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Survey Of 1000 People Shows Wii U Purchasing Intent Increased 50% After E3


A recent survey of 1000 people commissioned by IHS in partnership with parent company Gamer Network, shows that those surveyed showed an increased interest in purchasing a Wii U after last month’s E3 event. 89 percent of Wii U owners also surveyed said they will buy Zelda Wii U when it’s released. You can read the findings of the small survey, right here.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

24 thoughts on “Survey Of 1000 People Shows Wii U Purchasing Intent Increased 50% After E3”

  1. 89% say they’ll get zelda wii u, only 25% will.

    But glad for the wii u. I wasnt surveyed but count me in for the “definitely interested post-e3”

  2. Wow. All those people that want to buy Zelda. And it won’t come until next year! o.O Nintendo better hope Smash and Mario Kart do the trick until then. Ha, that’s funny. Usually Mario would save the console, but now it’s Link to the rescue. XD

  3. IT WORKED!!! Anyway, Smash bros and amiibo and PROPER advertsing should push the wii u to 9m+.

    then 2015’s Baseline should increase from the after-mk8 baseline of 60K+ a week to 90K a week.


  4. Pretty flawed survey. No game not bundled with hardware has achieved 89% reach, nor will that ever happen

    1. I agree Damon. No matter how good the game is, that’s a really tough number to hit- especually considering how many copies ALBW and Skyward Sword sold. Let’s put this into perspective: by the time the next Zelda is out, there’s probably going to be nearly ~10 million Wii U on the market, and there’s no way it will sell 9 million. But hey- I’ve been wrong before…

    2. of course it’s flawed, the survey didn’t use random samples but rather a biased set since it was done AT e3


      What do you mean ? This is just a survey of purchase interest, not actual purchase. the the % is not related to attach rate….

  5. Not surprised. People don’t care about games that much, and Nintendo got themselves a crappy reputation with the Wii and its mass casualisation. Plus, USA is basically Nerdia and also the land of money, and Sony is going very strong with marketing there while Nintendo skipped E3 conferences to do a way less spectacular Nintendo Direct.
    No console war this gen.

    1. Nintedno Direct was universally lauded as a much more beneficial way to present. It shouldve been longer, yes, but coupled with the treehouse sessions blew Sony and MS away.

    2. I’m surprised there are still fools, fools with opinions but fools none the less, that still think Nintendo made the mistake of not having a press conference even after a majority of people all agreed that Nintendo won E3 with their “way less spectacular” Nintendo Direct. But once Sony & Microsoft go the way of Nintendo & do their own digital events instead of press conferences, you people will be singing a different tune then about how it was the best thing to ever happen to E3 while ignoring the fact that Nintendo did it first.

  6. Three games that’s gonna dominate on Wii U next year– Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and a new The Legend of Zelda game for Wii U.

  7. Now this is great news!!! Can’t wait to see the install base of Wii U increase and hopefully we will start getting more games again.

  8. If only some really good games would come out right NOW. All I’ve been using my Wii U for is the internet browser.

    1. Ever since Mario Kart 8 released, I’ve been pretty satisfied. As I also own desktop PC for PC gaming, I can’t justify to purchase PS4 to replace my console gaming from Wii U. :)

      Keep it up, Nintendo!!

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