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Cyber Gadget Selling Arcade Stick For Nintendo 3DS XL, Targets Smash Bros Fans


Japanese manufacturing firm Cyber Gadget has announced that it plans to sell a special arcade stick for the Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan. The accessory will go on sale sometime in late October and looks to be perfect for those considering getting Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS XL. It will cost 3,000 Japanese yen, around $30.

57 thoughts on “Cyber Gadget Selling Arcade Stick For Nintendo 3DS XL, Targets Smash Bros Fans”

    1. But in this case, this stick is not optimal. This company is committing the mistake of thinking that Smash is a traditional fighter. I have yet to see someone using a huge ass arcade stick for Smash and saying it’s a good idea.

  1. but all it does is touch the buttons. it’s a chunk of plastic, like any old Gameboy accessory that “enhanced” gameplay

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    1. doesn’t look too uncomfortable. It’s meant to sit on your lap or on a table and it appears that the L and R buttons are in the top corners. The only reason this might beat the regular 3DS is the joystick.

  2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Smash has never used an arcade stick. Besides, this looks uncomfortable, impractical (can’t close 3DS), unnecessary, and a little desperate.

  3. I think A Gamecube-mod for the 3DS XL would have been a much better mod choice. You know, an external addon case that makes the button configuration feel like a Gamecube controller rather than a SNES control format.

    but chances are, Smash Bros will have a controller configuration option to change the buttons.

  4. If it covers the D-pad for movement, it’s useless. You can’t move about in Smash Bros with the D-pad, otherwise we would’ve been able to use Wii compatible fight sticks with Brawl

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  5. why not use the circle pad pro instead?remember that thing??? lol i still have one and i love it too bad not many games use it. wonder if smash 3ds or MH4 will have a CPP option

  6. this is pretty stupid to be honest. Smash never used an arcade stick. The game isn’t even optimized for an arcade stick. the game is too loose and chaotic for something that simple. You need all your fingers ready on every button for smash and your thumb on the stick. With this thing. you’ll need your entire left hand on it to use it correctly, the system will have to be stationed, and you’ll have to poke buttons. making your entire left hand of the controller or in other words, your evasive controls lacking completely and the right side (offense and defense) weakened and vulnerable. you’ll be an easy ass target if you use this controller.

  7. Mah! How can they claim that it is designed for SSB? The thing people question about the lay-out on the 3ds for smash is the button placement. lf they were really catering to pro smash players they would have changed the right hand side, not make the left hand side incompatible… how are you supposed to reach the L-button with a humongous stick like that?!

    Well, maybe they just targeted the people who want to play the original DK or some other old VC-title with a classic feel, but that has to be a niche audience, especially at 30 bucks…

  8. Someone should make an arcade stick for Wii U that acts as a Pro Controller (or a GC controller for possible Virtual Console support in the future).

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