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Fatal Frame Wii U Borrows Some Technology From Dead or Alive 5

It has been revealed that the forthcoming Fatal Frame title, Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden, will utilise some of the technology used in the acclaimed Dead or Alive franchise. Team Ninja are part of developer Koei Tecmo, so the news isn’t too surprising. Here’s what Team Ninja had to say on Twitter.

“While you may have noticed after watching the video, the latest Fatal Frame game that was announced the other day uses some technology from Dead or Alive 5!”

Thanks, WhiteEagle

84 thoughts on “Fatal Frame Wii U Borrows Some Technology From Dead or Alive 5”

    1. Well, this is an out of house project, so they wouldn’t be making the tech anyhow. Smash Bros is a better argument for you to hate on with since the team working on it is from Namco and Smash is a first party game

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I hope not, it will take away the essence of this game, just like this stupid world does with everything else, sex everywhere…

      1. I don’t mind boob physics if done for the right reasons like realism or minor fanservice. It’s when they go overboard with the boob physics that it becomes irritating.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          What in the bloody hell, I got a third textmessage from Nintendo and they said my repairs have been delayed even longer…

          Do I have the most defective Gamepad ever?…

    2. Gah dang it… I wanted to be here so I could say “inb4 somebody says something about boobs” Jeez you are fast. XD

  1. So the “jiggle” effect? XD but lol at all the retarded haters that think Nintendo is lazy and reusing the same engine. It’s made by Koei Tecmo smart ones. Lay off your hater-aid.

    1. I’m pretty sure they are talking graphics wise. This is supposed to be a horror game if I remember? Who would it have jiggle physics on? The ghosts? Lol.

      1. Then the game will not be taken serious and fail so hard, just like most Resident Evil games post RE4.

        1. The guys who made Dead or Alive actually decided to tone down the jiggle physics in later games.
          Y’know, because they actually wanted people to finally take them seriously.

          1. Too bad they resorted back to the fanservicy outfits and Sixaxis movement after the game’s launch. :P

            But yeah, the DOA devs did really wanted to be taken serious until the fans whined about the lack of fanservuice and boobs.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        A long time ago I used to be there, but I got bored…

                        MNN is my primary base…

                        I’m preparing to launch attacks on youtube in the not too distant future…

      1. He’s gay, he have implied that many times before. Not to mention he hates sexualization in videogames. I do sightly agree with his point since at times it could work if pulled off right, or it could just make the game hard to take serious like certain Resident Evil games.

      1. Aeolus, that’s a name I haven’t seen for ages. Did you go PS4 in the end? I’m set with a GTX 670, i7 and a Wii U this time round I think.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Yes, he had about 4 clones for a while, now only this thing remains…

              Also it exposed itself to be the even bigger abomination known as Nostalgiaww…

              1. Seems I’ve missed some fun. By the way Commander, I just came back from a visit to the motherland, Japan. The Nintendo love there was incredible, makes the UK look so poor in comparison.

                  1. I hope you do too. We spent most evenings at the Star Bar (Mario bar) in Shinjuku. Full of Mario stuff, a Wii U on a projector and great Nintendo themed cocktails. Mario Kart 8 adverts were everywhere, especially in the subway stations. Drinking until 4am playing Mario Kart 8 in that bar with local Japanese was a lot of fun.

                    1. No, sir. You do not drink and play Mario Kart 8. That’s not a good example to set for kids like me. XD Jk.

      1. A gaming PC is a wise choice, adding a Wii U for great local multiplayer is still worth it though in my opinion.

    1. I bought Wii U and Ps4

      But im playing Ps4 most of the time, i just finshed Mk8 now my wii u is gathering dust, im thinking of selling it before the dust mites mess up the console

      1. Really? Almost all people I know are regretting their decision buying the PS4 this early, because THERE ARE ALMOST NO GAMES WORTH PLAYING ON IT! Maybe next year the situation will be better, but surely not at the moment.

        1. specially 84 dollars for a game called destiny…and already hearing its not as they say. But what do I know, right? Maybe one of you guys that are not tight on money issues right now can show me from your own PS4’s.

              1. I’m pretty sure that’s either just the pricing where you live or a special edition. It isn’t over $60 over here.

    2. I see the kiddy graphics battle is still going on then. I’m probably older than a majority on here have got a PS4 etc etc. When I got M3DW and sat down to play it I was blown away by the crisp presentation, beautiful lighting effects on the water in Bowsers castle, and COLOUR something I haven’t seen a lot of on my PS4 (I’ve played Knack and don’t think it looks better than M3DW) the games built from the ground up for the Wii U look I’m my opinion amazing. Plus they have another bonus over a majority of the competitors games…… GREAT GAMEPLAY

    3. Sony Emperor Xperia

      Knack Blows anything on Wii U out the Water

      Thats real next gen, just the physics alone that handle Knack’s individual relics on his body will take up 3gigs of Wii U’s Ram, something it doesn’t have

      1. Knack just seems like a good looking platformer to me, the only thing that is truly next-gen that I have experienced so far is Oculus Rift, the cover shooter demo with Hydra implentation.

      2. It also runs at a poor variable frame rate. I expected more games to be coming out at launch in 1080p solid 60fps, seems that is still only achievable for people with gaming PC machines.

      3. Knack jajajajajajajaajajajajajajaja, you are trolling right?? please tell me you are jajajajajajaja, sorry i can’t take you has a serius gamer if you are using knack has a shield to defend the ps4, COMMANDER ATACK!!! THEY HAVE A KNACK DEFENSE!!!

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    5. I don’t like the Dead Or Alive games because nobody speaks english. I get annoyed having to read subtitles.

    6. As long as it doesn’t have massive boob jiggling, I am fine with this. I love boob jiggling as much as the next straight guy but sometimes too much is too much.

      1. Especially when the boobs are small. I can understand big ones jiggling like mad but small ones!? Too much!

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