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Japanese Charts: Wii U Sells 8K And Nintendo 3DS Sells 37K

This week’s Japanese charts are now in courtesy of Media Create. Yokai Watch 2 for the Nintendo 3DS remains the best-selling video game by a long shot. Nintendo 3DS sales dropped after last week but remains decent at 37.377. Wii U sales remain steady at 8.209. You can see the Japanese software and hardware charts, below.

  1. [3DS] Yokai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke (Level-5, 07/10/14) – 331,946 (1,648,653)
  2. [PSV] Oreshika: Tainted Bloodblines (SCEJ, 07/17/14) – 93,775 (New)
  3. [PS3] Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea (Gust, 07/17/14) – 43,744 (New)
  4. [3DS] Gundam Try Age SP (Bandai Namco, 07/17/14) – 21,524 (New)
  5. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 05/29/14) – 14,992 (542,358)
  6. [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 12,790 (1,208,077)
  7. [PSV] Freedom Wars (SCEJ, 06/26/14) – 9,761 (262,427)
  8. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Space-Time Great Adventure (Bandai Namco, 06/26/14) – 9,258 (101,478)
  9. [3DS] Pokemon Art Academy (Nintendo, 06/19/14) – 5,714 (69,636)
  10. [PS3] Watch Dogs (Ubisoft, 06/26/14) – 5,628 (59,585)
  11. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V Low Price Version (06/26/14) – 5,090 (23,659)
  12. [3DS] Pokemon X / Y (Pokemon, 10/12/13) – 4,925 (4,106,912)
  13. [PS4] Murdered: Soul Suspect (Square Enix, 07/17/14) – 4,467 (New)
  14. [PS4] FIFA 14 (EA, 02/22/14) – 4,094 (67,541)
  15. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 (Capcom, 09/14/13) – 3,905 (3,311,605)
  16. [PS4] Watch Dogs (Ubisoft, 06/26/14) – 3,455 (85,832)
  17. [3DS] Happe-chan Minna de Odekake! Wakuwaku Hoppe Land!! (Nihon Colombia, 07/17/14) – 3,433 (New)
  18. [3DS] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen (Konami, 05/22/14) – 2,996 (70,108)
  19. [PSV] Persona 4 Golden (Atlus, 06/14/12) – 2,929 (304,785)
  20. [Wii U] Wii Sports Club (Nintendo, 07/17/14) – 2,898 (New)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. 3DS LL – 31,192 (55,531)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 27,352 (38,907)
  3. Wii U – 8,209 (8,658)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 7,389 (7,763)
  5. PlayStation 4 – 6,456 (7,150)
  6. 3DS – 6,185 (6,425)
  7. PlayStation Vita TV – 2,249 (1,803)
  8. PSP – 556 (779)
  9. Xbox 360 – 129 (140)


181 thoughts on “Japanese Charts: Wii U Sells 8K And Nintendo 3DS Sells 37K”

    1. At least its beating PS3/4. :)

      Remember, Japan is the handheld territory so Vita overtaking Wii U is expected but everywhere else, Vita is a flop.

        1. Every time I see (or hear) the name Vita, I think of Velveeta cheese. Except Velveeta cheese is better.

  1. I wonder how many more video game companies will bite the dust? Nintendo’s not going anywhere, but these devs who can only make 1st and 3rd person shooters- where will they be in 5 years?
    This gen is lackluster, and the consoles we’ll get in a few years will probably disappoint even worse.
    Sales will fall.
    Winter is coming.

      1. And already we see the plague of shooters coming. Trust me. Everyone who hated Nintendo over that reason (“lacking” graphics and stale shooters) will get bored and regrettable in no time.

        1. What’s wrong with shooters? We get the same amount of Mario games each and every time, and you don’t complain, just like the fandork that you are

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Yes. Like every Mario game (Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Super Mario (main genre) New Super Mario Bros, Paper Mario) is the same exact genre, right? I don’t know about Stranga but I wouldn’t be so bothered by the amount of shooters if they were different types of shooters. Sadly it’s mostly first person shooters.

            1. You can’t do very much to change a shooter you know. At least there are things like Halo and Evolve that try to break the pattern. And not trying to say Mario games are bad or anything, but he is technically right. There are multiple Paper Mario’s, Mario Karts, New Super Mario Bros, Mario Tennis, Mario Sports, etc. The only ones not getting milked are the main Mario games. 64, Galaxy, Galaxy 2, etc. I am begging Nintendo to pay attention to those instead. It seems like they are ignoring them.

              1. >.< Paper Mario has only had 3 games. Super Paper Mario doesn't count since it's not an RPG like the others. New Super Mario Bros has only had 4 games with only two of them having such a close release date to each other. The sports Mario games are of the same genre but are different types of the genre. So none of them are really getting milked like you think they are.

                1. They are milked. No excuses. XD But hey, as long as they keep getting better in quality as they grow, then that’s ok with me. Nintendo should focus on main Mario games instead of using resources to make things like Mario Golf. Blegh. Mario Golf is not what made Mario what he is today. HAHA lol. Games like Super Mario 64 are!

              2. As for shooters, there are a few types of the genre: platform, 1st person platform adventure, 1st person, 3rd person to name a few.

                1. Shooters are in the same genre, but they aren’t all the same. Look at Halo and compare it to Call of Duty. Now look at Battlefield and compare it to Destiny. You see? Even though they are the same genre, they aren’t the same thing. And I have to give the people that made Titanfall some credit for trying to change things around. There really isn’t much you can do to change it. People like FPS just the way they are. That’s why CoD makes so much money. Some people don’t like change. Just like how the Wii U isn’t doing so good right now. Because Nintendo tried to change. And everybody said no. Lol that’s messed up. XD

    1. You fanboys are sad. All you guys type is “doom doom doom doom 3rd parties suck herp durp shooters derp herp doom doom graphics mean nothing doopy hoppy derp doom doom gaming is gone doom doom anything not nintendo is bad.”

      1. Same with you fanboys, so I don’t see what you mean.

        Sony fanboys brag about how the PS4 can do 1080p but when a game like the Order can only do 30 fps, they defend it and say that it’s “Next Gen frame rate”…. not really that excusable.

        Xbox One fanboys say that resolution doesn’t matter but always says that with directx 12 they’ll be getting 1080p and suddenly it matters.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          And most already debunked that saying it won’t run directx12 without downscaling it anyway haha…

        2. PS4 fandorks are high out of their mind thinking PS4 is a PC at it prime. lol

          Xbox fandork likes to say Microsoft isn’t that bad and Xbox is a “perfect” console when it cants even run games probably without malfunctioning and setting itself on fire over 5 times and console that had to be exchanged.

          1. And Nintendo fan dorks like you think that everything Mario is definitely awesome and everything else isn’t

  2. MK8 still in the top 5?
    Wow… it’s really a good game then :D

    Watch_Dogs is dead yet MK8 still keeps going XD


            USA Charts: July 12th 2014

            1. Mario Kart 8
            2. Minecraft (X360)
            3. One Piece (PS3)
            4.Tomodachi Life (3DS)
            5. Minecraft (PS3)
            6. Pokemon X/Y (3DS)
            7. One Piece (3DS)
            8. Call of Duty Ghosts (X360)
            9. GTA V (X360)
            10. EA Sports UFC (PS4)

            Oh my…. no Watch Dogs in sight ;)

            1. You realize that the OFFICIAL sales reports on US were released just a while ago?
              1. Watch Dogs
              2. Mario Kart 8
              3. Minecraft
              4. UFC
              5. FIFA 14
              6. NBA 2K14
              7. Wolfenstein: The New Order
              8. Call of Duty: Ghosts
              9. Tomodachi Life
              10. Grand Theft Auto V

              Dem facts!

                    1. First you said GTA was trash and only idiots would buy it, but now you say it’s the better game? The definition of hypocrite here

                1. I applaud you that you think that 2 million for MK8 is a good number. You’re an idiot to think that. If that number’s good then what about 30+ million for a game like MK Wii, a game on only ONE platform?

                  1. Yeah, For a struggling platform 2 Mil in this amount of time IS good. For Wii, 30 Mil is the lifetime sale on a huge console base.

              1. Yes, but where would Watch_Dogs be if the States didn’t throw them all into one group & did week by week sales instead of the entire month? Neither of us can really say unless one of us is actually involved with the company that keep up with this stuff in the United States.

              2. They combined all consoles for Watch Dogs. PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. While Mario Kart 8 is just Wii U. Mario Kart 8 outsold all Watch Dogs versions in the individual sales.

                1. Why is it that people keep comparing Watch Dogs to Mario Kart 8? Who cares? Don’t spoil the success of the game. Remember that they both will have to compete with like 5 other big games this fall.

            2. Anyone who seriously uses VGChartz to support their arguments instantly loses every single bit of credibility they had. That’s like, basic knowledge on gaming forums and comment sections.

            1. It’s sad that you have to combine THREE Mario Kart games to even compare with ONE Watch Dogs. You’re basically admitting you failed

      1. Its dropping like a sack of potatoes on a sloppy hill.

        Don’t get mad that MK8 is still hanging on unlike that watered down GTA4 with no punching and a story that’ll put a baby to sleep faster than lullaby.

        1. Did you even read anything?? Or did your fanboy Butthurt overtake your common sense?

          It was THE TOP SELLING GANE IN US, TOTAL SALES 6 MILLION. Wake up and realize it destroys Mario Kart 8 in sales.

          And you’re actually crying over the ability to punch in a game?

    1. Well… Watch dogs was overrated, over hype, and overestimated. Good game dont think me wrong, but it sooooo didn’t live to the expectations :/ sad really

        1. This time, it’s pretty much fact.
          It really didn’t live up to the expectations of the public and it was just a mediocre game.

          MK8 on the other hand actually lived up to the hype.

          1. The game with the only characters being babies and metal people, shit battle mode, and lackluster online lived up to the hype? Lmfao

            1. Hmmm I do remember there being other characters that weren’t babies and I’ve heard people say postitive things about the Online, including people like IGN and Machinima.
              Battle Mode did suck but that’s about it.

              Seems like someone has the case of Watch_Dogs Fanblindness XD

              1. IGN actually gave a negative opinion about online, if you read the review at all. He was exaggerating about the baby thing because Baby Mario, Luigi, Rosalina, Peach, Daisy. You get the idea.

                1. So IGN is actually saying they suck at online play regardless but say its the game’s fault that they suck…

                  Yup. Typical IGN raging at the game instead of themselves.

                  1. You realize IGN gave Mario Kart 8 a 9/10?

                    And they were criticizing a ridiculously primitive online structure that you will never understand because you lack the resources to buy a second console. Voice chat is only the start

            2. There’s only 5 babies with Baby Rosalina being new which all home console MK since DD has, 2 Metal (which I agree its a waste), battle mode didn’t become shit but rather lacking because its doesn’t have its own arena stages.

              Lackluster online? Are you mad? Its the same great online as the last game which I know you didn’t complain about.

              1. Erm, past Mario Kart games never had that many babies in any installment. So uh, comment invalid?

                And keep crying about Nintendo’s stupidity to not even make a basic online for its fans.

          2. Watch dogs looked like a fresh Innovative take on the open game, it sold wonderfully the first 2 weeks, the game looked so good that i almost preorder a copy for my Wii U, but after reading the reviews and checking the gameplay i realize that the game was far from fresh and unique, my opinion? I’ll give you that, but is not just me saying this. :)

            1. Fresh..innovative? You can’t even punch anybody dude. HTF is that even “innovative” when its all primitively lazy programming stunt? Mario 64 did it and its a 1996 game.

          3. MK8 needs to start rolling out dlc.. game is still fun for online, but has gotten stale. Fix battle mode Nintendo!!!!!!!!! Would be cool if there were online leagues depending on your skill level (derived from gameplay) and you could “bet” coins you collected in game.

    2. If Watch Dogs is dead, why are the sales still so strong? Last I checked te numbers for it were, what, 6 million? Yet MK8 remains at 2 million. If you’re that stupid to use Japan as some sort of “proof” that Nintendo is dominating, then you’re seriously out of touch with gaming. Top 5 in Japan is 14K. That’s just sad in my eyes

      1. Actually, you seem to need your eyes checked there buddy because MK8 sold more GLOBALLY than Watch_Dogs… I’m sorry but that’s fact.

        1. Lol? Did you even see the Ubisoft sales reports? Oh wait, you’re too busy in your basement pretending everything Mario Kart is good and outselling everything*

          *In Japan only

            1. That moment where you realize you were losing an argument and starts thinking the other person is “Butthurt”, “damage controlling” etc.

                    1. How so ? I find that interesting, because I personally liked MK Wii a whole lot more than MK8, it’s way more balanced in terms of items, had a decent battle mode and a great variety of different characters. The online kinda sucked though, but it was still really enjoyable. MK7 was really good too. But yea, in my personal opinion, MK8 is one of the worst games in the series.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I don’t know, it felt rather “empty” after playing it for a few years…

                        We’ll see if I feel about MK8 in the future…

                      2. Yeaa, I understand that. I must admit, during the last 1 or 2 years of its “lifecycle”, I only played it with friends. I used to play it online on my own before, but dropped that for some reason. I really liked it though, it actually was one of my favorite MK games, now that I think about it. Can’t possibly top Double Dash tough. q:

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          DD is still the best MK ever, I can still have endless fun with it because it’s just crazy compared to all the others…

                        2. Totally agreed, Double Dash was incredibly fun and the whole concept of it is brilliant. It was without doubt the best MK to me too, hands down.

          1. Watchdogs also has the benefit of being released across current gen and last gen. I mean think about it.

            Watchdogs – PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, PC = 6 Mil.

            Mario Kart – Wii U = 2 Million

            When a game like Mario Kart, that is made by Nintendo, for a Nintendo console does that well it helps the entire company. When a game like Watchdogs is released, it helps only the developer and publisher. Who’s sales are more important? Nintendo’s

            1. Watch dogs is actually at 8 million shipped and about 7.2 million sold. Ps4 version alone sold more than MK8 did.

            2. I’ve said this countless times. You can’t just say, “oh, it’s only on 1 platform yet it sold two million, that’s awesome!”. You have to compare it based on PAST Mario Kart games sales, and when you do that, you realize it’s pathetic. And I bet you’re gonna say “But for such a low Wii U install base it’s great!”. Well, no. It’s supposed to be the Wii U’s SYSTEM SELLER, so if you’re admitting that the Wii U has a low install base you’re basically admitting that MK8 failed in its job.

              1. And if you compare the numbers of skus sold for a game that has been released for only two months against previous versions which were on the market for a number of years then you are a complete moron.

                1. But… you can compare the performance of MK8, which has been out for 2 months, with the performance of other entries of the series in their first 2 months……………………………

                  1. Very true. That’s the only comparison to previous generations that can be made at this time though.

                    The thing is people should really stop comparing this gen with last gen. The world of gaming has changed considerably because of mobiles and tablets, and there’s no telling what the end of this one will look like.

              2. Ya make it sound like Watchdogs is a runaway success. Its a dud that fooled the same people that bought PS4/One for: “Next Gen” lies and the hacking gimmick will get boring in T-Minus 2 hours..yup. Already forgettable. Not to mention its a multiplatform which explains how it was lucky enough to sell 6-7 million to idiots who overlooked GTA5 and how “gimped” PS4/One truly is which the game being at 900p with technical issues itself being lackluster in power/utilization proved that theory. MK8 around 3 million on one system while retaining top 5 sales chart is rather impressive and got more acclaimed and higher rating than Watchdogs thus showing Wii U’s spirit is still alive and reviving.

      2. Hahaha! Wii U sales continue to drop while the PS Vita TV continues its steady rise


              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                If you can’t beat the trolls, make them into jesters!
                Whose our next victim, has sasori still got some fight in him? Or has he learnt his lesson?

                    1. No. All his talk about how the 360 is light years better than Wii U & yet he got a Wii U game with all the money he supposedly saved up for his 360. That’s like you saying how badass the PS4 is to Wii U yet you bought a few Wii U games instead of getting the PS4 with the money you saved up for it.

                      1. I remember he said he had like $85 or something and I gave him a link to a $130 360 with 6 games… He was like $40 away! Wtf happened?

                        1. What I said about you flew right over your head, huh? >.< I was making a hypothetical comparison between you & sasori if you were in his shoes but talking about how great the PS4 is to the Wii U instead of how great the XB360 was to the Wii U.

              1. The only one damage controlling here is you, the nerd who can’t take a joke and gets overly sensitive about everything not Nintendo :)

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Well that’s ironic because you do the same thing when someone critiques your special snowflake of a company. Maybe try to be less of a hypocrite, it’ll help your argument.

              2. Don’t listen to this fool. Trust me. You’re right. He is another damage controller playing “nice guy” like Sasori to hide their shamefully exposed troll selves.

              1. The Vita’s dead a long time ago in my eyes. There simply isn’t a market for it on the handheld space.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  To me it was dead the moment it was revealed…

                  I saw nothing special from it besides being a more powerful PSP…

        1. You make fun of people using the Japan market as proof that the Wii U is still doing well… yet now you’re using it to say that the Vita is doing well…. Hypocrite much?
          Oh yeah, I forgot you’re a Sony fanboy.

          1. You actually took my comment seriously? XD You’re really as dumb as I thought. Thanks for the confirmation tho

      3. The reality is that video games was a niche market, it wasn’t supposed to sell to the masses, casual gaming bring many new consumers, but at the end, they are not here to play real videogames, just the same FIFA, cod, real dance etc… That’s why the investors have to chill put and understand that only a handful of games and franchises are making real profit, but many developers forgot that they are making works of art, no the next Hollywood blockbuster.

          1. Sometimes I find the comment section to be even more amusing than the actual news.. I think you’d have a good idea of who I’m talkong about *wink*

          2. Sometimes I find the comment section to be even more amusing than the actual news.. I think you’d have a good idea of who I’m talking about *wink*

        1. Because there’s a few more idiots to destroy. Stick with me and you won’t have to worry about these jackasses coming here shitting on Nintendo over little sales numbers, specs and crap.

      4. Baby Kart 8 was gorgeous, but that’s it.
        The roster Sucks
        Battle mode sucks.
        Item balance sucks.
        Voice chat Sucks
        Friend Invite sucks
        Gamepad integration sucks
        For Fucks sake, the only reason it’s doing so well is because Nintendo starves it’s fans, so when they toss us a piece of uncooked meat, of course we go crazy for it.
        It’s just masochistic being a Nintendo fan these days.

              1. Its the same game no matter how many different skins u give.. or what kinda mode it has or lacks. Long time racer here and here it goes… mk8 best graphics of any kart racer. Best control.. nothing feels out of balence unless u make it so. Amazing music the best kart music yet. Challenging single player… feels intense every race… great experience for noobs and experts. Any who think this is the worst entry in series is obviously ignorant of gamimg and what makes games good. I put each entry in its own place and never try to compare or have a favorite cause each game in the series is something different or highly refined and polished from the other. This goes for any beloved and time honored franchise.

                1. Did you read my post?
                  “Balanced” my ass.
                  Shit Roster.
                  Shit gamepad integration
                  it was pretty, and the music was good too. That’s IT. I boot it up to joyride and enjoy the scenery.
                  Double Dash was not a reskin. The multi-player and coop was just outstanding.

                  Get your head out of mario’s ass.

                  1. Please tell me you don’t mean the entire roster. I can understand if you are just referring to the babies & metal characters since they could have just been DLC characters instead to be given to us later down the road.

                    1. The Koopalings aren’t that great. They took up a huge slice of the roster. There’s 5 babies. I’ll admit as much as I like PGP, she was a waste. About 60% of the roster is a waste. They could’ve done better. I even pick my own Mii more than the Koopalings.

                      1. Well you weren’t playing games back when the Koopalings were a big deal, so I can see why you wouldn’t see the greatness that they are. The roster is always a waste for a majority of gamers since most of us would only use like 3-5 out of 20-30 characters, anyway. So more like 75% of the roster is a waste if you really think about it.

                        1. Here are the characters I use: Princess Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Luigi, Toadette, and Baby Peach. Everyone else, I don’t really bother with.

                        2. See what I mean!? I was off by one character in your case but you get the point! lol

                        3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          The Koopalings and Bowser are the only characters I play with…

                          I hate the “good” guys…

                        4. I’m mostly maining Lemmy Koopa, love that damn multicolored hair of his, & the Mii. I will use Mario when I feel like playing the Nintendo mascot at times.

                          1. Lemmy is the best Koopa. He is the only one I like. But I also kind of like Morton. Just cuz he reminds me of a cow being white and black. Lol.

          1. Roster doesn’t suck but has a couple of metal douchebag clones that shouldn’t be there (which future update will fix)
            Battle Mode does suck admittedly but it’ll be fixed hopefully
            Item Balance is at its usual. Just mad about the shells flying around which is expected.
            Voice Chat needs to be fixed
            Gamepad was never gonna be thoroughly used for driving games anyway. All you do is steer, drift, throw items and brake. Simple gameplay that wouldn’t even make Wii Remote innovative much.

            It has its ups and downs but the pros out weight the cons. The cons will be addressed soon and unlike Watchdogs lying about its next gen promises, MK8 delivered what’s expected mostly.

            1. No dude. The roster sucked. They stripped out the console drivers, kept the Mario Kart 7 handheld drivers, the replaced a bunch of cool drivers with babies. Fucked up.

          1. America is once a month because they’re Awesome!

            In all seriousness, Watchdogs always crushes MK8 over there anyway so it’s almost a good thing that we don’t get it every week…

        1. So, Watchdogs is currently duking it out with Pokemon Art Academy eh? I have to say that I like Watchdogs’ chances more than Pokemon’s, but we’ll see. MK8 is steady in the rankings which is always a good thing and the Wii U didn’t see much of a dip so that’s good. I would say that this was a pretty good week for Nintendo.

          We do need to stop downplaying Watchdogs though. Top 10 is amazing considering how long it’s been out. Of course, MK8 is doing better and that’s a good thing, but let’s give them both their props.

          Once Sonic Boom arrives in Japan in a few years….expect that title to take the top!

            1. I’ll admit that it’s not quite as good as Bujingai or Minority Report:Everybody Runs, but Watchdogs looks like a decent platformer. I’m just not interested thanks to the content in the game. (Blood is never necessary after all) I still want it to do well so they can make a sequel that could be slimmed down so that it can have no blood

        2. *sips coffee* Interesting… Why are you guys fighting over sales for a country you don’t even live in? Gaming is dead over there. Seriously, when the Vita beats both the Wii U AND the PS4, you should already just stop caring right there.

        3. Good work, Mario Kart 8. Not only doing better than Watch_Dogs for PS4 in the UK but now also in Japan? >.< Speaking of, it's sad, and a bit funny, that the PS3 version of Watch_Dogs is besting it's "next gen" brother on the PS4.

            1. Oh? About what: Mario Kart 8 pummeling Watch_Dogs or Watch_Dogs (PS3) pummeling Watch_Dogs (PS4) in Japan this week? Whether people like it or not, these are the facts this week in that country.

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