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Here’s Where You Can Get The Varying Hyrule Warriors Retailer-Exclusive Costume DLC

Nintendo of America revealed the Hyrule Warriors costume DLC packs would be retailer-exclusive just a number of days ago, but if you’ve yet to pre-order the Zelda spin-off you may want to know exactly which DLC will be available in retail stores. For a closer look at the costume sets available, make sure you check out the trailer.

Participating retail stores offering the costume packs are Amazon with the Twilight Princess set, Best Buy with Skyward Sword, and GameStop with the Ocarina of Time set. All of the necessary details for each pack are explained in the bullet point list below, along with the links to pre-order them. Remember, you can also grab the Ganondorf DLC if you register your copy of the game with Club Nintendo. Which one will you be opting for? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Amazon – Twilight Princess
    Pre-order Hyrule Warriors to receive a code to download EXCLUSIVE Twilight Princess costumes for Link and Zelda when the game ships to you. Offer applies to WiiU. Offer valid when shipped and sold by Limit one per household.
  • Best Buy – Skyward Sword
    From August 6, 2014 through September 25, 2014 pre-order the Hyrule Warriors game at Best Buy and receive exclusively Best Buy a code to download the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword costume set for Link and Zelda upon pick up and purchase of the game. Downloadable codes expire at midnight on March 31, 2015.
  • GameStop – Ocarina of Time
    Pre-order Hyrule Warriors and Receive GameStop Exclusive Ocarina of Time Themed Costumes for Link and Zelda! Only while supplies last.
    Online Customers: Code will be emailed within 2 business days after your order ships.
    Store / In-Store Pickup Customers: Code will be printed on your receipt at time of purchase.

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113 thoughts on “Here’s Where You Can Get The Varying Hyrule Warriors Retailer-Exclusive Costume DLC”

  1. I prefer to buy the game off of the eshop.
    How much do u think each DLC pack will cost when released?
    If I buy the game off of the eshop, I get 10% back for having bought a Wii U Deluxe Set.

                  1. Well it’s just a costume and you won’t be playing online so nobody will see it anyways, this dlc is basically pointless.

                    1. They didn’t say its not online, its not co-op online…so that was a pointless comeback, still I don’t care for the DLC anyways…or which one I want, just the gameplay and challenges matters to me…

                    2. If you count the “network link” ghost data as online gaming, you truly are a noob. It wasn’t meant as a come back in any way, shape or form either. I don’t know where you find these people MNN.

    1. Hyrule warriors isn’t a Nintendo game, its from the developers of dynasty warriors, who puts in DLC like this

      1. Spiky walls is the reason I wont support Nintendo anymore. I know the official seal of quality is long gone but this news just mocks the Nintendo of old, like it never meant a thing.

        1. Wait, what? I thought you were only joking on that post. :| Aw, please don’t leave. Nintendo games can be great! :( If you only own Nintendo products like me though, then I can understand. Lol.

          1. I actually own all the gen 8 consoles. Bored with all of them at the moment. September will put an end to that though. I do believe I am done with Nintendo though.

            1. Lol. Well alright then. Good luck. But I also have to ask what are the things that made you give up on Wii U? Some things that I don’t like are lack of third party and no universal account system.

              1. Spiky Walls was the final straw. If I had to choose one other reason, it’s their lack of online competence. Nintendo are primitive in many aspects but their online features are fucking awful.

                1. Lol oh I see. Like for example, games on the PS3 and 360 like Assassin’s Creed and The Last of Us are mainly based around story. But they get multiplayer put into it anyway. But games like Hyrule Warriors and SM3DW, which would be perfect for online, don’t. XD

                  1. Yeah, I agree for 3d world, good multiplayer but no online kind of made it not get so many buyers. Still I enjoyed it, like I did ninja gaiden 3 gears of war, street fighter and tekken. Monster hunter though takes the cake for good online play in my options.

                  2. No party chat, have to go to miiverse just to send a private message to a friend, have to be ingame to invite friends(if the game even has online), shitty message notifications etc.

                    1. Oh god yes! I hate the messaging system! I wanted to play Mario Kart 8 with some friends and I wanted to know when they were playing the game and I have to check back with Miiverse like every 5 fucking minutes! Asking them are they ready. Bullshit. Why can’t it do like 360, PS3, and Steam? Where when you are playing a game, a notification pops up and tells you who is online and what game they are playing. Why the fuck do I need to stop what I’m doing to check? Smh. XD

    2. “Too bad, Nintendo died today. I will never buy another game for a Nintendo platform.” Jesus… what a drama queen. It’s utterly meaningless DLC which will be made available online anyway. Take your over the top crap somewhere else will you? Pathetic.

        1. Well it does as you were moaning about DLC being available on three separate places before you started whining about other stuff. So it does… moron.

            1. Your first complaint that started this was the dlc. Nothing you tell me will change my mind. As far as your other complaints, your too dependant on online features.

    3. This is a Koei thing, not Nintendo. I mean, at least it’s just costumes and not something like missions exclusive to particular platforms from particular retailers, like Watch_Dogs had. On the bright side, this should be released post-launch for everyone, though probably for like $2 each

    4. Oh FFS it’s a set of skins for the characters – it doesn’t alter the gameplay or change the game in any massively significant way and all the skins wil eventually be made available via the eshop… Compare this title to the way third parties have treated the Wii U and retailer exclusive DLC is hardly a reason to boycott the company…

    1. That would be my choice if I weren’t DLing it!

      Mark this next to the free Gannon statue as a disappointment in my commitment to DL games and earn free money.

    1. It’s not yet confirmed whether Nintendo Europe will be offering retailer-exclusive DLC packs or offering them elsewhere. All we know, for the moment, is that the Ganondorf DLC will arrive when registering in Club Nintendo Europe. All DLC costume packs are definitely coming to Europe though.

  2. I’d say you’re doing it wrong if you don’t opt for the Ocarina pack, but then I realized you’d have to pre-order in GameStop to get it. The Ganondorf costumes look incredible, though.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I’ve been playing SSBM a lot lately so I’ve gotten a bit sick of the Ocarina costumes. Twilight costumes were in Brawl so I feel like getting the Skyward Sword costumes if that makes any sense. It’ll feel fresher in a way.

      I will buy all of them ASAP though.

    1. nah man skyward sword sucked but zelda in that game looks the best, that’s the only reason I’m getting it. keeping link with his scarf

    2. I loved Skyward Sword to death! But even if I didn’t, I think I’d get the SS DLC costumes anyway. I think they have a really great design for Link, and it’s one of Zelda’s most unique designs!

  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    If people thought about it, they would get all 3 at the same time by doing something byut I’d like to see if you can figure it out…

  4. This is so lame. Unless you can buy the dlc seperately online, but I’m gonna guess that’s not the case.

    1. Do you really think they made 3 different DLC packs so they just could throw them away as presents? You’ll get one for free, then you can pay for the other two.

      1. If that’s the case, it’s allright. I was/am unsure if that’s the case, so with the info I had, that’s the conclusion I came to.

  5. Paramount did this exact same thing when they first released Star Trek Into Darkness, dividing up all the bonus materials/features and making some exclusive depending on where you bought it. This is the same bullshit, The best way to tell them how fucking stupid this is, besides (respectfully and professionally) emailing Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, is to not pre-order the game at all (although that’ll never happen, but it’s wishful thinking).

  6. Can we still buy the DLC offered free from retailers?

    We seriously can’t have all DLC packs? :/

    This is bad news.

    1. We can’t have them all because there are some idiots here who are against having options and they want everything games to them for free.

    1. Tcmo Koei is the one you should blame. The same guys who pulled similar but different bullshit with the Dead or Alive 5 costume packs.

    1. Koei will surely release the costume packs post-launch through the eshop. They’ll just cost money then. Basically, you get one free for pre-ordering instead of having to buy all 3

  7. Not really sure I understand, so this is just for US? What about Europe? Will we get all DLCs at once, will we get all DLCs eventually from the eshop? I don’t think they should spread them out, we should be able to get them all and maybe they should be free DLCs too.

    Also, I wish we got the treasure box with Triforce clock like Japan does.

  8. People complain Nintendo is antiquated then they do this. Now people complain that dlc (which is free) is offered through specific retailers. boo hoo wah wah is all i hear. Do you want Nintendo to get with the times? They did, stop being jerks about it. Buy all 3 versions of the game, use the codes and return the games. Done end of story

  9. ♪To Best Buy I will go to Best Buy I will go hi ho a cherry-o to Best Buy I will go♪….except I cant get another game till November-_-

  10. FUCK!!! The Ocarina of Time outfits would be at fucking Gamestop! And if I’m reading it fucking right, you get the code in the mail two fucking days after the game itself has fucking arrived! God fucking damn it! What if the damn code gets lost in the god damn mail in some fucking envelope!? That means I would have gone physical for this game for no good damn reason as the code has been forever lost! I better go to Gamestop where they clear this shit up. If those codes don’t come WITH the fucking game, nestled safely in the fucking case, I wasted money getting it from Gamestop & having to wait when I could have gotten it day one as a digital download. In fact, let me check Gamestop now. *goes to the site & reads it closer, realizing the DLC code is being sent to you by email* ._. Well kick me in the nuts & call me Sue! I did that long ass rant for nothing! Excuse me while I go hang myself… I’LL SEE YOU ALL IN HELL!!! lol

    1. *rereads the MNN article & sees it says the same exact thing as the site* xD XD ROFLMFAO Okay. I think it’s officially time for bed! xD

        1. I’m going the online route with Gamestop, so I’ll be getting an email with the code. I don’t like getting games from their stores since they have a habit of opening up new packaged cases & taking out the game disc along with the other stuff inside, so I never get games from their stores.

  11. It is strange that people who are digital only get the shaft on these offers. I was already on the fence about this game and now I’m not getting it because it isn’t fair. People who buy physical can trade their games in when they are finished so they are already paying less than those of us who download. Physical games also have a major negative environmental impact. So fuck you Tecmo and Nintendo. Keep rewarding the assholes of the world by offering EXCLUSIVE dlc to retailers.

    1. Well since Japan is getting every single one in the Treasure Chest thing, I’m sure they’ll eventually release the DLC we don’t get in the eShop later on. This is just a bonus for those of us that pre-order the game to get one of them for free, so while we get whatever set we go for for free, others will have to pay for the ones we got down the road.

  12. Darn.. Nevermind. Looks like I won’t be able to get the DLC at all. Ran into money issues. Nintendo, please put it on the eshop! I beg of you! :(

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