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RCMADIAX Revealing “Super-Secret” Wii U Project Today

RCMADIAX has teased that it is working on a “super-secret” project for Wii U. The unannounced title will be revealed later today, August 11. The upcoming reveal may be of a new application for the Nintendo eShop, according to a tweet made by the developer. RCMADIAX has several Wii U exclusives in the works. Its physics-based puzzle game, Blok Drop Ulaunched earlier this year on the console.

37 thoughts on “RCMADIAX Revealing “Super-Secret” Wii U Project Today”

  1. Why is Wii U news never anything exciting? We really need some exciting news for Wii U. Not just indie games and eShp stuff.

    1. I said in hyrule warriors news but they don’t post it. The past few days been uninteresting news and it’s sad.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. The only Wii U news we ever get is ” bla bla game is coming on all platforms except for the Wii U” or ” bla bla is delayed”.

  2. More Wii U games! :D It’s sad to see he Wii U, a “last gen” console, getting more support than the Xbox Done and PSWhore XD

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  4. We WiiU owners have to discuss a tease from a one-man indie studio, while with Sony you can discuss new announcements at both gamescom and TGS of games that dont have a chance in hell of coming to the WiiU, even if they would actually be a good fit on Nintendo platforms. I honestly wouldnt be surprised to see Lego, Skylanders/Disney Infinity, and Sonic games in the future skipping the WiiU, just for the lulz, you know, because this is the only third party content we have left. (RE-Remake not coming to the WiiU left a seriously sour taste in my mouth and basically confirms RE7 to skip the WiiU….)

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