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Here’s The US Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Box-Art


Capcom has shared the official box-art for the eagerly anticipated Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS. We’ve still got a while to wait for the game to come to Europe and the United States, but it’s still coming sometime early next year.

Thanks, Conan

41 thoughts on “Here’s The US Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Box-Art”

    1. Go into the options at the start menu, turn 3D off completely. If you don’t do that even with the slider down your frames will take a hit. After that buy a circle pad pro and….profit.

        1. If you say so. It’s your opinion just as mine is enjoying it with the circle pad pro. For me at least it makes it just as easy for me to play as my Wii U copy and when I transfer my saves to and from my Wii U…I feel I’m never sacrificing any controls….but like I said just my opinion. Sticks would be nice but I’ll take what is available and make use of it and learn to make it just as good.

          1. I’m with ya bud. Only I enjoy the 3DS controls native. No Circle pad pro for me. I like the touch pad custom D-pad. ;)

            Fuck. I cannot wait for this game!!

    1. Was just thinking this. Box art for 4 ultimate looks half-assed, just like how long it took for it to get localized. Fuck you too Capcom.

      1. Box art is irrelevant for me. It’s a download title for me. I want any-time access to this game 24/7 when I feel like it.

        1. It’s good to see at least one person that likes to download… I like physical, but everyone here makes it seem like digital is a sin or something.

          1. I’m just lazy! xD I like not hauling around cartridges. I only go physical for special editions or Zelda / Metroid franchises.

            Many of My Atlus titles are physical due to the cool artbooks they release with their first round of shipments for each game.

      2. Not really half assed. I like of shows that this is still 4U and not just 4 with added content. Idk I have been getting that feel from the 4U since we never got 4. There marketing it how they did 4 and it’s 4U. But still game gonna be awesome sucks we can’t get it like end of year but as long as it comes out before March I will be a happy Hunter :D

  1. What a waste to have the new monster hunter on 3ds. The 3ds can barely handle it right now. Meaning that Capcom had to weaken Monster Hunter to get it to play properly. We could have a badass game, but no. It has to be on 3ds. Capcom needs to learn to drop Nintendo support and give their IPs to something with more power.

    1. You’re an idiot. It handles it great and the 3DS is gorgeous for a non-HD game. Fun as hell. If you don’t like it, that’s cool. I hated it after the demo.

      But I gave it a chance, and I’ve been playing it for a year now, MOSTLY on the 3DS, and it runs great. Don’t say false shit. Just say you don’t like it.

      1. never said anything false. the 3ds has its limits compared to any other console and therefore capcom can not do as much. Look at the wii u vs 3ds for the last installment.

        1. Even though the 3ds version has the highest frame rate than the wiiu version and is waaaaay more smooth. Running at 60fps……yeah they didn’t have to adjust and weaken it for it to be great.

    2. Let me guess. They should put it on a “real” system, right? Here’s a thought: go cry like a bitch somewhere else that your precious preferred console isn’t getting the game.

        1. From what I’ve heard, most of the fanbase prefers the games to be portable instead of being tied down to their place of residence. And I doubt it would look better even if it was on the Wii U instead. The graphics have never been a selling point for Monster Hunter from what I’ve seen… and this is a very good thing as better graphics might make the game have less content or make the data storage for the game too much.

          1. Having it on the Wii U gives more people the opportunity to play it. I’ve never even heard of Monster Hunter before I saw it on the Wii U. And If it weren’t for the Wii U demo, I would’ve never knew what it was either.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Wii U around 7 million units, 3DS over 42 million, how would that make people play it more?…

              1. “Gives more people the opportunity to play it” It’s not like 42 million 3DS magically appeared and said “Hey, let’s play Monster Hunter!” No. They had to be introduced to it.

        2. It would be nice, but Capcom can badly afford to pay their electric bill. I’m just glad we get MH4 before they Go bankrupt. :D

  2. I’m confused as to why the game doesn’t look as smooth as MH3U, couldn’t they have ported the assets since it runs on MTFramework Mobile?

  3. Nothing on it says “I’ll kill you all” or “prepare for death”. It looks like some random hunters decided to have a picnic with a monster, and after some tea sipping the monster gave them a piggy back ride…..XS

    Too lax, not enough action. Its just cover art though, no reason to fret. Hopefully this one will interest me though. :)

  4. En mi opinión Nintendo usas a los asiáticos para mejorar el juego y ya vendernos la versión masterisada y actualizada para disfrutarla mientras ellos esperan actualizaciones como enfermos jajaja

  5. The box art for SSB 4 Wii U/3DS looks way better than this & those have generic titles! Well no one will miss out on much if they download this game instead of going retail.

  6. The box art is rubbish, hope it’s better in Europe.

    On a side note, this game looks like it has nicer graphics than 3 Ultimate, why is everyone saying it looks worse?

  7. I think everyone forgot the huge, wildly successful and profitable MH3Ultimate was a 3DS game, ported to WiiU after the fact. A majority of the hunters are on 3DS and hunt locally. MH4 will allow the same, huge install base to game globally.

    There will be a lot more hunters by putting it on the 3DS. The hardware is already out in mass. And anyone who skipped 3 due to no online will jump on.

    I know we all want the WiiU to get the games, but they would lose a ton of money if they abandoned the majority of the hunting community just so a few people with a WiiU can play.

  8. Am i the only one that feels like were being flipped off here (UK residents)
    I had been playing MH since the PS2 and never looked back….. I’m a deep Nintendo fan but have to say I enjoyed it better on the PSP than the 3DS’ and would have LOVED to see what i would have been like on a PS3/4 ( found the connectivity easier and more fluid imo)
    What really is getting on my nips is the fact that I (and i state ‘I’) feel like we get second hand goods in comparison to Japan…. always have to wait… always get the dumb downed versions etc and don’t even get amazing games at all many of the time eg Dragon Quests.
    Wasn’t an issue before region locking but unfortunately region locking is here and it smells… smells bad!!
    I for one will not be buying this amazing game out of principle and think i’ll throw in the Nintendo towel because I don’t like feeling like a charity case or second hand citizen and this is how im feeling with Nintendo right now.

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