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Be Sure To Watch The First Thirteen Minutes Of Bombing Bastards On Wii U eShop

Tilmen from Nintendomination has got his hands on the hilariously named Bombing Bastards for Wii U. The game, which is developed by Sanuk Games, should be familiar to anyone that has played the iconic Bomberman. Bombing Bastards contains the following features:

  • 5 picturesque worlds with 30 wicked mazes.
  • A huge bestiary of critters to blast.
  • A multitude of items and power ups to collect.
  • 5 hellish boss levels whose punishing difficulty will only be matched by the satisfaction you’ll get once you beat them.
  • A hilarious single-player adventure where you help the witty Dr. Wallow get rid of all the critters and become the ruler of the galaxy.
  • A fully customizable battle mode for 2 to 5 players using the Gamepad, Wii Remotes, Pro Controllers and/or Classic Controllers.
  • Over 10 minutes of caustic comments from Dr. Wallow, voiced by David Goldfarb.
  • 7 famous pieces of classical music electronically butchered by Samuel Safa.

10 thoughts on “Be Sure To Watch The First Thirteen Minutes Of Bombing Bastards On Wii U eShop”

  1. wow, this game!
    it’s so bomberman *-* too bad for Konami for canceling bomberman for 3ds =/
    I like the visuals and the interface, cool *__*

  2. dont care about inivation and the nintendo diffrents so i dont give a fuck about the nintendo diffrents as i dont care or give a fuck about the nintendo diffrents

  3. I bought it its a bomberman clone which is great. Its fun to play with friends and I think it was 5.99 so good fun for cheap.

  4. This is a total ripoff of Bomberman. Every element of it is stolen from Bomberman. They basically just changed the scenery and characters. I dunno what’s going on with the actual Bomberman games, but they need to get cracking on putting them out. First Megaman got ripped off with Mighty No 9 or whatever, now Bomberman with this. I’m a huge Bomberman fan so I’ll skip this and wait til I can get a real Bomberman game.

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