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New Hyrule Warriors Character Trailer Focuses On Darunia

Koei Tecmo has unveiled another trailer for Hyrule Warriors. The newly-released video focuses on the leader of the Gorons, Darunia, who’s equipped with a massive hammer, which he uses to unleash merciless attacks on a slew of baddies. Darunia is among several other playable characters in the upcoming action game. Hyrule Warriors will be available September 26th on Wii U.

61 thoughts on “New Hyrule Warriors Character Trailer Focuses On Darunia”

    1. This is the best game ever, Nintendo is amazing… Omg, darunia, zelda, link, fi!!!!! Ps4 maybe is selling more, but wii u will catch up during 2015, that is when all games are coming out, it is what nintendo was planing all along!!! Fuck metroid, donkey kong is better, but when they reveal metroid, i’ll say that it is the best thing, because it is…. Oooooh, miyamoto, give me ur cockkkkkk

  1. This will be the first and only dynasty game I will probably ever play just for the chance to play as all these characters and actually feel like a beast playing as link and all others

  2. I want the treasure box package so bad. I’m 99% sure that they won’t bring it to the US though. sigh

  3. The site has more slots so, more characters on the way. I say Nabooru and maybe Saria. Male characters are kinda hard guess since there aren’t a ton of them that are standouts. Groose, Tingle,Ganondorf, Ghiarhim, Zant, The yeti character from twilight, and … But i think the villains are playable to help expand the roster

    1. I hope we get not just Nabooru & Saria but Rauru, Medli, & Makar as well. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get every single representation of each Sage from the series. I’d love to see Rauru with light based attacks. I’m sure they could find a way to make Medli & Saria work differently even though they are both sages of practically the same element.

      1. After all, Medli can fly while Saria can’t. As for attacks, Saria’s earth attacks could be forest based while Medli’s attacks can cover the other aspects of earth.

        1. Well sad news, they said they will only four times lines. Warrior’s, Oot,and Twilight. WW will be another time hopefully

            1. it was confirmed somewhere I think famitsu, I think though it was done to leave stuff open for a sequel

  4. I want to know if the day one DLC will come to the west. If not day one, then I wonder if it will come at all…

      1. He’s talking about the Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, & Skyward Sword outfits for Link & Zelda. It’s the DLC that comes with one of the special releases of the game over in Japan.

  5. I’m going digital with this game if they don’t release that treasure box package outside of Japan. Anyway, Darunia looks awesome. I wish the trailer had him doing more rolling attacks, though. I wonder what he’ll have as alternate main weapons.

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