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Mario Kart 8 Online Multiplayer May Be Affected On Tuesday Due To Nintendo Network Maintance

Those of you hoping to play some Mario Kart 8 online on Tuesday 29th of July should be warned that the game will be affected by Nintendo Network maintenance. Mario Kart 8 could well be temperamental online from 1am til 2am BST. It’s only one hour, but if you’re thinking of playing online multiplayer during this time and it’s unstable then you’ll certainly know why.

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57 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Online Multiplayer May Be Affected On Tuesday Due To Nintendo Network Maintance”

    1. IDK why the hell that dumb little DLC is taking so long… hopefully they are preparing to put more DLC possibly in a pack. :)

    1. Lego City Undercover had an amazing story and is one of my favorite Wii U games, I would definitely recommend it. Zombi U was fantastic (depsite mixed reviews). If you’re into Mario, I’d suggest picking up Super Mario 3D world before Mario Bros U. Mario Kart 8 is definitely essential if you’re getting a Wii U. Also, Wind Waker HD was much better than the original Wind Waker. But all games mentioned are good.

      1. Hey don’t forget the earlier games like ninja gaiden 3, dark souls 2 I hear was good, Orichi hyper 3 is great practice for Hyrule warriors, and if you like COD, according to most on youtube, COD Black opts 2 is best, or you can go for COD ghosts. You also might want to get Monster hunter 3 ultimate, that game will blow you away…seriously. Monster hunter, you can’t go wrong…ask me for some help if you get it, I’ll be there to show you anything you need on the game.

        1. You mean Darksiders 2. Yes it was a good game. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors edge was awesome. Some slow down but it actually makes the game more fun since its like doing a slow-mo. HARD AS HELL THOUGH.

    2. Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, DKC: Tropical Freeze, The Wonderful 101, Mario Kart 8, ZombiU, Nintendo Land (if you have the chance to play often local multiplayer),… and surely a few more, I can´t think about at the moment.

    3. I’d say if you are into action games, try out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It has great bosses and has good pacing. Plus: the 4 person co-op online mode is pretty solid. There is also Zelda: Wind Waker HD, which is a re-release of the Gamecube classic. And there is also a few ports of 360/ ps3 games that are quite popular: Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and so on.

      If you are looking for good multiplayer games the wii u is definitely the way to go. My family and I have had a lot of fun playing Pikmin 3 (a strategy/action game), Wii Party U (a huge compilation of different family activities), Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario 3D World.

      Oh- and by the way- if you are looking to save some money, I suggest buying the Wii U before July 31st. Club Nintendo is having this wicked sale: if you buy and register Mario Kart 8 with them you get a free (60$) game. Your choices are Zelda Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Wii Party U, and New Super Mario Bros U. But you have to register before the 31st, otherwise you are out of luck.

      There’s a bunch of games that are coming out soon this year, too (Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Fatal Frame U, Sonic Boom). I suggest looking into those ones, too.

        1. Pikmin 3 and NSMBU are $60. Wind Waker HD is $50. The only one that is $40 is Wii Party U. I’m assuming he is from US as am I, so I just felt like pointing that out. :P

    4. MK8, Sonic Lost World, DK Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Avengers Battle for Earth, Wonderful 101, New Super Mario Bros U…in that order B)

      1. I tryed sonic lost world on 3DS I hated it.. I’ll wait for Sonic Boom.. I do like donkey Kong games gonna get that.. I hate avengers I try the demo on my PS3. Gonna get Lego city And 101 IMA get the mk8 bundle

        1. Heh, I guess our gaming tastes definitely differ there. Well, either way that sounds good. We definitely need more Wii U owners so that the online places don’t get as dead as Chaotix on opening day!

          1. I tryed destiny on PS3.. one of the best shooters out there IMO! Best sound track best online no Lag! Love the Big bosses music so fun u should get it if u have a PS3/PS4

            1. Ah, well I still don’t get video games with blood at the moment unless it’s E+10, which is the only thing stopping me from getting that one. It does look great! Because of this, FPS games are rather limited for me, but I have been able to get Agent Under Fire and Metroid Prime. Those were definitely pretty solid. For the PS3, I got Time Crysis (I forgot which one) but I need to buy the game that takes place before it. Hopefully it’s good

                1. I’m definitely glad about that. I got a Glitch in The System for Gamecube and it parodies the language thing so there are a ton of bleeps in it, but it can still be a little awkward to play it when everyone else has no idea of what I must be playing. Language definitely makes me think twice about a game and especially if it’s excessive. The new Green Lantern game was pretty bad with that as Hal Jordan was constantly yelling exclamations. I love the concept of GTA, but that’s why I definitely wouldn’t get into that series as well as the other reasons. At least I have Gran Turismo on my side!

                    1. The 3DS XL? I have heard that the bigger screen really makes a difference. It’ll be a lot more fun to play them now and notice the smaller details. It should be particularly useful in a game like Kid Icarus Uprising since a lot is happening on the screen at once

                1. Even if it’s T and not M, I still won’t get it if it has blood or partial ______ in it. Those are the two things that I avoid at all costs. If it has something else then it should be okay to get unless it’s M. I hold Video Games to the strictest criteria by far, but it helps keep my video games to buy list a lot smaller than it would have been otherwise

                    1. True, but I still have a bunch as well. I own around 500 games currently and I only began collecting from the GBA era. (Meaning GBA, PS2, and Gamecube. Then I upgraded all three in the next gen as DS, PS3 and Wii, followed by 3DS and Wii U. No PS4 yet..)

                      I do acknowledge that I missed out on some great games like Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Raging Blast 2, but I can live with that. I still have other greats like Mario Galaxy 1 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. The games will never end so there will always be another good one to buy for every title that I have to skip

                1. It isn’t ruled out yet for PC. Just like how GTA V is coming to PC even though it came out last year. And by the time it comes I will hopefully have a PC too. If it doesn’t though, no big deal. I’ll be too busy with other games. XD

    5. Err… Shouldn’t you get it a little bit earlier, do you can take advantage of the free game deal? (Ends July 31st, and two essentials along with two great games to choose from) Btw, Wii Party U is surprisingly awesome!

    6. ZombiU. You can find it real cheap, and new too. Don’t spend more than $30 for it. Monster Hunter is good too. It has a solid online community. You can play online or offline, the missions will be different. You can also find monster hunter for cheap.

    7. Get Sonic Lost World! Trust me its a amazing game that does not deserve the hate it gets. Plus get the the standard wii u exclusives. (3d World MK8 etc)

    1. It could be a good marketing strategy I suppose. At least it’s not virtually unplayable like Rise of the Dark Spark has been lately. They really need to clean up the servers

  1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    who needs that shitty mario kart 8 game while you can play call of duty blac ops 2 for wii u.

    1. The only shitty thing around here is you,,, that is after your mom shit you out after giving birth in the toilet bowl. HAVE A NICE DAY! :D

    2. According to, Mario Kart 8 is the #1 video game in the United States. Believe it, Narutard!

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