Next Level Games Showcase Art From Miyamoto Celebrating Luigi’s Mansion 2 Selling 3 Million

Next Level Games have posted some gorgeous artwork from the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto celebrating the fact that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon sold three million copies. The artwork was produced back in March, but it’s only recently that Next Level Games have showcased it via Twitter.

Thanks, Kallum S



      1. Idk about everyone else, but I’d prefer the original Luigis Mansion style instead of the new one, but longer.


      2. Yes please. The mission based system is fine for a pick up n play style game, which honestly works great for handhelds, but it strips some of the things I loved most about the original.


      1. It wasn’t nearly as good as the first one thanks to the whole missions style, but it was still a decent game. I wouldn’t say that it was downright bad. It just lacked the heart that the first one had. I’m confident that a third one would be significantly better.


    1. might be smoking a blunt… he looks kind of high, and with a name like yoshisaur munchakoopa you gotta expect he’s got munchies for koopas cuz he’s high as fuck. which is cool. I love smoking too.


  1. I hope we get a Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Wii U since this one did so well and that the game is M-rated like Resident Evil only with Boos and Death Stare Luigi the entire time. Day one buy for me!!!


      1. Imagine king boo possesses Luigi as a game over and his head twists 180 and he has king boo’s eyes and makes an evil smile…… Nyahhahahah!!!!

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  2. I only played Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon through the first mansion or so, and I didn’t care much for it. Not nearly as fun as the original. I never cared about going back to it.


  3. Oh. For a second, I thought it really did only sold 3 million but that card was said to be drawn shortly after the game released. ^^; I was about to say.


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