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Louvre Museum 3DS Application Receives An Update Due To Layout Change

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed via Twitter that the Louvre Museum Guide for Nintendo 3DS has received an update. Due to changes in the museum’s layout, where new galleries have been added, 3DS users who have downloaded the application will be able to update to the latest software and explore the recent additions.

According to the Louvre’s official website, a decorative arts collection is now displayed on Sully Wing’s first floor, housing pieces from the reign of Louis XIV and up to the French Revolution. The website lists art pieces from the following time periods:

  • 1660–1725: Louis XIV’s personal reign and the Régence
  • 1725–55: development of the rococo style
  • 1755–90: return to classicism and the reign of Louis XVI.

Nintendo of Europe hasn’t clarified exactly which exhibitions have been added, though, so you may want to check them out in the update. When firing up the software, simply head to the Nintendo eShop and, when prompted to download, it will do so automatically.

15 thoughts on “Louvre Museum 3DS Application Receives An Update Due To Layout Change”

    1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

      Actually I’ve been to the Lourve. For only 10 euros, you can rent a 3ds while there and use headphones to guide you through the museum. That’s right, a full guide for only 10 euros! You know how much a human guide costs? Everyone at the Lourve was using them. That’s millions of people over time. Nintendo ftw! Is a huge deal. But you’d have to fly to Paris to know. ;)

      1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

        Also many Asians vacation in Paris and buy the expensive Chanel products. Apparently their stock market does pretty well and some of them are quite accomplished and wealthy. That may be why Pokemon X Y was based in Paris.

  1. google + tablet or smart phone = free, more detailed, accurate and no wait plus longer battery life. no wonder most ppl complain abt being poor. dnt even know how or where to invert their cash.

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