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Takamaru From The Mysterious Murasame Castle Will Be An Assist In Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS


Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has announced today via Miiverse that Takamaru from the Mysterious Murasame Castle will be an assist trophy in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game. Sakurai says Takamaru will have a devastating Multidirectional Pinwheel Knife Rook Attack.

Pic of the day. I, Takamaru, have waited many years to appear in Super Smash Bros.! Link, Samus, Pit, and I debuted in the same year! Multidirectional Pinwheel Knife Rook Attack!! (FYI, I’m an Assist Trophy.)

Thanks, Dennis B

44 thoughts on “Takamaru From The Mysterious Murasame Castle Will Be An Assist In Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS”

    1. I don’t see the problem with having multiple sword fighters as long as they play differently and takamaru really would being a ninja with a takana and the many weapons he uses in his games

        1. No I don’t, specially when both can have complete move sets. I can see the speed from shiek and greninja in takamaru but throwing 3 rook knifes at once and in 3 different directions? Think man…they can add more too him then that…

          1. I’d say, out with Marth, in with Takamaru. New franshise, new swordfighter and “Link, Samus, Pit, and I debuted in the same year!” Then let Taka also be a playable char like those others.

  1. No! I wanted him in as a playable character! Oh well at least he’s still in. Hugs. I was somewhat right.

  2. Lol honestly I would rather have had him playable and Lucina as an Assist Trophy but whatever. C’mon October 3rd…

  3. I can understand the reasoning for this result, he clearly need some time to grow some more before he’s considered worthy of being a Nintendo All-Star. After all, Sakurai did say back in the Melee days that he needs a new game in order to be warranted for an inclusion. His model looks cool and he stayed true to the game hr represents with this attack pattern, so I’m perfectly fine with it.

    Here’s to hoping that some Nintendo devs actually think about making a full on sequel based on how well the VC sells internationally and that he gets the Little Mac treatment in the next Smash.

      1. Just satisfied with the model for now (which does look pretty good), this makes me even more excited for Smash 5 even if the game isn’t announced yet. I’ll just give you that hug for now since you’ve been asking for it for a while.

        *hugs* :)

  4. Lol, The NeoGaf reaction was priceless. They were hyping him up and then BAM!, Sakurai strikes once again.

  5. I feel bad for the takamaru fans, he would’ve been a great fighter bring in his katana and all the other weapons people have mentioned but let’s look on the bright side, at least he’s in the game in some form and that still leaves him a chance to be included in SSB5

  6. Maybe Takamaru is a playable character and that last line is meant to tell us that Sakurai is an assist trophy.

    1. I doubt that Sakurai would waste him time like that. Who would he be replaced with then if that were the case? XD

    1. Ikr? He’s getting more rediculous, hence he left out deserving retro characters like Takamaru, and brought in Wii Fit Trainer, whose no one gives 2 shits before her appearances. I hope this game fails.

      Project M is lookin’ better, hence better moveset, deserving roster, and more. and it’s NOT EVEN an official game. <.<

      1. Better roster, even though the only two people who are going put probably be missing from project M is mewtwo, who’s floaty and suck, and Roy, who is basically lucina with flame effects to make him look different when he’s not, they are less movesets project M as well as its missing the updated move sets this game has, which means more characters feel the same, and please tell me the and more, last time I checked project M has barely any stages, and this game will most definitely have more than brawl, and project M doesn’t really have much that people talk about outside of battle, this game has a cluster of different modes, stop being nostalgic blind (since project M was made for melee players it fits) accept this game has more than put project M

        1. Wow, clearly someone played newer crap like Call of Duty. Do you even played good games like Metriod Prime?

      2. Sakurai can never please everyone so it doesn’t matter. There will always be somebody that complains.

  7. BS!! How could he not had made him a character! He could’ve easily had become a DLC character! Sakurai is trolling himself by saying he came out THE SAME YEAR as 3 of Nintendo’s great franchsies!!

  8. I’d love to see more Mario Villains makes an appearance in this, Tatanga, Wart and so forth. C’mon Sakurai, at least make one of them playable!

  9. To Mr. Sakurai, bring Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble to Smash Bros.
    Mr. Sakurai, go and beg Taito or whoever owns the characters/games to bring those little Dino dudes to this fight!

    Having Bub and Bob in Smash Bros. could be cool!
    Imagine your enemies in bubbles and popping them or shooting damaging bubbles at them. Of course new moves would have to be created for them like tail whip or punching.
    Also, think of the items from Bubble Bobble being used in game. The one where you can breath fire or flood the environment, or causing earthquakes that stuns your enemies, etc.

    Not to mention the 100 or so levels that could be fought upon.
    You can pick the bubble bobble level and it would play normally like in the game and the level would change over time, or if someone happens upon the magic umbrella that skips all players a few levels in.
    Now imagine a death match between two or more players and time runs out in the Bubble Bobble level and then the Big White Whale shows up, that could be fun.

    No? Okay then.

    1. I see this game being represented with at most a stage, that is if it even gets any recognition. Hugs! Not bad though. I’m still waiting for StarTropics.

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