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Hyrule Warriors Retro Adventure Mode Will Feature Online Connectivity

We already know that Hyrule Warriors won’t feature an online co-op mode like previous titles, but instead the Adventure Mode will feature some kind of online connectivity. Hyrule Warriors Producer Yosuke Hayashihas told Game Informer that “The Adventure Mode features a ‘Network Link’ feature. This allows you to add a ‘Link’ to your maps whose level is based on other users’ play data. If you come to this Link’s aid and fight alongside him, you’ll get access to special bonuses.”

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40 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Retro Adventure Mode Will Feature Online Connectivity”

  1. Translation, ghost data input.

    Fuck this. XC They just BS the online co-op mode they promised weeks ago in favor of this excusable ghost data crap? No buy. I’m sorry but you screwed up. Bayonetta 1/2 it is then. Least that has the same gameplay with better action and real online play.

    1. Yeah it’s not online co-op but at least it’s something for us to compete against. But yeah if you are looking for a more “platinum” experience buy Bayonetta 1+2 instead. This game will be more like a 7.0-8.0(/10.0) at best where Bayonetta 1+2 will be a 9.0-10.0(/10.0) at the very least.

    2. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense. Online co-op would have been great, but there’s way more to the game than that. Online should not have been that big of a decision factor for you because If that’s the case, chances are you weren’t very interested in the game at all. Sucks though because you’ll be missing out on a good game.

  2. I’m sure they’ll add online Co-op to the sequel: Hyrule Warriors Xtreme Legends of Zelda Orochi Hyper Samurai Next 4

            1. id have a better attitude if I had some more online Nintendo games, but noooooooo its only Mario kart and ssb oh and if star fox doesn’t have online im going to be pisst that would be one of the dumbest mistakes they could make also if its just an air only star fox that would also be a stupid mistake.

              1. It’s not a mistake if the single player is good. The idea that everything has to have an online component is arbitrary and damaging to game design. It’s one of the big reasons why so many people lampoon EA. They look at every game for its marketability and profitability rather than focusing on creating a quality experience that stands out from the competition and makes the game worth the consumers time. The way that so many people demand features to be on certain games is one of the biggest reasons why games have difficulty being looked at as an art form and aren’t as respected as other intellectual mediums.

                1. but the fact of the matter is online adds replay value single player doesn’t do that as well and star fox is one of those games that could have an amazing online which if it did it will sale more then if it didn’t, and also same goes for Nintendo land, pikmin 3, and the biggest one that everyone wanted online for was Super Mario 3d World.

                  1. Again, saying that online would improve these games is unfounded. You don’t know what kind of gameplay they are planning for the next Star Fox, so to say that their single player game would lack re-playability has no grounds. The WiiU was sold at the very beginning to be a system for many people to enjoy together in the same room. This isn’t something that has suddenly come up where Nintendo said that they no longer care about online gameplay. You can say that they are behind on the times, but it has been in agreeance by many that Nintendo goes in their own direction at their own pace. If all you are looking for is something to play online, then you may have chosen the wrong system.

                    1. And its a shame that nintendo isnt willing to provide a decent online offering in addition to those fantastic experiences that only nintendo brings to the table. It seems most “nintendo fans” i see in thr comment sections are more interested in countering points as if its possible to debate on opinions rather than voice wants and concerns to nintendo. The Wii U is struggling. Tbh in a single years time ive had 3 times as much fun with the wii than its successor

                    2. You sound completely retarded.

                      Fact is online keeps people playing. Wtf am I going to do after I beat the game? I’ll play with people online and with friends. Not everyone lives around their family and friends.

                      Nintendo lives in 1996 and thinks people will come to your house with a goldeneye mind friend. Wake up, it’s 2014.

                    3. King:

                      You sound overly presumptuous.

                      It is not a fact that shoehorning online features in a game will keep people playing said game. There have been numerous games in the past that have had great single player campaign with terrible online. Likewise we have numerous games today that have a better online experience over the single player. This is primarily due to developers focusing on creating balance and longevity. A developer could easily create scenarios that mimic an online experience that could potentially keep players busy for a long time. In fact many Nintendo games have done this in the past.

                      The manner in which you talk shows that you lack understanding of what it takes to create a quality game. It would be nice if we could just demand a game on some website and then a developer just turns around and gives you exactly what you want. But this is reality, and these are developers that have their own vision of what they want the game to be. If you don’t like what they do then there are plenty of other options out there for you.

                  1. *’^This’ is meant for heyitsguy’s posts in this thread, specifically:

                    “It’s not a mistake if the single player is good. The idea that everything has to have an online component is arbitrary and damaging to game design. It’s one of the big reasons why so many people lampoon EA. … The way that so many people demand features to be on certain games is one of the biggest reasons why games have difficulty being looked at as an art form and aren’t as respected as other intellectual mediums.”

                    1. Thanks. We are coming close to another video game crash like back in ’83. Games are losing their value. So many people demand that developers make certain games in certain ways and release new iterations regularly but still refuse to pay full price to them. Companies are forced to look into other methods of obtaining revenue through DLC and such, which gamers still get upset about. It’s the same as those who demand quality videos on youtube but use things like adblocker to prevent the creators from being able to fund their works.

                      I believe that the one thing that can turn the industry around is the attitude of gamers. If you enjoy a game series, you should be willing to spend full price on it to make sure that the creators get what they deserve.

                      BTW I can guarantee you that Nintendo releasing Star Fox or Metroid Online will sell a few more units, but it’s going to require a lot more on the consumers part to turn the WiiU around.

  3. Oh no online co-op. I could careless being honest. Sure it does suck. Burning play dynasty warrior style games for myself. barely even online but it would have been nice and I don’t see why it wasn’t included especially 4 player online with one on the gamepad. The wiiu can handle that or should

  4. I forgot the article was about online, and just got excited some retro-Zelda got integrated into the game! :D

    Online coop would have been fun, but Nintendo probably shut it down… Can’t have kids in danger right? X.x. Nintendo only allows Online if they have a 1:1 ratio of moderators to kids, and they are all busy with Mario Kart. So, No online for any game sponsored or in any way affiliated with Nintendo. ESPECIALLY 1st party titles.
    #NintendoLand online Fail
    #Mario3DWorld online Fail
    #Pikmin Online Fail

    I’m feeling kinda chilly…

    1. All games that should of had online I mean I still play Nintendo land if it did have online also voice chat would be appreciated to :) it adds replay value because online gives a different experience n that experience will even change so its a new experience every time u go online because you go up against new challenges. But with local its the same every time and gets boring and people stop playing an people stop wanting, but Nintendo never listens to its fans or any gamer that is. its sad really

      1. Yeah, Nintendo land was still fun, and I totally agree. The lack of online only hurt the replay value. The game itself was fun as hell, and made amazing use of the game pad. … Then Nintendo forgot they had a game pad… X.x Still, great for off screen play, which I do often.

  5. Yaaaa!!!!!! Ghost DATA that’s what I always wanted!!! online co-op would have been boring ghost data is where its at :D

    1. I know, right? Who needs online co-op? Games like this and SM3DW are much better off with ghost data. ;)

  6. WHAT?!?!?! THis is my video, I wondered why my video was getting so much attention a day after it was posted and then when I look on my favourite Nintendo news site, this one of course, it is the embedded video on an artcile? Thank you so much to the poster! This has made my day.

  7. I know the Devs are hand-cuffed because of Nintendo’s inability to understand server code, and Nintendo’s obliviousness towards hardware trends but they could have done something more then this shitty ass shitty shit shit “network link” .

  8. This is Other M all over again. With Other M, Team Ninja gets blamed for everything wrong with Other M when they actually were involved with the best thing about the game: the gameplay. With Hyrule Warriors, it’s the other way around. Instead of Koei Tecmo getting blamed for the lack of online co-op, everyone points the finger at Nintendo & blames them instead as if Nintendo is the one doing all of the development. For all we know, it was Koei Tecmo’s idea to ditch online co-op & not Nintendo’s. Whatever. This just goes to show even Nintendo has fans that are mindlessly wanting online co-op mode & will go ape shit crazy when it’s not in the game. Never mind the story itself for the game is still going to be most likely be fucking awesome even with the lack of online co-op, but let’s all get pissed off & not buy the game all because of online. Sure it sucks but it’s not like Zelda even needs online co-op to sell millions. Poor Hyrule Warriors is going to be the next Other M if this whining keeps up from people that are so lonely at home that they need online co-op. This isn’t a true Zelda game but it’s still Zelda, so the online co-op was probably not going to happen regardless. And where is this confirmation from Nintendo of Japan & Koei Tecmo of Japan that this game was going to even have online co-op mode to begin with? I honestly don’t recall this confirmation if it was said at E3.

    Whatever. I’m still going to enjoy this game like hell just like I still managed to enjoy Metroid: Other M. It isn’t like all the people whining about it is going to stop me from enjoying these two games as I already own M:OM & the other is coming very soon. In the end, this is all that matters to me. Whether games sell very well to the masses or not has never been an important thing to me personally as the games that I buy I usually end up liking. If others enjoyed it, awesome. If many others hated it, oh well. It sucks that some people won’t buy this game because of a missing feature but oh well. I’ll survive.

    1. “Whether games sell very well to the masses or not has never been an important thing to me personally” *looks at your comment saying you want Mario Kart 8 to outsell Watch Dogs* ._. ???

      1. It doesn’t count as it’s a lowly game from a lowly cockroach of a 3rd party. I’d squash it if I could.

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