, it’s just that most “gamers” today focuses on these American FPs military shooters all the time and they all look and play the same…

              I miss the times when they were innovative like Goldeneye or Perfect Dark…

              TimeSplitters too of course…

              Splatoon is a game in the right direction…

            2. EA can never be done right with sports or anything and I hope that evil greedy company burns itself to the ground. As for shooters, none of them except Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and even COD4 impress me.

        2. Sports and shooters are as stale as 3 day old dog turd on a sidewalk. The hell with caring about those repetitively milked-to-death garbage.

        3. I am not sure I get your point. You are telling us that Nintendo is old fashion cause the console doesn’t have much shooter or sport game and we should play PS3 or PS4???? I like a FIFA now and then but as for shooters go the story is crap filled with a lot of Holywood stereotype/cliche, half of the game have to be purchase on DLC. If it ‘s not bad enough, Sony like MS promote individuality and social exclusion whereas Nintendo privilege togetherness. If the future of video game is to pay ¬£100 in total per game,which will be completed in 1h30 but with very beautiful visual,average gameplay, zero replay,useless achievement,online monitored services which try to sell you crap and make you a social reject who do not see his/her family/friend but his online friends everyday. thank you but no thank you I will pass and stick with Nintendo.

      12. to be honest, Yoshida-san knows that gamming on smart phone (where sony struggle) take market share he does not want to lose. he used to be a programmer and a director, he knows he stuff with it comes to video games industry. Yoshida-san wants to have an health market which means more genre means more consummer means more revenu to sony (at least more than mobile phone games)

          1. The Nintendo and Microsoft fanboys are still the worst imo. I want to slap the people that say Kinect is innovative. As for the Nintendo fanboys, they are the absolute worst. It pisses me off when someone says that graphics don’t matter and then say that they buy third party games on PC because of the graphics. Sony fanboys brag about graphics too, but Nintendo fanboys take the shit to the next level. Lmao.

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