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Bravely Default Has Sold One Million Copies Worldwide

Square Enix has announced on the official Japanese Bravely Default Twitter account that the well-received JRPG has sold one million copies worldwide. Bravely Default sold 400k in Japan, and 600k in the west. It’s clearly good news for Square Enix and bodes well for the future of the franchise.

Thanks, Jamie

19 thoughts on “Bravely Default Has Sold One Million Copies Worldwide”

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  2. Was sure it was day 1 buy for me, tried the demo, loved the visuals but hated the combat system, so no buy after all. Got a copy of Dragon Quest IX instead which have kept me busy this summer.

  3. I bought it day one and I haven’t even tried it yet. I don’t have time to sit down with an RPG as of right now.

    1. I bought a copy about 6 months ago and ill finally be starting it this week. To be fair I didn’t and still dont have a 3ds. Come Wednesday, it’s on.

  4. Now there’s no reason for Bravely Second not getting a western release.

    Bought mine on day 1 and loved it.

  5. Suprised it sold better in the west than Japan… Hopefully it means we wont have to wait a long time for the sequel I loved the game….

  6. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    I’m part of that over 1 million. As for the game itself, the 2nd half only sucks if you just do the main story stuff. It’s the side quest stuff that makes the 2nd half shine. So fair warning to anyone that hasn’t bought it yet: if you hate side quests, steer clear of this game as the 2nd half is mostly side quests, or filler if you will.

  7. i bought the CE day one, havent played it until last month, on ch.4, have max pg using that big pharma infinite loop trick, norenede completely rebuilt (i actually spent all that time rebuilding in ch.2). i do hope the west gets a release of the sequel.

  8. Is this the kind of game that only anime fans would like? Because I do NOT like anime. And these anime style characters really puts me off on this game.

  9. This was a great game but I am completely bogged down in the later levels. It is quite tedious at the end.

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